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04:04 – Meaning

There is a great variety of numerological system, which we will also explain in detail, but the best known or most accepted are the Pythagorean numerology and the Hebrew Kabbalah, also known as Gematria. Numerology has always played an important role in our lives and we can always rely on numbers, no matter in which situation we find ourselves.

In today’s text, we will talk about the mirror hour 04:04 and what it represents in our lives.

04:04 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Have you ever wondered how many days of your life you really enjoyed from start to finish? Would you like it to be like Christmas or your birthday every day? Would you like happiness never to be missing in your days? Often we have happiness in front of our eyes and we do not notice it: in this article we reveal how to discover it day after day.

Very often our days go by automatically: we wake up, take a shower, then have breakfast, go to work, go back, have dinner and sleep. For this it happens to arrive at night with a sense of emptiness inside. We become apathetic, like automatons, and when we go to sleep, we realize that another day has passed and we are not satisfied with our lives.

If you think that one day you change nothing, you are wrong: it is not simply “one day”, it is a “today”, a possibility that was granted to you. Life has allowed you to live that extra day: it’s a gift, it’s all you have, here and now. And the only way to show your gratitude is to enjoy that gift and live it to the fullest.

Our mind wastes about 70% of its time in the reproduction of memories and in the search for “perfect moments”, while only 30% of the time we really focus on the present. And the problem is not that the time we dedicate to the present is so small, but that there are many people who cannot even really live it. We always think: “I will be happy when I finally retire”, “when I reach my goals I will feel satisfied”, “I can’t wait to have some free time to relax, at which point I will be happy”.

Many people cage their happiness, and in this way they continue to postpone it. We must never think that happiness is a goal to be achieved: the truth is that it may very well be present throughout our journey. Happiness as a destination only lasts a few minutes and ends quickly, while the happiness of the journey lasts for a lifetime.

The secret to reach it is to open your eyes and learn to see everything that happens in our present, in the now. Do you believe that nothing interesting or positive happens to you? It is not at all true, because there is no moment like the previous one.

Observe well and you will realize that every day is unique, new and special. Nothing in life repeats itself, so you shouldn’t worry about the mistakes of the past or the uncertainties of the future: these moments do not exist, and the only thing we are certain of is our present.

The only thing we’re sure of is the day we’re living now. Learn to pay attention to what you do, one moment after another. Enjoy it, live your days consciously, awake and attentive. Give due importance to the great gift that has been done to you and learn to live every day as if it were the first and last of your life.

Start by opening your eyes and trying to feel the wonder of everything you see, for every color that surrounds you and that is there just so you can appreciate it. Look at the sky, you do it too seldom. Look at it and marvel at the way it changes.

We usually think of time classifying it as “beautiful” or “ugly”, but every day we live immersed in different weather conditions, which are never repeated in the same way. Look at the clouds: you will never see others perfectly alike.

What Does 04*04 Mean Spiritually?

Numbers 0 and 4 are also angel numbers, and they have strong spiritual meanings. The four (4) is a familiar and very committed person. They are responsible and very involved in everything that is done at home as well as in everything they propose. They love to plan family trips. They like order and feel comfortable with the routine.

They have an optimistic and sensible character. They are very responsible, tenacious, proud and very optimistic people. They like sincerity in all aspects of life. Highlights his intelligence, courage, inner strength and always with a very refined sense of humor.

They are clumsy, susceptible and arrogant people. They tend to speculate and have a tendency to generate dramas. They are emotionally unstable and have a feeling of guilt as well as remorse. Zero is a conceptual space, which contains all the potential. It exists as a junction point between one thing and another, and represents both an absence and a dimensional door to the whole.

In the space between one thought and another, beyond the mind, the Pure Consciousness dwells, but we are not aware of it, because thoughts are like the frames of a film, which, following one another, hide the white screen on the which are projected. In concept of emptiness in mathematics it is expressed by Zero. Its graphic symbolism derives from the Greek letter omicron, whose name (ouden) means “nothing”.

0404 in Numerology

What does the number 4 mean? The number four symbolizes the stable, the ordered and the builder and its astrological equivalent is Uranus. Within the basic numbers, the 4 offers one of the most stable and responsible vibrations so that those who have it in their name are full of confidence, always fulfilling their obligations both in their professional and family life.

