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00:01 – Meaning

Your subconscious has made you look at the time and see that it indicates 00:00! You must legitimately ask yourself if this is a sign. The answer is 00:00! It is a sign that can be sent by angels or a spiritual guide.

But also by itself if you are currently in a period of intense reflection.

00:01 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

We can provide you with the full interpretation of the time 00:00 with the help of the 72 guardian angels.

Therefore, you will have access to the hidden meaning of this sign transmitted by the angelic world. You will also know the name of the archangels that influence this moment, as well as the days of the week in which you can invoke them.

You will also have access to the meaning of 00:00 with numerology. The study of numbers gives us a lot of information about what we can find in our space of time of existence.

0 is a powerful value that becomes sacred. It represents the beginning and the end. 00:00 is a double hour that includes all the others.

The ego is the ego of man, his ego identity. But what is this me? The ego has arisen because man has identified himself primarily with matter and forms, and above all with our thought-forms. It is the unobserved mind, the mind without consciousness that we mistakenly hold for ourselves.

There are countless people today who are completely identified with their minds. This means that their entire self-understanding is derived from him alone. If we identify too strongly with material existence, we lose consciousness of our own spiritual origin and identity.

If we remain trapped in our thinking, we cannot reach true being and our true life. Then we live a life that is split off from our individual oneness with the Cosmic or Divine Source. And then we only live out of an illusion.

We live in a purely illusionary life, and we are not aware of that. Most people believe that solutions to the problems in our world are given by increasingly reflecting on them or by engaging in discourse with others.

But real solutions are not available at the intellectual level. After all, the problems in our world ultimately come from the fact that we, as human beings, have largely separated ourselves from our true origin. We have made our thinking God.

This is certainly not about demonizing thought. The only thing that matters is who is in charge of our own system. Spiritual people make it their task to find the way back to the creative source.

We all originally came from this source. This is the way to the true self. As awakened people, we feel great compassion towards those who have never gone beyond their personal dimension all their lives. Because they can never experience the dimension of transcendence in themselves and in the world.

The first step on the path to the true self is the recognition of my own ego identity. If I become aware of my ego-identity, then I have already perceived this from the level of myself.

For example, at this very moment, I can find out if I think or not, so be aware of my thinking or not thinking. The one who thinks is the person or my personality.

But if I can observe my own thinking, my mind, there must be something else that is not the mind. Then there must be something where that person or personality is not there.

The observer cannot be the observed at the same time. And this observer is nothing but the true self. For the thinking mind, a state of consciousness in which there is no thought is either threatening or completely uninteresting.

When I realize these facts, I have to ask myself, however, which life I want to live from now on. It requires a very clear inner decision about where I want to focus my life. Do I choose a life under the rule of my mind or one as a true self? The latter corresponds to a life as a conscious creator, for the true self is in direct connection with our divine source.

The ego considers itself to be complete, omniscient, and omnipotent. It knows no transcendence, that is, a transgression.

On the other hand, when one is in the true self, one is no longer subject to the limits of the mind. The ego always wants his will to be done and thus says: “My will be done!” If my will happens, then I have only my own resources at my disposal. I thereby reduce my potential to the possibilities of my person. My will, which is always shaped by the mind, lives in a permanent sense of lack.

Because the mind can only analyze and disassemble. And something is not complete. By identifying with our conditioned mind, we have cut ourselves off from the creative source. Because the ego is on its own, it now has to produce everything out of itself. That sometimes makes him very scared. A life in ego identification is thus always a pessimistic life, a life of fear and worry.

Therefore, the ego also tends to steal the energy of others. This happens mostly unconsciously. But we can notice it when we feel completely dull and drained after meeting some people. Then there was probably an energy robber in the game.

What Does 00*01 Mean Spiritually?

The angels show him that he is at the end of a cycle. An ending that announces a rebirth. Here you will experience a new stage in your existence, especially in the spiritual aspect of it.

They help you in the study of texts or documents related to the sacred and divinatory arts. You will have a warning, we can even talk about waking up!

As much as possible, you should practice meditation by working with the different energies of the 72 angels. This will allow you to master the internal dialogue that sometimes assails you so much. If you push things further, you can even reach a state of mental tranquility.

The hour 00:00 informs you that great forces are gravitating around you. He currently feels that he is struggling to master some aspects of his life, but that will not last.

