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01:01 – Meaning

Have you ever wondered what the numbers mean? Surely you have ever asked yourself this question after having dreamed of them or simply out of curiosity but as with the names, the numbers keep a very different interpretation for each of the civilizations, societies and cultures and that today.

They help us predict events, solve problems, perform calculations, understand where we come from, how we interact with them, how they define our personality and many more things. From this website we will explain the true meaning of numbers, their interpretations, their history and origins as well as everything related to them to understand them.

The numbers have always been very close to us because thanks to them we can know the date of birth of each one, their weight, height and infinity of quantifiable things but the most surprising of all is that thanks to them there are secrets and meanings that many We don’t know about ourselves and what we want to expose from here.

Even if you don’t know, each one of us has an associated number just as you can have your lucky number. This number can be obtained by adding the numbers of your date of birth and the remaining value can help us predict future events, past events but we will discuss this topic in greater depth later.

Knowing how to understand numbers will also help us understand our situation, our life, neutral current situation and be able to face the problems with greater strength.

The numbers surround us and are present in all our actions and above all, they affect us and influence our decisions and our personality so knowing them, at least the basics, can make our lives much more pleasant and easy.

Although you do not believe in these things, it happens as in the ‘Feng shui’, that by circumstance or by intuition the objects of the house or the office you usually place them in a way that helps you to be more productive or so that the energy flows and thus prevent the negative energy of things from stopping.

Most likely it will have happened to you to dream of a number or a combination, as it happens in the lottery, and the next morning you will have wondered about its meaning or you will simply have written it down to buy a tenth with that termination or that combination of number just in case you touched. This is a frequent chaos and we will also explain why it happens and its meaning.

Sometimes, it will have happened to you, that the numbers chase you either when you look at the clock or when you walk on the street and look at a license plate or the number of a building and the same number is always repeated, this also has its interpretation and meaning that we will explain in a special article.

01:01 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Mirror hour 01:01 symbolizes trust. We must first distinguish two types of trust: our willingness to believe what we are told, the other is a more practical trust or our willingness to rely on someone or something and let it decide for us at least in part.

Often these two types are interconnected because it is difficult to trust a person if he does not believe in his beliefs. When we trust someone we place ourselves in the condition that this relationship conditions our destiny, we are absolutely certain of this.

One of the main causes of loss of trust is lying. But in the end every advantage gained by the liar translates in the long term into an inevitable reaffirmation of the truth and a renewed need for trust. The philosopher Franca d’Agostini in her book “Menzogna” explains precisely this.

We often do not trust each other for fear of being disappointed and then we avoid the human relationship with that person. If you disappoint me because I trusted you I will not only take a two of spades but suffer from your behavior towards me.

You were expecting something from that person, maybe his love and disappointed you. How many times have you felt this way? It is so true? The problem is our uncertainty, even if I trust you I have no guarantees.

The problem happens when we expect something from the person we trust, this is one of the biggest mistakes we make … not expecting anything we will not be disappointed. When you expect something you do not receive, you suffer because there is a gap between what you wanted and what you really get.

In reality, we never trust others, we trust their behavior. You trust me they are good at you, if the opposite happens trust breaks. It is difficult to trust others because we delegate to them important tasks for our life, sincere love, an adequate salary, a secret not to confess…

An old proverb says trust is good not to trust is better, my father often says that he does not trust anyone and recommends me to always keep my eyes open because it is a world in which everyone tries to cheat everyone.

Trusting someone is never dangerous, I take my dachshund as an example, I trust her but I would never dream of taking the food out of her mouth. Because as much as I can love myself it is always a dog, even if I don’t want it could harm me.

What Does 01*01 Mean Spiritually?

Numbers 0 and 1 represent a clear connection to the spiritual world. These two numbers are in direct connection with your guardian angels, so listening to their messages, you can achieve everything you ever wanted.

Number 1 symbolizes the one who is first at everything. This number represents a natural born leader and conqueror, who is there to protect people who are close to him. Number 1 is also the number of new chances, encounters and opportunities.

Whenever this number shows itself in front of you, you can be sure that you are about to turn a new leaf in your life.

Angel number 0 is a symbol of anything. You can literarily do anything you always imagined, and there is no chance that these projects or goals won’t be met. Number 0 is a strong number that often gives us encouragement to achieve everything we imagined, but we must put equal amount of effort to make it happen.