Do not reluctance of problems and know how to face them. It has a character that overflows tenacity although they are a bit stubborn clinging to their ideas and positions in front of others. Do you know the meaning of number four in your life? Discover what vibration it has in your personality.

They are not usually people who trust what they do not know and hence their prudence. They do not like everything that involves unnecessary risk and prefer to be conservative to suffer a sentimental or professional blow.

They like to joke and with their mental agility makes their jokes or responses cause laughter. They are considered sarcastic and very communicative. They have the characteristic of capturing the temperament of other people thus their weak point.

The four (4) have a very optimistic, responsible personality and keep deep feelings inside. They are very committed people in everything they propose. They are usually very reserved, ordered very observant.

They do not like rodeos and that is why they always look for things directly, without detours. He emphasizes above all his honesty and for being very proud to the point of becoming obfuscated in his ideas without paying attention to others.

His character of creator is present in all his acts and permeates all areas of his life. They like to follow all the rules and hate all those who skip them. They are very tidy but they love adventure and travel. Discover the meaning of the number four (4) in love and its related numbers to form a couple.

Their honesty makes them very committed to their family and totally faithful to the couple. As we have said, they like things to be clear and run away when they see something that creates distrust for us. They are very cautious in all their actions and this makes them very reserved when it comes to meeting a person but in their favor is that their eloquence and sarcasm make them very appreciated.

They have a very well furnished head, which makes them very clear when they find love. They are very dedicated people and expect the same for them. Their speech ability makes them or makes them very attractive beings and they don’t have a hard time falling in love. In this case, 4 is not compatible with the number 5 when we talk about love.

Their perseverance in all they do makes them the perfect workers. They follow all procedures and in a scrupulous order. They give confidence to the superiors at work and gain the possibility of ascending quickly.

They are very likely to work in sectors such as commercial, sales or public relations. They are very committed and tenacious people in everything they do and their responsibility makes them excellent workers and colleagues.

The number Zero was conceived in the Babylonian numbering system, around 300 BC and was indicated with two wedges, whose function was to highlight an empty space.

Even in India zero indicated the position between two figures and the idea of ​​emptiness was expressed by the Sanskrit word “sunya” which also indicated the concept of “absence”.

The use of Zero as a number in itself, is due precisely to Indian mathematicians, who began to express the abstraction of this figure, in the graphic form of a point or a circle.

In pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, Zero was also used by the Mayans who represented it in the form of an eye or a shell.

The “modern” history of the Zero is due to the Arabs, who during the Middle Ages spread the decimal positional numbering system in Europe, after having learned it from the Indians.

The Italian word Zero comes from the Venetian zevero, which in turn originates from the Latin term zephirum, which in Greek mythology symbolizes the west wind.

It was the mathematician Fibonacci who first used the word Zephirum, as it drew it by assonance from the Arabic word sifr, which means “empty”. The word digit also derives from the term sifr.

What to Do If You See 04:04?

Numbers 04:04 are all about self-care and loving yourself. Go to the park or another place in the outdoors that you enjoy. Turn off your mobile phone, sit back and try to feel the air around you. Such as? Cold, warm, warm? Pay attention to every smell you hear, listen to every sound near you, look around and think about how you feel.

Take a nice relaxing bath, take great care of it. Imagine that you have just come into the world and it is the first time you take a bath: feel the moisture on your skin, the smell of soap, the temperature of the water, the sound it makes when it flows, everything. Take the opportunity to relax and disconnect from everything, focusing on yourself.

Look into the eyes of the people you know: each of them is unique, has a unique life and, among millions of people, has crossed your path. Open your heart and learn to always appreciate those around you, even if only through a smile or a kind greeting.

In moments of relaxation, getting lost in thoughts that have nothing to do with the present is perfectly normal: don’t worry, call attention and concentrate on your breathing, on what surrounds you and how you feel. Stay focused for as long as possible, enjoy that moment and, above all, smile.

Remember that, in some corner of the world, right now someone is struggling to get everything you already have. Be grateful for the gifts that life has given you and enjoy them today, open your hearts to all those blessings and let happiness flow along your life. The simple fact of being able to see, smile, touch, run … The simple fact of being alive makes this day the best of your life.


And there you have it. If numbers 04:04 have appeared in your life, this was a perfect opportunity to find out what they mean and how they can change your life.

No matter how much of a believer you are, they are always there to, at least, remind you of your abilities and qualities.