Hours Meaning

10:00 – Meaning

Seeing triple miraculous hours like 10:00 happens to us all at least once in our lives. These special hours are perceived as signs that have an interpretation according to the series of figures.

Each of these hours is associated with a message, and its meaning, as well as its symbolism, may vary.

Most of the time, we find an hour of triple mirror looking at our clock. What is the meaning of these miraculous triplicate hours? The triplicate mirror hours are related to the temporal synchronicity due to our sub consciousness.

It is man who has reduced time, and this corresponds to a relative notion that no longer makes sense after the transition.

If you have seen the triple doubling time at 10:00, it has a meaning and you will have to find it because it is important for your life. To help you decipher the message behind this mysterious hour, you can use the interpretation of guardian angels or numerology.

Later we will give you everything, so be aware during your reading.

10:00 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Human, generally a social animal, ends up isolating himself in his mini apartment, without even knowing if a nun or Hannibal Lecter lives next to him.

Once we were community animals that lived in the districts, in the courtyards of the country, where 6, 7 families were united, raising animals, cultivating and spending time together.

With the advent of technology, of the city, of the cement that inanimate everything, we moved on to living in small niches between the fumes of cars, far from the family and immersed in a community with which we have little in common. How to face loneliness Man had to move away from nature, from the magnificent quiet life to immerse himself in a more material and solitary reality.

Today, however, we find ourselves dealing with a reality almost totally infected by the poverty of spirit and the dictatorship of technology.

That technique that drives us to be efficient and productive, to work incessantly in order to have things that will make us feel normal and to maintain our status as successful men, this always based on the judgment of others and never on inner realization.

Then, we become increasingly selfish, dedicating our lives to the continuous spasmodic search for an external reality that coincides with the standards of the world.

When an individual ends up in this kind of reality, it is inevitable that he will end up feeling lonely. How can a person find the time, the strength and the desire to devote himself to human relationships when he lives a life according to his dependencies and attachments?

The first concept to understand is that the system, as it is structured, creates individuals alone. If one follows the single thought, as it is offered to the masses, it is inevitable to face the loneliness that ends up living in solitude.

Man alone does not cause problems. The lonely man is depressed and has no one to turn to. This means that it remains as it is: a servant of the system who is capable at most of making a few arguments and which does not cause problems of any kind, such as revolts or critical spirit.

Therefore, it is important to recognize that, if you follow the liberal and capitalist lifestyle in your life, you will end up living in solitude, even if superficially people will pretend to create families based on selfish needs and supported by a nihilistic morality where man it’s just a mass of flesh and bones.

Today’s system of perpetual crisis leads people to separate and to put themselves against each other. The social no longer exists and the battles for rights disappear, to leave space for shopping malls where we lock ourselves up on Sunday afternoons to buy things that we don’t need, in an attempt to feel less alone.

We no longer get together because we are terrified of ourselves. We try to avoid each other in fear of confrontation, conflict and change.

In the same way we are as far away from our emotions as possible, avoiding confrontation with what dwells within us because we do not know each other, we do not trust, we could hurt ourselves. And when a society is founded on fear for the other, it can only end up being no longer human beings, but biological machines without a goal.

What Does 10*00 Mean Spiritually?

Guardian Angel Lecabel is associated with the triple mirror hour at 10:00. This angel is the angel of clarity and notoriety. Throughout this hour, he tells her that he gives her a natural gift that allows her to have fame and fortune. Thanks to him, everything he does will bring fruit.

This guardian angel and benefactor gives him an immense power so that he can easily solve the various tests of life. Because of your light, you improve your intelligence and your spirit of discernment. As a result, it will be easier for you to find practical solutions to all the problems you face.

Lecabel also informs him that he brings her love for precision and accuracy. If you are leading a business, he tells you that he is always by your side to help you.

He is also your support if you are studying exact sciences. He gives you valuable help in your quest for perfection and order at all levels. In addition, it helps you control your emotions using reason.

Until 10:00, the guardian angel Lecabel also reminds you that you are an inventor, a designer, a decision maker and an organizer. Fill your mind with generative and luminous ideas of abundance.

He is your support and gives you a great sense of organization. Thanks to all the qualities it offers, it will shine in the field of mathematics, astronomy, science and art.

