Hours Meaning

00:00 – Meaning

Numbers that follow us around constantly are there for a reason. They are our guiding lights that make us focus on things we need to pay attention to and give us hope in the better tomorrow.

No matter how weak we feel at the moment, the numbers that come into our world are there to send us important messages.

Since we mostly use our clocks or phone clocks, the numbers are mostly represented through this source.

In today’s text we will talk about the numbers 00:00 that appear on our watches and what they actually mean.

00:00 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Every number on our clock has a special meaning and the symbolism behind the 00:00 is to smile and to live your life to the fullest. A smile has many advantages. Not only does it make you more likeable and successful at flirting, it even extends your life. Not without reason is Mona Lisa’s smile so famous worldwide.

When others smile, it always has a positive effect on us. We feel valued and usually smile back. Laughter sounds the same all over the world, and while gestures and facial expressions vary from country to country, every country knows what a smile means.

A smile can be used as a greeting, as a thank you, as an expression of understanding or as a shy reaction to a compliment. You do not always have to laugh when someone makes a joke.

However, you should always be able to make a smile to maintain your social contacts and to make other people feel good – even if you are in a bad mood. If you know all the benefits of the smile, it will certainly be easier for you.

Sympathy opens many doors. No one likes bad mood, severity or lack of humor. Sympathetic people, who smile a lot, have a better chance to be well treated by others. Why should one use oneself for someone, whom one does not find particularly nice anyway? By contrast, you want to be liked by a friendly person and you have something of it if you treat him well.

So radiate what you would want from other people.

What you cannot do everything with a smile. You smile at someone, he smiles back. It is so easy and yet so effective. There is a connection between people smiling. This connection can either quickly be cut back as it passes by, or it deepens, for example, when the smile leads to a conversation. It’s much easier to meet new people when you smile. You may even inadvertently flirt, but more about that in the next point.

You can learn flirting. But everything starts with a smile. If you do not smile while flirting, you minimize your chances of success. No matter if you are a man or woman, everyone is attracted by a charming smile. It shows charisma and is usually contagious. Make sure not to smile in the wrong situations. Of course, if your date is telling a sad story, you should not laugh.

But especially at first contact and in the middle of a conversation, of course with eye contact, a smile is quite effective. Sense of humor and a positive charisma are the first criteria in the mate choice.

If you write applications, it is of course important to present a sympathetic smile on your application photo. Sympathy is a key factor in hiring employees. If the competencies match the competitors, then the sympathy decides who gets hired. Collaboration and teamwork often count as overqualified competencies for HR managers.

If the chemistry is not right, the head balks against the fact that the person is actually very competent. Skills can also be learned, the character is given. If you see the person at work every day, you should also be well-compatible with it, so that the collaboration is not disturbed or even unpleasant.

It can be very beneficial to have a high recognition value not only in the job interview, but also during presentations at the university or at work. Smile is particularly well suited to this: you relax the mood, draw attention to yourself, and look more committed, confident and charismatic. In addition, with a smile, unlike flashy clothes, you can do absolutely nothing wrong.

Scientists have investigated this phenomenon. Subjects should try to remember faces. People who smiled had a much higher recognition value than people with a conspicuous nose, birthmark or other physical features.

The serious mood in the workplace can be attributed to this outdated thought: Who laughs at work, it is too good and is distracted. If you’re feeling too well, you’re not bothering anymore. The image of classic office jobs is not exactly the best. In addition, this is setting this is very demotivating and leads the employee not to see himself as a fully-fledged member of the company. Even if the job is actually fun for you, a bad mood will make you want to lose it. The secret recipe: smile!

Smile in the workplace not only spreads a better mood, you also become more productive. When you have more fun in your work and infect others with your smile, motivation increases. There is less pressure and the happy atmosphere compensates for the concentrated work phases. It has been proven that people who are more smiling are more receptive and creative.

In addition, laughing fights stress. Make your workplace a better place by giving it your best and just smile more often.

Laughter strengthens the body’s defenses and the immune system. But not only that, you even burn 50 calories if you laugh heartily for 10 minutes. Smiling releases endorphins, natural painkillers and serotonin. It also lowers blood pressure and just makes you happy.

Smile not only makes you more likeable, but also real. Promote an authentic appearance by simply smiling when you feel like it. Especially in the job, many people in management positions want to look serious and fear losing their authority when they smile a lot. But the opposite is the case. A smile is usually contagious and creates a good mood when you come into the room.

If you suffer from a private drama, everything goes wrong on the job and you also have a mishap, you would love to scream or cry. But a solution that does not burden you so much with all these problems is the smile. Begin to smile at you and then get into a hearty laugh. Your situation is so absurd that you can only laugh about it. How can so much go wrong in one day? Laugh at this unfortunate coincidence that makes you realize how well the other days are going. Your laugh should not be hysterical or crazy, rather ironic.

