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06:06 – Meaning

Numbers have impacted people’s lives in many different ways. Even in countries where people speak different languages, numbers are universal signs.

Their history dates back centuries, and we have always relied on their meaning to get by each day.

In today’s text, we will discover the sacred and hidden meaning of mirror hour 06:06.

We will also talk about the powerful symbolism of number 0 and 6, that create this number sequence.

06:06 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Silence and rest are two precious and endangered assets. They are a luxury, a gift, which we sometimes give ourselves when the obligations and commitments allow it.

However, far from being a whim, they are instead two basic needs for our well-being and, above all, for mental balance.

Ovid claimed that any life in which there is no rest soon vanishes. The truth is that the famous Roman poet was not all wrong, because beyond what one might think, the lack of rest and living in stressful and too stimulating environments undermine our health and negatively affect the quality of life.

Most of us live habitually immersed in situations where a constant cacophony reigns: traffic, conversations, cars, airplanes, trains, televisions and even the constant rustling of our computer’s processor. This gives rise to an incessant state of hyperactivity, capable of altering our mood, generating irritation, fatigue, loss of concentration…

The strangest aspect of it all is that we have become used to this reality. We tell ourselves that it is the right thing to do, that this is the rhythm of today’s society and that, therefore, we must adapt. In this accelerated and hyper-connected world, and even deprived of sleep, we have made two luxury goods silent and rest no longer within everyone’s reach.

Death by overwork is a reality. And although an Italian name does not yet exist to define it, other countries accustomed to this reality have long since given it a name. In Japan it is karoshi, in China it is guolaosi and in Korea it is gwarosa.

But I’m not directly lacking sleep and stress is not killing me? What really happens in these countries is a considerable increase in suicide rates. Exhaustion and despair are so strong that many people see no other solution to their personal reality and choose the most dramatic path. If we remain in the West, instead, the situation changes a little.

In Europe and America there are no relevant data linking work overload to suicide, but rather to cardiovascular diseases and high rates of depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia …

According to industry experts, such as Dr. Michael Roizen, Director of the Cleveland Wellness Clinic, “Nowadays rest is the most underestimated health habit”.

We know that the persistent noise and the incessant sounds of our cities undermine health and mood. In a study published in 1975 in the journal Environment and Behavior, it was already argued that children who studied in areas of Manhattan near the subway tracks presented almost a year of school lag. The data are certainly significant.

What Does 01*01 Mean Spiritually?

Numbers 0 and 6 are directly link to the symbolism of angel numbers 0 and 6. Six (6) has a calm and serene personality. They are naive, tender and very protective people although their big problem is that they rarely know themselves.

They are very extreme, they are usually very optimistic or very pessimistic in everything that happens to them, so you can hardly establish a correct assessment of their behavior and this also happens in their friendly relationships.

Although they are very different from others according to their status, they always look for the security of the sites and the people they trust. His life full of bewilderments and contradictions are usually very tidy and puny people in everything they do. They are persevering and meticulous, which often leads them to success.

The symbol “0” and the name zero are related to the idea of ​​none, nonexistent, null. Its concept has been little studied over the centuries.

Today, hardly arouses any curiosity, despite being absolutely thought provoking. “The bottom line is that zero is and is not.

At the same time indicate the nothing and bring in it some content”, says astronomer Walter Maciel, professor at the University of São Paulo. If this dialectic seems complicated to you, a 21st century citizen, imagine for the primitive tribes that lived many centuries before Christ.

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What does the number 6 mean? The number six symbolizes truth, justice, balance and love and its astrological equivalent is Venus. Thanks to their sense of balance, they are usually very emotional, sweet and understandable people.

They are calm people, friendly and very good communicators and this makes them very protective and tender in those people who love as their friends and family.

Despite showing himself, at first, as a very attentive and calm person, he hides the opposite in his background even though they do not consciously show it. This duality makes them sometimes unpredictable but nonetheless, they remain sensitive, romantic and idealistic.

They are also vulnerable people and need to be loved and protected. Sometimes they feel unable to face the problems that arise in their life although you demonstrate a great maturity when making fair decisions in all their affairs.

Although sometimes they seem conformist people, they tend to be very energetic in the workplace. The six are very traditional which makes them follow everything established as laws, etc. … do not like to be protagonists of anything. Now you can learn a little more about those people who have a six in their name and understand the meaning of the number 6.

