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00:07 – Meaning

A “Mirror Hour” is a time with two digits, which comes by chance when you look at your phone, your watch or any device that displays the time in digital format.

This can leave a strange feeling especially when you see the same dual time report to us regularly.

The mirror time is composed of digits that correspond to the 11:11 minute example. This phenomenon is closely related to numerology, astrology and the notion of synchronicity discovered by Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist (1875-1961).

This notion of synchronicity must be integrated within the framework of a collective unconscious composed of archetypes. Jung noted that some patients have a life completely regulated by hours, dreams or a specific “topic.”

00:07 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Have you had to see the mirror time 07:07 several times, and this begins to intrigue you? This mirror hour 07:07 has a special meaning that you have to know. That’s right, the hours that are repeated like this time 07:07, hide a meaning and a message from your guardian angel.

Find out if more preamble what that message is!

If you frequently see this mirror hour on your watch or on your cell phone, it is because your guardian angel wants to send you a message.

Thanks to this mirror time 07:07 your angel wants to help you with your personality. Do not stay with the doubt and discover what is that message that your guardian angel wants to send you through this mirror time 07:07?

What Does 00*07 Mean Spiritually?

Repeatedly seeing the mirror hour 07:07 is a call for you to take time for yourself. Analyze yourself with curiosity and don’t judge yourself. Make space in your life to count and give value to what really matters.

It’s time to put aside those heavy obligations and give yourself some time so you can discover new aspects of yourself, your life and reinvent yourself. Thanks to this you could discover that a person with clear eyes has feelings for you, or even better, you can also become aware that it is time to change professions.

This time is very rewarding for you. When you see this time repeatedly, it is because your guardian angel is wanting to congratulate you on everything you have accomplished thanks to your efforts.

You become aware of who you are connecting with your inner self. You have made the decision to choose new life paths that will allow you to help everything around you. You have a lot to be proud of yourself.

In numerology, number 7 represents the mind, knowledge, inner life, since it is also a symbol of loneliness. If your need for space and privacy grows bigger, try not to interpose your shell. This way you will be able to balance your life in a better way.

Now you know everything about the meaning of the mirror hour 07:07, if you want to discover more, don’t miss the message of the angels: Hours invested and mirror hours! And / or discover all that numerology 2019 has in store for you this year.

0007 in Numerology

Contrary to popular belief, mathematics is important. You may not use logarithms often, but everything around us is directly or indirectly linked to numbers.

What many people do not ask themselves is how these universal and exact measures came about. Where did the number zero come from? Was it simple to define a measure that represents nothingness?

It was not simple, no, especially if we think that mathematical studies began millennia ago, when studying was an ingenious task and few people could follow certain lines of reasoning. History cannot exactly explain where the definition of the number zero came from, but it is believed that it may have arisen in the Mesopotamian, Arab, Hindu, or Chinese peoples.

History already knows that Hindus created the positional numbering system, which is still used today through that simple instrument called abacus. To represent a number in the abacus, Hindus checked the hundreds and tens of a given value by placing the data in each corresponding column.

The problem was when we needed to represent the number 308, for example. In this case, the middle unit was empty.

It was then that those people decided to create a symbol to represent this vacuum. The symbol is named after Sunya, which means emptiness.

At the time of representing the numbers in the abacus scheme, they added the emptiness symbol to indicate that there was no ideal numbering in that particular case.

Mirroring the Hindu counting system, the Arab peoples soon had to create a symbol to represent that complicated little figure. Zero was then known as sifr. This word has gone through some variations, including within Latin, and is the origin of the terms “cipher” and “zero”, currently used.

The Babylonian manuscripts also tell much about the history of number zero. These people created a numerical system used to this day that helped to ground, for example, our hour, minute, and second measurements, since the Babylonians used the number 60 as a basis for calculation and comparison.

In the sexagesimal Babylonian system, the basis of calculations goes from zero to 60, as its name suggests. But how did those guys represent this number zero? The answer is quite curious: it did not represent. That’s right! They left an incomplete space when the number in question was zero.

The number 7 also designates the totality of the planetary orders, the heavenly abodes, and the totality of the moral order, the energies and especially the spiritual order.

According to Numerology, the number 7 indicates the pursuit of learning and perfection. Blocking it can lead people influenced by it to behave very discreetly.

According to the Greek Hippocrates, “the number seven, by its hidden virtues, keeps all things in being, gives life and movement and influences even the celestial beings.”

The number 7 is also a vibration regulator, as can be seen in the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven notes of the diatonic range. Hindu tradition attributes to the Sun seven rays, six of which correspond to the directions of space and the seventh corresponds to the center.

That is, the number is the synthesis, just as in the rainbow the seventh color is white, which is also the synthesis of the other colors.

Universally, 7 is the number of dynamics and movement. Thus, it is also the key of Revelation (seven churches, seven stars, seven trumpets, seven spirits of God, seven thunders, seven heads).

The number 7 is very often used in the Bible. He is mentioned 77 times in the Old Testament and is often associated with the devil, being for many an unlucky number.

But this relationship was created by the fact that in the Christian imagination the devil strives hard to imitate God. Likewise also the beast of Revelation has seven heads.

What to Do If You See 00:07?

Whenever number 00:07 appear in your life, this means it is time to take control of your life and venture into new opportunities that are being presented to you.

No matter how much you believe in the owner of these numbers, you can always learn more about yourself by digging deeper and figuring out what lies beneath.

The numbers 00:07 is going to motivate you to become more confident and to grab the chances that are coming your way. This is the only way you can see yourself changing and the only way you can create something magnificent tout of your life.

Make sure to always keep your eyes open and to follow everything around you, so you can have a clear idea about what your spiritual forces want from you.

Believing is something that keeps us going, and having a strong belief in something can truly be hearing.


Power of numbers in undeniable and we can learn so much about ourselves by listening to the messages behind numbers. The energies they send into our lives can be transformative, so we should always let ourselves go and believe in the impossible.

This time is very rewarding for you. When you see this time repeatedly, it is because your guardian angel is wanting to congratulate you on everything you have accomplished thanks to your efforts.

Numbers 00:07 are only going to appear in your life when there is something important to take care of, so be sure to follow these subtle messages from the spiritual world, otherwise you might miss these messages.

You become aware of who you are connecting with your inner self. You have made the decision to choose new life paths that will allow you to help everything around you. You have a lot to be proud of yourself.

Numbers 0 and 7 are special and they have their own powerful energies behind them, and their entrance in your life has a certain goal.

Therefore appreciate this goal and always be ready to transform your life from the ground up, if you are unhappy or not satisfied with the current position you are in.