Finally, you will first have to master these energies that, unfortunately, do not always turn out to be positive. If they are not, ask the angels for help, they will provide you with the necessary protection against evil spirits.

This double hour wants to warn you that you may be suffering from the absence of a loved one. It also highlights a form of sacrifice. Do not accept everything that is offered, especially if it is detrimental to yourself. He has to help others, there is no doubt, but he must also think about himself!

0001 in Numerology

Symbol of the Beginning, the One is par excellence the number from which an idea flourishes, and represents the strength in pursuing enterprising personal initiatives. This characteristic leads the individual to face and overcome the obstacles scattered along his path with determination and courage.

A consequence of this will be a high predisposition to experiment, to make mistakes and retrace one’s steps, due to the constant and strenuous search for perfectibility. Prominent features of the number one are individualism, independence and the will to assert themselves. The motto of the number one is: I am I and I always want to be myself.

The number One is characterized by a personality and a charisma that makes it a true leader capable of actions that can produce great changes in the state of evolution for all of humanity. If in the person identified with the number one lacking will power and spirit of initiative, the result will be to identify the various failures that present themselves as an unchangeable objective reality.

This usually happens in the first stages of growth of people characterized by this number but, once this phase is over, they can become true masters in the art of calibrating will power with being able to reach a certain goal.

What to Do If You See 00:01?

If you see these numbers, you are invited to observe the influences caused by the phases of the moon, to himself. One should not simply believe the read, but actively participate. This is the only way to make friends with this topic and successfully integrate lunar rhythms into your life.

The lunar calendar indicates the lunar stand and the zodiac sign passing through that date for each day of that year. This information allows the reader to perform beneficial activities or avoid unfavorable ones.

Meanwhile, there are the lunar calendar already with daily, current information on the Internet.

Here you can also see the influences and effects on organ systems, body zones and nutritional qualities every day. If you want to deepen the topic or plan for the long term, you can also obtain more information by means of the relevant literature.

The famous spiritual teacher, Eckart Tolle, also sees the advent of the ego as an important step in human history. There was probably a time in our human development where we were still at a stage before the life of ego identity. Here we still lived in unity or oneness with nature.

Presumably, this was a thoroughly carefree and happy state. But man could not be aware of this fact without ego. He just lived that way. Therefore we need the ego-stage for our consciousness.

For the expansion of our consciousness and the process of spiritual awakening, we must go beyond ego identity. The development of the ego was thus probably a necessary stage, which is now passed by us. Eckart Tolle is convinced that man cannot awaken without first developing an ego.

For awakening, man must already have developed an ego identity with the experience of separation, loss and want. It seems that the human being first loses the sense of unity and later returns to it on a more conscious level.

Because the connection to our divine source was previously largely unconscious. Now we have the chance to live the paradisiacal state of Oneness in full consciousness, which equals a quantum leap. For in this state, we can now live as conscious creators on this earth.

Therefore, we should not demonize our ego. Because if we reject the ego identity in ourselves, then we divide a crucial part of ourselves. And to live in such a split, serves us ultimately hardly. The ego is not fundamentally bad.

We should acknowledge and appreciate our reason for what he is capable of; namely to think clearly, to differentiate and to make rational decisions. Only we should not grant him the supremacy, otherwise we strengthen the ego again.

Our ego is also very much defined by how we think we are seen by others. It is subject to all reactions of others to us. Through our awareness, we can then realize that this is a pure illusion.

If we succeed in observing the ego as a conscious being, then it will become much smaller over time. And so it loses more and more importance for us. Then it does not matter, as we are seen by the others.


Even if we live without a partner or relatives, we are never alone. We all come from the divine Source and are therefore a part of it. With an awakened consciousness, this can be easily detected.

We are all creatively gifted beings in our essence, endowed with the attributes of the divine mind and consciousness.

The connection to the source has never been lost during our earthly existence. Without this attachment through our soul, our bodies would not be viable.

Therefore, we are all connected at a higher level of being. And so there is no real separation between individuals and other beings.

There are often other soul parts of us that are simultaneously incarnated on Earth. Or we communicate in sleep with portions of our soul family that are not currently incarnated on Earth.

There are countless people who have found healing or deep peace in their lives by turning to the spiritual world and spiritual helpers.