Their personality, tenderness, emotionality makes them very romantic people and show all their love to the people they love. One of the things that they also need is that they look for the same love they offer in their partner.

They are generous people and very involved so they are always aware of their partner’s needs. They are close, know how to listen and usually give good advice always that they want to be heard.

The life of the six focuses on the family which makes them very faithful. They love to organize or prepare everything that refers to the family, such as parties, events, outings or vacations. Compatibility with 4: Both combine perfectly and harmoniously. The 6 and 4 usually have a lasting alliance of love or friendship (More about number 4).

They usually combine perfectly in the work environment as it is a perfect association for business and work projects (All over 8 in numerology). In this case, the 6 does not stand out for having frictions with the other basic numbers.

They have facility to generate money and to dissolve small pleasures and whims. Their great communication makes them show up at work with a lot of energy. While in its interior there is a great distrust in different aspects of social and common life, at work they are usually productive and thanks to their being orderly and very perfectionist, everything that is sent to them usually fulfills it perfectly.

In the most delicate and decision-making moments they are very professional and usually make the best decisions for the common good. Their perseverance makes them arrive where others do not arrive.

Six (6) are very familiar people. They love family life, they are very understanding, attentive, tender with theirs and very protective. They are cordial in home visits and enjoy all the time they spend at home and their environment. They love movies, television and theater so they tend to propose many things at home.

The rules that apply to everyone else are not for him. It only obeys them as and when it pleases. “That’s how I make a difference,” he says. But it’s not selfish at all. On the contrary. The farther to the right he goes, the more the colleague on the left increases, multiplying it by ten, 100, or 1,000.

He is a revolutionary. With a blunt air, he shrugs when compared to nothing. “I really am,” he says. “But that means being everything.” With you, the number zero – which earns its rightful role in these pages: as the protagonist of an intellectual odyssey that changed the course of the exact sciences and brought new reflections into history of ideas.

The symbol “0” and the name zero are related to the idea of ​​none, nonexistent, null. Its concept has been little studied over the centuries. Today, hardly arouses any curiosity, despite being absolutely thought provoking. “The bottom line is that zero is and is not.

At the same time indicate the nothing and bring in it some content”, says astronomer Walter Maciel, professor at the University of São Paulo. If this dialectic seems complicated to you, a 21st century citizen, imagine for the primitive tribes that lived many centuries before Christ.

It may sound overkill to attribute such importance to a seemingly innocuous number. Sometimes you even forget that it exists. Who cares to note that you returned from the fair with zero oranges?

Or that you bought feed for your zero puppies? You only get worried when you find a zero in your bank account. Even so, as soon as the next payment arrives, there is no reminder of that chubby number.

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In addition to external sounds, however, there is also another type of murmur that affects our well-being: the obsessive pounding of our thoughts, concerns, goals to be achieved, “should and should”. Even this noise is unhealthy and deprives us of calm.

Silence and rest are configured as two vital antidotes capable of modulating the brain so that it can reach harmony and that the mind is reconciled and is in harmony with its most authentic essence.

Perhaps we find it a little difficult to relate the lack of sleep with drunkenness.

However, a study published by Dr. David Geffen of the University of Los Angeles, California, points out that for the brain to not sleep has the same effect as alcohol.

Our neurons stop communicating effectively, errors occur, concentration problems, performance problems, mood swings, irritability, depression…

The psychological effects of sleep deprivation are enormous, but we continue to neglect this aspect. We do it with our lifestyle, with electronic devices and the blue light of their screens, which stimulates the brain preventing us from falling asleep.

At the same time, the work and concerns that we carry to bed also deprive us of the rest necessary for the health of the physical and the brain.

Silence and rest are two words that are turning into a business for many companies. So much so that on the market we find already from the sleeping masks that monitor our brain waves and the REM phase, hi-tech capsules to take a nap at work, spas and sleep centers that promise to take us into the arms of Morpheus in a few minutes.

We therefore avoid arriving at these extremes and becoming aware of a very simple aspect: rest is life; in a world immersed in incessant, external and internal noises, silence is health. Let us remember.


Numbers have been and still are important guidelines in people’s lives. Therefore, we can always rely on their meaning and symbolism, to help us understand the world around us.