This angel is also eager to let him know that he is there to keep him from neglect, dispersion, waste and recklessness.

It also prevents financial failures, bankruptcies and misuse of your capital and resources.

But still, it prevents him from acting hastily and forcing his destiny, and keeps him away from greedy people, thieves and calculators.

1000 in Numerology

The angelic number 10 is the sign that you need action in your life to succeed. This allows you to go in the right direction, a more positive path. But for this you will have to be ready to grow and evolve, this path requires maturity. Success is within your reach, however, before doing so, you risk going through difficult times. Just trust, and everything will be fine.

Numerology 10 indicates unexpected or radical changes, which require it to adapt accordingly, to be transformed, to begin again or to take advantage of a new opportunity. You can face miracles or a series of happy events at a time when you least expect it. Things will certainly evolve, so it’s a wheel, wait for some modifications.

Associated with the triple mirror hour 10:00, the angelic number 10 lets you know that it will be enriched in your life and will attract success to yourself.

He is able to cope, he is one of the luckiest people, and good opportunities just need to be seized. But he knows that his success is the result of his abilities, his courage, his determination and his autonomy.

This numerology also announces that it is a very convincing person. He has a true talent to discuss and convince others to follow him. You feel comfortable in activities that directly affect the public, for example, you can flourish in sales. But you also have skills in the art field.

Throughout his life, he longs for discoveries, and only then can he flourish. He doesn’t like boredom, he likes to live intensely. However, be careful not to live dangerously at the risk of losing everything overnight.

What to Do If You See 10:00?

I myself spent several years of my life in solitude. Frequently a school that did not interest me, from which good soldiers were baked every year for the factories of the area, I soon ended up feeling alone.

I did not have a company of friends, at soccer I could not integrate myself and at home I remained alone, disinterested and bored. Over time I built an armor around me that sheltered from people’s things but did not give me the space, nor the ability to be among the people, which ended up judging me as boring and apathetic.

Because you know, (and this is the second concept to understand) being alone is a choice. Nobody ever pushed me to stay at home on weekends. No one has ever told me to put on armor and no one has ever let me feel like most people feel.

The day I realized I had it all in my hands, something changed. I realized that in reality I didn’t have to live like the others, that inside of me there was a universe to be explored of talents, abilities and knowledge that would have been interesting for someone and that therefore I should not have remained alone forever.

If most people live in the spasmodic search for enjoyment, for obtaining possessions and in control of life, it does not mean that I should live the same way. This is because in a society founded on values ​​such as fame, material success and power, the average soil is not aimed at confronting its own fears and weaknesses, since it was never taught to it.

No one will keep you from starting a conversation with the young lady at the bar downstairs. No one pushes you to stay isolated on Saturday night, instead of finding yourself with people of your own interests. No one is preventing you from starting a dance, guitar or theater course, where you can develop new friendships.

Yes, dress well and go out for dinner with yourself. This is a great exercise that will put you in front of shame, shyness and above all loneliness. The goal is not to remain alone all evening, of course. My advice, just like I did, is to sit at the counter perhaps or choose a lively venue, where it’s easier to meet someone, be it a new friend or friend.

This personally helped me a lot because I found myself at 17, talking about things that really interested me with people in line with me and so I felt less alone already within a few days. In volunteering I found several friendships that I still cultivate today, so I advise you to spend some of your weekends helping people, and to develop new ties with other volunteers.

Changing the physiology of your body is one of the most immediate actions to feel better. Do it regularly, maybe attending a gym. A pool or a park where there are other people and with whom you can exchange tips or make two words while you train.


The ways to get out of loneliness are varied, but they do not include “filling in time”. If you feel lonely how I felt, you will most likely be trying to fight loneliness by filling your time with different things: from video games to rods, from food to gambling, to more common things like facing the lonely like being on the phone all day or in front of the television.

Filling time is equivalent to living life as a perpetual lack. At different times of the day, feeling deeply empty, we close these holes, which in reality would be the cracks of our liberation, with the passing of time.

Pastimes are also children of the Western model, because they imply that life is the result of chance and that man must fill life and his vital time with entertainment as an end in itself.

Therefore, fighting loneliness with entertainment, which then becomes addiction, leaves the time it finds.

Instead of pastimes, if today you find yourself immersed in solitude, I can suggest something that you can do immediately to feel less alone.