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05:55 – Meaning

Numbers come into our world for a reason. Every number is hiding a message for you that you can use and apply to your own life, when things get worse.

In today’s text we are going to talk about numbers 05:55, and what kind of message is hidden behind them.

05:55 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

If you are one of those who wake up early or who wake up in full sleep, it is surely your turn to notice the mirror hour 05:05 on your clock, this is not a matter of chance, and this means that your angel wants to send you a message, discover what that message is thanks to the mirror time 05:05.

They go several times that you have had to see this hour 05:05 and this intrigues you? Do not worry here we will dispel all your doubts and, we will tell you everything that this mirror hour contains.

The mirror hour 05:05 is a joyful message that your guardian angel is telling you. He reminds you that he is always by your side, even if you can’t see him.

Seeing this mirror hour 05:05 several times means that your guardian angel is desiring to tell you that someone loves you secretly, it could be someone close to you, so open your eyes wide.

Your guardian angel also wants to tell you that there are many people who love you and that you should take advantage of all this love they offer you.

What Does 05*55 Mean Spiritually?

You are the only person able to understand your guardian angel’s message well. If you are looking for love, your angel will show you where to find it.

If you feel lonely or wrong with yourself these last days, your guardian angel reminds you that the love of those around you will help you overcome any obstacle, try to get closer to them.

In spiritual way, the number 5 is a strong number, this number 5 symbolizes freedom, life, dynamism and change.

If you are in full change, remember that the people around you are there to trust them and also to dispel your doubts, all that worries you and all those questions you have about the future. Breaking down, no doubt everything will be easier later.

0555 in Numerology

The number 5 (five) symbolizes center and harmony. This is because it occupies the middle position of the first numbers (from 1 to 9). It is central to the Chinese, which stems from the fact that in China the ideogram that represents it is a cross.

It also carries the sense of equilibrium as it is the result of the sum of yin (two) and yang (three).

It represents the human being in that this is also the sum of two arms, two legs and trunk. It was in these parts of the body that Jesus was wounded and thus known as the “five wounds of Christ.” Moreover, it is the number of the senses: hearing, smell, taste, touch and sight.

According to Numerology, the number 5 means union and balance.

Hidden analysis of numbers defines people influenced by this number as free and disciplined. They have a tendency to be agile in making solutions. Blocking it may result in impatience and restlessness.

The number is very significant for the followers of Islam, after all there are 5 pillars of this religion:

Hamsá, also known as the Hand of Fatima, is a symbol of the Islamic faith whose Arabic word means 5. It represents the number of fingers of the hand. For the Maya, it also carried a sacred symbolism, for 5 is the one that represents the god of corn.

The origin of this belief arises from the number of days it takes for corn seeds to germinate after planting.

The pentagram, the magical symbol associated with witchcraft practices, is an important symbol marked by the number 5. It is a five-pointed star that is used as an amulet in many cultures. The number 5 (five) symbolizes center and harmony.

Hidden analysis of the number defines people influenced by this number as free and disciplined.

They have a tendency to be agile in making solutions. Blocking it may result in impatience and restlessness. This number is magical and peculiar as it was used by the Greeks and Romans as an amulet to protect the bearer from evil spirits.

The five-pointed star, the pentagon, symbolizes the four limbs of man plus the head. He is the perfect man with the five qualities (goodness, justice, love, wisdom and truth), God manifest in the Self.

The pentagram, the magic symbol associated with witchcraft practices, is an important symbol marked by the number 5.

What to Do If You See 05:55?

Numbers 05:55 symbolize overcoming loneliness and being able to cope with it. There are moments in life when even when you are surrounded by people you feel a deep sense of inner loneliness.

Continue to carry out your routine activities but feel that feeling of emptiness in your chest, or a big boulder in your stomach. It is the sense of loneliness and you perceive it clearly when you feel disconnected from life, from yourself and from the people around you.

How to overcome loneliness when it seems so deeply rooted inside? Although at this moment it seems to you that few things make sense and you are pervaded by a sense of desperation and sadness, you can heal it, alleviate it and step by step back to live fully and to the fullest of your joy. There are 3 precious and necessary steps to do to reconnect with life in an authentic way:

Don’t ignore it. Choose to bring maximum awareness to what you are experiencing. Pay attention to how your body feels, to the emptiness you feel in your chest and to the tension in your throat, listen to that boulder that makes your body heavy and contracted. When you allow sadness to be heard, you have just taken the first step to release it and let it go.

Don’t run away. Instinctively many people are led to fill moments of emptiness and loneliness with whatever distracts them.

Maybe you sleep more than necessary, you frantically try to start new relationships, take refuge in the television, in the exits or in superficial activities and with little sense.

Of course they will keep you busy and seem somehow connected with life. But none of these things really work, at least not profoundly, let alone in the long run.

You will feel the loneliness returning in moments of emptiness, perhaps before sleeping and in free time from other activities.

Choose to live this emotion and remember that as an emotion, it will pass. It cannot be otherwise. Meanwhile dedicated to activities and people really significant for you, finding your balance.

Another way in which many face the feeling of loneliness is to blame themselves incessantly looking for their mistakes, the things they could have done differently and those that were wrong.

This is because you hope that by identifying what is wrong with you, you can correct it and then the pain will go away. Or at least you can give a rational sense to all this.

In most cases this makes things worse because it leads you to enter an endless circle of self-criticism and negative thoughts. Calm the mind. You can analyze why and how for later, now it’s not important.

Experience the emotion and find your balance between feeling and reacting. Remind yourself that you are not the only one feeling lonely. Feeling lonely is part of the human experience, it is part of life and almost all of us experience this feeling from time to time.

What would you say to a friend of yours who feels this way? Would you hug him or blame him? Would you ask him words of comfort or criticism?

Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend. Be compassionate. Look at yourself in perspective, without judging or condemning yourself. And take care of yourself in small everyday gestures.

Find comfort and support in the loved ones you have in your life. Take a deep breath, take the phone and tell them how you feel, ask for help in the form you need most.

Sometimes a word, a hug and a couple of small words can suffice. By allowing yourself to reconnect sincerely with others you will begin to feel emotionally stronger and less alone.


As strange as it may seem now, the feeling of loneliness brings with it several advantages if explored and lived authentically.

It can be a crucial signal to understand that it is time to let go of certain people, certain relationships or behavior of the past.

He is whispering to you that it’s time for a renewal, that you need fresh air and something different to be really well.

Listen and you will understand what. Loneliness is also often the signal that precedes a great change in your life.

Become aware of it, accept it and give yourself love and compassion.