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02:20 – Meaning

Numbers always carry a special meaning and whenever they come into our world we should definitely stop and think about the message behind them.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the numbers 03:30 and how the messages behind these numbers can do for your life.

02:20 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

The number 02:20 represents resilience and it is telling you to toughen up if you want to become a stronger person.

Resilience is the ability to emerge stronger from crisis situations. Resilient people have a high emotional resilience and are not easily beaten down in times of crisis.

Everyone can benefit from this property and master crisis situations better – with our tips you can also work on your resilience.

Some people go through many crises during their lifetime. They grow up under the most difficult conditions, live on the street, are separated from their families or are affected by extreme poverty. These are destinies that many people despair of. Resilient people, on the other hand, grow on them.

Already in the 1950s, the American psychologist Emmy Werner examined this phenomenon. In a study she accompanied 700 Hawaiian children over a period of 40 years. About 30 percent of them grew up in precarious family relationships. These conditions include extreme poverty, poor education and mentally ill parents.

Werner observed that one third of these vulnerable children developed positively despite all the circumstances. Children from poor family relationships did not necessarily develop badly.

What distinguished these children from the others was their resilience. Both external factors and personality played a role in resilience formation. If the children had a confidant outside of the difficult environment, they often found it easier to deal with the situation, because this person was an emotional support to the affected children.

In addition, the children who performed a task could also develop better, for example if they had to take on responsibility early on.

On the other hand, the personality of the child also played a role. If it refused to offer help and reacted quickly, resilience was lower than in children who had a quiet mind and were open to other people.

Many researchers are divided over the factors that make up a resilient personality. There are several models that name different factors. None of them is fundamentally wrong, because most of the individual steps build on each other.

However, increased resilience requires some control over one’s own feelings.

Also, a sense of responsibility and a firm will help to develop resilience.

Resilient people have positive thoughts. They know that it does not help if they speak badly of their situation and pity themselves.

Positive thinking, on the other hand, strengthens the resistance and lets them look positively into the future. Those who are resilient accept their situation and view challenges and problems as a natural part of life.

Instead of breaking with their destiny, resilient people try to find and enforce solutions. They find ways to grow in their situation and draw consequences. Already by their solution orientation they catapult themselves out of the victim role. They take their lives into their own hands and try to improve their situation independently. In addition, they believe in their abilities and are confident that they can handle the crisis.

Resilience is not an innate trait. Many factors play a role in resilience formation. If you work on your personality, you too can increase your resilience. It is important that you work on yourself daily.

Everyday situations such as work stress, a quarrel with a neighbor, or the unpunctuality of a colleague are ideal for practicing serenity and confidence. Once you master small crises, you are already prepared for serious problems.

What Does 02*20 Mean Spiritually?

The numbers 02:20 is also linked to the angel number 0220. This number is a combination of angel numbers 0 and 2.

Both of these numbers repeat themselves 2 times which means the energies of these numbers are much stronger.

The angel number 2 is a symbol of opposition, conflict and reflection, balance performed and latent threats. It is the figure of all the ambivalences and all the unfolding, from which all the others are deduced. This number represents the feminine principle.

The number 0 is a symbol of being able to explore endless possibilities that you can use to make something out of your life.

Number 0 is giving you a chance to explore the hidden parts of your personality and what you have inside of you.

The number 0220 is a sign that your guardian angels are giving you all the support you need.

0220 in Numerology

Number 2 symbolizes the dualism that underlies all dialectics, effort, combat, movement. It expresses a first latent and then manifest antagonism; rivalry, reciprocity in both hatred and love; opposition that may be contrary or complementary. In iconic symbolism, a double image reinforces the symbolic value of it, or, with the unfolding, internal divisions.

In the Celtic world, a certain number of mythical figures go in pairs, grouping their opposite or complementary characters. The essential duality is that of the druid and the warrior, often united in a single divine entity: strength and wisdom. In China, dualism is represented by yin-yang.

Among the Iranians, the two are linked to day and night as two aspects of the celestial movement and the eternal return; to the world below and the one above; to the earthly life with two doors, birth and death; to differences between men, such as a climate with two atmospheres.

For arithmosophy, two is the number of relative differentiation, of antagonistic or attractive reciprocity. As all progress is not operated but by the denial of what one wants to overcome, two is the engine of progress. It is also the driving principle in the path of individuation.

Do you know the meaning of number 20? It is a number that speaks of many spiritual and emotional truths. By having a high presence of number 2, number that speaks of duality, union and harmony, the number 20 could be equally related to sociable and friendly people.

In numerology, this number is seen as a twin number of 10. It could be considered as a complement, or the second truth. If we go for the symbolism of the Tarot, the 20 is represented by the letter of “The Judgment”, a letter that reflects the spiritual nature of man. In this letter, the Archangel Saint Gabriel is depicted, which illuminates three people who are under it.

This letter represents for many moments of change and renewal. The presence of the number 20 in your life, could then be a sign of making a radical change in everything.

This number, in turn, is associated with words such as faith, renewal and truth. That is to say, we cannot be sure of the change we are making, but without a doubt, fate is telling us that the time has come to discover new directions, and perhaps lead to our destiny.

Given this, the 20 could then symbolize the search for a new path. It is not an answer as such, but a time to look for answers that we surely have been ignoring for a long time.

What to Do If You See 02:20?

The number 02:20 is telling you to be positive and to think always into the future. It is important that you try to think positively in every situation.

Negative thoughts, self-pity and bad mood just pull you down and will not help you solve a problem.

Exchange negative thoughts through affirmations. Say every day that you can shape your life according to your own ideas, that you are capable of assuming responsibility and that you are ready to face challenges.

These trains of thought help you to believe in yourself and strengthen your self-esteem. If you master a crisis, remember your personal success and keep reminding yourself of future problems. This will make you more self-confident about impending crises.

Every person has many good qualities that help him through crises and appreciate the other in him. Be aware of your strengths and talents and be proud of your abilities. What do you like about you? Which feature helps you in difficult times? Do you have a good staying power, are you single-minded or do you have an open heart? Take a moment and write down your good qualities on a piece of paper. Ask your friends what they like about you. Certainly many talents and strengths that you can be proud of accumulate.

It is essential that every person takes a little rest from time to time. No matter how helpful, ambitious and purposeful you are, a break is needed to recharge your batteries.

That helps you even in times of crisis. Be aware of time-outs just for you. In this way, you will gain some distance and later approach new energy and maybe even new ideas to tackle a problem.

Often a new crisis needs new coping strategies. Let your creativity run free and take time to think about new solutions. It is best to find an activity where you can relax completely. This can be sports, a good conversation or an exciting book.


The numbers 02:20 are telling you to be stronger and to protect yourself from the negative influence.

It is important to take personal responsibility and make important decisions to progress in life. Are you pushing a decision on and waiting for the right opportunity from, you limit yourself with it only one.

Once you have made an important decision, you will notice how relieved you are. Do not try to push small decisions in front of you. This will give you a routine and make you easier even in difficult cases.