Hours Meaning

00:09 – Meaning

Numbers can have various hidden messages for us, and we should always stop and think what they represent.

In today’s text, we are going to talk about numbers 00:09 and their meaning.

00:09 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Numbers 00:09 represent taking responsibility. Imagine, you let a good friend know that starting today, you will be the first to take responsibility for your own life – only then will the others come.

This friend could now come up with the idea and stamp your plan as selfish or even ruthless.

But is not such behavior ruthless and nothing but selfishness? Should not such a statement make bad feelings and make you feel guilty? To manipulate you continue to give up your wishes and needs nice for others?

Once I take responsibility and learn how to make myself feel good, it’s much easier for me to take responsibility for my actions. Because I know, no matter what comes out in my actions, I’m always in control of my feelings. Nobody can make me feel guilty, because I decide for myself how I feel and how I see myself.

Clearly, I am willing to learn from my mistakes and to accept and implement criticism, but I do not need to be afraid that other people will be able to be ashamed of my actions.

I always know that it is perfectly okay to make mistakes and that mistakes do not make me a bad person. Nobody is perfect, so I do not. I also know that I am able to take responsibility for the consequences of my mistakes. But never am I guilty as a whole person or a bad person.

This is nothing more than a senseless fishing in the dark. The fact that we have to help young children and put something to eat on their table, I take for granted here once. Nobody would come up with the idea and say: “So you baby, time to take responsibility, look to where you get your milk today.”

We do not need to discuss this. But to teach the little ones that they have the power to decide for themselves and to make sure that they can feel good and have everything in this life is only possible once we’ve got that on our own for the chain ,

So we take responsibility for others to take responsibility for themselves. We can only help you to the best of our knowledge and belief. We cannot do that for them.

What Does 00*09 Mean Spiritually?

The guardian angel that corresponds to 00:09 is: Mumiah, his period of influence is between 23:40 and 00:09; It represents revelation and brings mental clarity. It brings you knowledge in the field of the sacred. It enlightens you with your aura to help you shine in society.

Mumiah is the 72nd angel, so he is the last! But with him the rebirth is announced and the new cycle of creation can be resumed. It gives you access to a high initiation in the field of divination arts. It is also a great help to accompany the dying.

0009 in Numerology

Number 9 represents the return from multiple to unity, the completion of a cycle, which marks the transposition onto a new plane. As a last digit it contains in itself the double concept of beginning and end, death and rebirth.

In its alchemic meaning of return to the matrix, 9 symbolizes the work in black, the phase of dissolution that precedes the new birth.

The release from the constraints of the previous form allows access to a new level of existence, in the same way as an exit follows an exit.

All the great theologies are inspired by this concept of returning to the one. This cult takes its name from the legendary personality of Orpheus, who was a poet, singer, philosopher, and theologian. Orpheus is the inspired musician who, with the sublime sound of his zither, calms the forces of nature and charms the plants, the beasts, the men and the gods.

9, as a summary of the previous numbers, represents the collective conscience and identifies itself with an altruistic and compassionate personality, always available to support projects and initiatives that favor collective well-being.

This natural propensity, as if it were an angelic being, led him to work for others without expecting anything in return. In work he seeks the opportunity to inspire and help a wide audience (as an artist, teacher, doctor …) through his connection with higher and healing spheres, such as beauty and music or unconditional love.

Sometimes if he is not aware of this prerogative he can prove to be dispersive and inconsistent, interested only in his own personal interests. 9 exerts a great fascination on its environment and thanks to its refined theatrical vein, it is a natural pole of attraction. He knows how to attract public attention with his art, arousing strong emotions.

In the affective sphere he is led to love more people and requires freedom to cultivate his many interests.

The Liberator in his shadow side becomes the Fallen Angel. A psyche that has been hit by very harsh events, especially in childhood, tends to put them back into the unconscious with the mechanism of removal to avoid having to face them.

In doing so, these contents that become shadow sides act in any case and condition life in a predominant and uncontrolled way, making existence a hell. Here is the Fallen Angel who from his momentum towards the high falls into the void of existence where all the evil of the world invades him and conditions him.

What to Do If You See 00:09?

Breathing provides our body with the necessary oxygen we need to exchange gas in our lungs and body cells. Physical exertion increases respiratory rate and depth.

On the other hand, the frequency and depth of respiration decrease in the state of rest.

In the Christian faith one speaks of the divine breath, the Holy Spirit or spirit of God. With the word Atman from the ancient Indian Sanskrit is meant the breath of life, the inherent divine spirit.

Conscious breath connects us with our soul, with our divinity. This can happen even after a long time of inner separation and after many painful experiences.

It is possible for us, through the conscious breath, to restore this connection to our divine self. With him we can immerse ourselves in the present moment, in life in the here and now.

Not only the movements of the body but also mental and emotional states influence the breathing. When we feel stressed or afraid, the respiratory rate also increases.

The observation of our breathing stops for the time we are doing it, our unconscious mental thinking processes. Although breathing seems so natural, the breath has an essential meaning for all our life processes. He fills us with energy and vitality every moment. Breathing can be deliberately influenced, but works alone most of the time.

It is especially recommended to pay attention to the short breaks between inhalation and exhalation. A popular breathing technique is also to hold your breath for a few seconds, depending on your practice level.

So the conscious breath can be a key to experiencing my true self. The moment I am aware of my breath, the attention is drawn away from the repetitive thoughts. Then a quiet inner space can arise in which the transformative, the fundamentally changing forces can work. Therefore, for a person who wants to live spiritually, it is essential to feel his breath as often as possible.

First of all, one should consciously feel how the breathing air flows in and out of the body and how the chest and abdomen rise and then lower again. Even a single conscious, deep, if possible in the stomach directed breath is enough to create an inner space. Already in this way the stream of thought could be interrupted for a moment.

The more often the day you perform this exercise, the better the result. The conscious breath can also increase our physical and mental performance. For example, it gives you a new idea, an inspiration when brooding over a difficult spiritual task.

With the help of conscious breathing, we are able to enter an inner, quiet space. This exercise is also a tool to live in the present moment, in the here and now.

The quiet room is inside. Here is nothing, like in a vacuum. Our physicists argue about the amount of empty space in a single atom. Some speak of more than 99%, others say that this view is still based on the old Bohr atom model.

According to a recent view, the particles we are made of are not solid and fix anyway. Rather, they are in constant interaction with each other.


Because I have taken responsibility for my emotions, I can take responsibility for my actions and have complete freedom to do what I want to do. I am absolutely convinced that we can only assume real responsibility for others when we have done so first for ourselves.

If we do not have that, we do not know how to take responsibility. And this is exactly what this powerful numbers are telling you.