When you have to say goodbye to a loved one, you automatically fall into mourning. You think you can never be happy again and your smile stops. You get a guilty conscience when you laugh at something, because you should actually grieve. Smile is one of the best ways to overcome your grief.

Remember not only in mourning the person you miss, but think of the happy times you had with her. Rejoice that she has lived and that you have been able to spend time with her instead of stifling your sadness and anger at the world.

What have you experienced funny? What qualities did you like most about this person and how did she always make you laugh? She probably would not want you to grieve, but look back on her life full of joy and she can still make you smile – after her death.

What Does 00*00 Mean Spiritually?

The numbers 00:00 on the clock don’t have to be the only linked to the number symbolism, it can also be linked to the angel numbers.

Angel number 0 has a very strong spiritual meaning and it motivates us to focus on our goals.

Since there are 4 number 0 in this number sequence, the strength of this message is even stronger. This number is telling you to search for possibilities and options that can help you find meaning in life. There are endless possibilities out there and all you have to do is to reach out and grab them.

When combined with another number, the potential of that number is magnified, giving the flow of God’s Power to the structure of that number. It magnifies, improves and increases the potential and dimension of the number, bringing success and perfection to those people, that is. 10, 20, 30 etc. to move forward with confidence due to the protection and Divine Consciousness of Zero.

According to historical records, this number dates from 1800 a.c. At that time they were the Babylonians, who applied it in the development of a positional numerical system.

0000 in Numerology

Number zero is historically present in all traditions and represents nothing, man did not discover it immediately, but over time a true philosophical concept was formed.

Because of its simple graphic perfection (0), zero was the first symbol discovered by prehistoric man as it represents the solar circle, still today it is used to indicate the sun (a circle with an internal point) or the earth ( a simple circle O), likewise indicates the depth of the womb of the Mother Goddess. In the most modern tradition it is linked to the planet Uranus whose symbol is a circle with a cross at the top.

In India around six thousand years was present in metaphysics, the Buddhist conception of emptiness in the “Rig Veda” which was embodied in the concept: “shung”.

The symbol of zero is called “uterine” and represents the phase of fertilization, while in Arabic “zerret” means “thing from nothing”, in contrast with Einstein’s theories that claim that nothing exists because every space is full of “radiant energy”. In mathematics, the number zero is really a zero figure, it is not added and does not add up, but without it mathematics could not exist, what remains of it is its symbolic presence.

Esoterically it expresses and equates to the initiate, and his state of “non-existence” makes it considered important in many doctrines: in Taoism it is a symbol of absolute emptiness, in Buddhism it constitutes the great void in which all beings after their innumerable reincarnations, are reabsorbed, in Zen it is the circle that represents “enlightenment”, while in kabbalah it assumes a boundless meaning “Ain” light source finally, for Pythagoras zero represents the perfect form that contains and originates the so-called Monad.

Jung states that the symbol of the circle (or sphere) manifested itself both in the primitive solar cult and in the most modern religions (Tibetan Buddhism), in which, immersing itself in a contemplative phase, zero represents the surrounding void, the space.

There are many cities that have been historically built that typically have a circle shape, they are considered sacred. In the symbolism the circle represents eternity and is often represented by a snake biting its tail forming a circle, while the symbolism that represents the sun will later be applied as a representation of the image of the halo, present in the Greek representations where it surrounds the head of the gods, while in Roman times and in ancient Asia, he adorns the head of the sovereigns, later we find it in Christianity, present on the head of Christ first, and of the saints later.

What to Do If You See 00:00?

When you notice numbers 00:00 around you it is time to open up your eyes and notice the people who are toxic and not good for you in any way.

Probably everyone knows them and has already made more or less good experiences with them. Narcissists are considered charming, but also quite selfish. We tell you how to recognize narcissists and how to deal with them.

Especially nowadays, more and more people seem to accept narcissistic traits. Narcissism seems to become more and more commonplace and at work it can even be the key to success as narcissists can often present themselves particularly well. Some psychologists even consider narcissism to be an important part of personality and mental development.

It also has many qualities that have a positive effect on our self-image: Great self-confidence: Narcissists often believe in themselves and their abilities and do not hesitate to present them in front of others. That’s why they often stand in public and make a career.

They value their character and body and accept themselves as they are. They are often completely convinced of themselves. Strong self-esteem: That is also the reason of their great self-confidence. They know how to present themselves to others so that they arrive well.

However, many people associate the term with egoistic self-love and morbid display. Narcissists are often referred to as complacent and pompous.


Numbers that come into our world have a specific meaning and by listening to the messages behind these numbers we have a chance to learn more about life and ourselves.

Whenever we notice a number following us around, we should stop and take a minute to interpret the symbolism of this number so we can learn from it. By doing this we are giving ourselves an opportunity to become more confident and focused on problems we need to be focused on.