0101 in Numerology

What does the number 1 mean? The number 1 is, among the basic numbers, one of the most self-sufficient thanks to its vibrations. It is the symbol of unity, the starting point the beginning of everything and is the unit of reference in mathematics. The number 1 symbolism is embodied with the sun symbol and is characterized by its power.

It is energy in its natural state but also creative, original, positive and hyperactive force although it is usually an individualistic, egotistic person and does not usually accept that things are imposed on him. He has the obsession to do things his own way, hence he rarely accepts that someone will reply or oppose him in his actions or simple advice.

Do you know the meaning of the number one in your life? Discover what vibration it has in your personality.

Another of the positive characteristics of the number 1 is to have a brilliant mind, with great agility and intensity in any initiative that is proposed. They tend to have a strong and stubborn character, a true dynamic leader who overflows with energy but must know how to control himself for such energy does not turn against him.

Being so individual, self-control is key to taking the reins of the life you want to lead that sometimes sacrifice their happiness. Its great adaptability and its sense of survival make it an SUV of life and a lover of competitiveness.

The one (1) governs and governs the celebration and the mind so that they sometimes have delusions of greatness. By living with such intensity, enthusiasm and dynamism, they usually make temerities due to having a young, rebellious and full of life spirit that leads them to give everything in what they propose. This type of personality usually gives much importance to the material and above all to money. They do not usually value those people who have no material goals in their lives.

It is not usually a person who opens up to others and less in private matters and in their feelings, rather they are reserved, but behind that breastplate that they have built they are usually friendly and affectionate. Usually, they tend to be very hot in love as they get carried away by their power and energy.

They do not like to feel tied due to their individualism and always look for someone who accepts them as they are, so they are so selective when it comes to finding a partner. They are not characterized by their romanticism but because they are absorbent and their adaptability makes life at home very bearable.

Being so passionate and living everything with such intensity makes jealousy one of its characteristics although it does not usually show them since their way of being makes them go inside. This passion means that in the area of ​​fidelity it is they themselves who set their own standards as a form of self-affirmation.

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Compatibility with the 2: The two complement almost perfectly with the 1 because they tend to have a very comprehensive character and tend to adapt perfectly to all circumstances. Another of its characteristics is that they like to please what they usually attend to any desire or request that is made. A relationship between ONE and DOS can work as long as they know how to combine both qualities and know how to cope with moments of tension.

Compatibility with 3: The three offers other virtues that the number 1 needs to be more stable and not to get carried away by its momentum. The energy of 3 complements very well and its very balanced personality makes one feel very attracted.

This balance means that the relationship can be maintained without many deputies and in the discussions you can easily reach understandings.

Compatibility with 5: The five is a source of admiration and respite for the one, so the rapport is very fast. Also, both coincide with hyperactivity and originality which facilitates the formation of a couple.

There are some numbers that do not usually have a good affinity with the number 1 and these are the following 1, 8 and 9. Their energy and vibrations are very similar to that of the one, which makes them incompatible.

What to Do If You See 01:01?

As long as your life depends on others, and therefore you trust, you can never trust anyone. The first step to trust is to understand that what you delegate to others is actually your responsibility.

We can always be happy, despite the difficulties, problems and behavior of others. No one or nothing can take you away or give you happiness. Delegate your life to others also because often you don’t really believe in yourself, in your possibilities, in your value. If your vision of things is distorted, you will never be able to trust yourself or anyone else.

This will make you understand that you don’t need to delegate anything to others, life is in your best hands! Trusting others, you will believe in their potential, in what they are. It doesn’t matter what you did, what you do but only WHAT YOU CAN DO.

Trusting someone means loving it. Trusting a person does not mean giving him the keys to your home, it means believing that he is like you, that he can love and become better. Trust does not mean naivety, as my father always says, keep your eyes open, and be careful.


When it comes to mirror hour 01:01, everything revolves around trust. To have or to regain trust, the contribution of others is necessary, if someone has been unfair and has taken advantage of me and my frailties it becomes difficult to recover a relationship of trust.

Unless there is repeated evidence of its honesty and reliability, because usually only one test is not necessarily useful.

Forgiveness comes only when there is an admission of guilt and if that person is really sorry for what he did.

Trust means recognizing the qualities and skills of the other, also in this case the contribution of others is necessary, if in an environment nobody trusts that person it will be more difficult for you to believe in him.