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04:40 – Meaning

Every number that appears in our lives has a meaning and symbolism. No matter how much you believe in the power of numbers, you should stop and pay attention to the numbers showing up around you.

The messages behind the can truly help you find meaning in life and become more confident.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the meaning of the numbers 04:40 and how this number can affect your life.

04:40 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

The numbers 04:40 are motivating you to break out of your comfort zone and o become more confident in your decision making. Introverts are considered shy, taciturn and rude, but introversion is by no means a disadvantage. There are many qualities that introverts can convince – and many famous role models.

Introverts have to deal with many prejudices. Probably the most persistent stating that introverts are fundamentally shy. A shy person, in contrast to his introverted fellow human beings, is afraid of social evaluation. Of course, these two qualities can coincide, but even extroverts can be shy.

On the contrary, introversion means that a person with this character trait recharges new energy while resting, while the extrovert draws it from the encounter with other people. Studies have found in introverts an increased brain activity, which remains stable during both rest and work phases.

It is therefore to be assumed that introverts protect themselves with their restraint from overstimulation. Introversion and extroversion is innate and difficult to discard during life, as this property is associated with different stimulus processing in the brain.

Nevertheless, many introverts try to take on this character trait and adapt to behaviors of extroverts. This is not least because extroverts are considered more successful and popular. Extroverts are good performers and can often market themselves better than introverts.

This also makes it easier for them to get a leading position, since self-marketing is required when looking for a job.

Especially in today’s world, which is characterized by fast pace, extroverts get along better and faster to success.

Just because introverts are overshadowed in some areas by extroverts does not mean that they cannot score with many good qualities as well. They are often very creative and radiate an inner peace. They are persistent, have depth and can work for hours concentrated on a task.

These features are also beneficial in the executive floor. This is proven not least by Chancellor Angela Merkel. As an introverted physicist, she rose to become one of the most powerful women in the world and earned respect throughout the world with her special leadership style.

Take a little time to reflect on your character and do not approve or deny statements that you are unsure about. If you end up with more than half of the statements, you’re a more introverted person. But if you reject most of the statements, you can call yourself extroverted.

What Does 04*40 Mean Spiritually?

The numbers 04:40 can also be linked to the angel number 0440 which has the numbers 0 and 4 repeating themselves two times.

Both of these numbers have a strong meaning and symbolism behind them and studying them can help you find solutions to your problems.

The angel number 4 is associated with determination and confidence. This number pushes you to become much more strong-minded regarding decisions you make.

Every task you grab on to is going to be completed by the help of the powerful energies coming from the higher forces, so welcome this number and its message into your life.

The number 0 is associated with endless possibilities and opportunities that can open up for you when you accept the messages of angel number 0 into your life.

By combining the numbers 4 and 0 you are going to get a clear image of what your guardian angles actually want. They are sending you their energy to become stronger and to accomplish anything you imagine.

0440 in Numerology

In geometry it is represented by the square. The CROSS, as a symbol, is also attached to the number 4. This is the number of the consummation and the manifestation of light. It is the sacred number of the Pythagoreans and is known to them as the straight line.

It was about this number that they took their most sacred vows. Corresponds to realistic and balanced people, those who can always be trusted.

They lack the characteristic versatility of numbers 1 and 3, but this is offset by their keen sense of fairness and meticulous attention to detail. Everything that puts order in life has to do with the number 4.

The man realized that he had formed a family and therefore needed shelter and protection. It was necessary to build a house, to erect the “4” walls, to have a solid base. The 4 is a material number and symbolizes the foundation, the stability, the construction, the practicality, the solidity, the structure, the WORK, the routine, the discipline.

In the Sepher Yetzirah, the fourth path is the great crown and path from which flow all the powers of the spirit and the divine essences. In the upper sphere, 4 are the letters of God – Yod, He, Vau, He. In the sphere of intellect, 4 are the angels of the world – Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel; the 4 regulators of the elements – Seraphim, Cherubim, Tarshish, and Ariel.

In the celestial sphere, 4 are the triplicates of the signs of the zodiac and the stars and planets in relation to the elements. These are given as Mars and the Sun; Jupiter and Venus; Saturn and Mercury; the fixed stars and the Moon. Another grouping is also accepted: Sun and Saturn; Jupiter and Venus; Mercury and

In the elemental sphere, 4 are the elements; the 4 seasons; the 4 winds; the 4 divisions of life (animal, vegetable, metallic and stony); the 4 qualities (heat, humidity, cold and dry). In the lower sphere, 4 are the elements of man (mind, spirit, soul and body); 4 powers of the soul (intellect, reason, fantasy and sense); the 4 virtues (justice, temperance, prudence and strength); the 4 orpóreos elements (spirit, flesh, humors and bones); the 4 moods (anger, blood, phlegm and melancholy).

In the infernal sphere, it represents the 4 infernal princes (Samael, Azael and Mahazael). The occult symbols of number 4 are: the Emperor, the cubic stone; the holder of the keys; the gate of the East; the four cherubs on the four wheels; the four hippocampi of Neptune’s car. 4 is the number of perseverance and immortality, discovery and consummation, firmness and purpose, fulfillment of hopes, rules, powers, and will. The vibrations are solar and it is always had as a lucky number.

The Taoist theory states: “You look at the sky and you only see emptiness, but when you look through a telescope, you see many other things revealed like the moon and the stars.” Out of nowhere comes the All, and this would be the best way to define zero in Numerology.

Represented by a circle, it lacks beginning and end. The unlimited expansion of energies and vibrations. It is that which is not yet, but which it can become. It is the potential light, it can be everything. It was the Indians who were in charge of providing metaphysical symbolism with the abstraction of zero, making it the key to existential meaning.

For Pythagoras it was “the cosmic egg” that contains everything, and from where the first energy is born, it precedes everything, it is the preparation of the beginning, the hatching.

The zero has no numerical value, therefore in numerology, when it appears either on the date of birth or as the absence of numbers in the numerological table, it is understood that a little more work should be done to fill that gap with light still “not manifested”.

However, that zero will be the carrier of the potentialities of that 2, because the vacuum can be filled with all the vibrational energy of the number that accompanies it.

But without the knowledge or the effort to fill the container of this unlimited energy with light and power, it can simply become a stalemate, and therefore the possibility of potentiality becomes an energy reducer, with which the work of evolution It can become more arduous.

The zero is the Being that should be empowering and filling with Light that apparent emptiness that contains all the energy of the 9 simple numbers, steps in the evolutionary cycle of Numerology.

What to Do If You See 04:40?

The numbers 04:40 are pushing you to find yourself and to discover who you actually are. Say goodbye to the idea that at some point you would have found yourself and then finally arrived somewhere.

That will not happen. Your personality is a complex system with many facets that are constantly changing. Self-discovery is an ongoing process.

But even the individual steps on the way bring you clearly forward and make you happy.

If you are dealing with yourself, you should first hide the scales from the outside as far as possible.

After all, it’s about what YOU want and feel, not your parents, friends or partner. Make sure you score as little as possible. Its okay how you feel and what’s important to you.


Whenever an angel number in your comfort zone are those areas of everyday life where you feel safe and know how to behave.

This is important and enjoyable, but also has a problem: Within the comfort zone, you can hardly learn anything.

To explore your limits and possibilities, you have to try new things and leave the comfort zone for a while.

Do not worry, you will always return to your safe haven. And, with a bit of practice, you’re expanding your comfort zone more and more, making it easy for you to find things that you find difficult today.