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10:01 – Meaning

Numbers always meant something special to people and their presence in our lives would be unimaginable. There is something magical and mysterious about umbers, that makes us want to explore their power and learn what else hides behind them.

In today’s text, we will focus on the meaning and symbolism of numbers 10:01 and what they actually represent when they appear on our watches or somewhere else around us.

10:01 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Every number combination that is persistent in following you and that keeps appearing in your world, has a hidden message behind it. The numbers 10:01 are hiding a message of letting go and focusing on finding yourself, that has been lost for quite some time.

Relationship anxiety is a common problem. Many people feel restricted and locked up in relationships. They really long for closeness. By learning that you have a problem or by accepting it, you are already on a road to recovery.

Attachment anxiety is the fear of entering into a committed relationship. People with attachment anxiety often find it difficult to allow their feelings and let another person into their lives. Therefore, they often avoid completely entering into a relationship.

Nevertheless, if you accept, it will be accompanied by many problems. The discomfort of the person increases and with it the conflicts in the relationship. The partner is kept at a distance and challenged again and again. Often, the person concerned has already given up the search for love and finds himself with constantly changing relationships.

In many cases, those affected are not aware of their attachment anxiety and push their negative feelings on the partner. They have problems trusting the other and usually part suddenly and without warning, even though they still feel affection for the partner and long for closeness. They avoid talking about their feelings and have extreme emotional fluctuations, ranging from a need for close proximity to strong emotional coldness.

Binding fear expresses itself not only in love relationships, but also in friendships. People with attachment anxiety often have fewer friends and are struggling to meet new people. Here, too, they are afraid of rejection and therefore avoid approaching man instead of being disappointed if necessary.

Binding anxiety often arises in the earliest childhood and is due to a disturbed relationship between mother and child. Having a bad experience in the past, such as divorce, neglect or extreme control, can affect future relationships. This experience can also be unconsciously perceived and done in early childhood.

Therefore, it may happen that no direct trigger for attachment anxiety is found.

Many sufferers suffer greatly from their attachment anxiety and the inability to enter into a serious relationship. However, only a few make a therapy. Instead, the person concerned avoids defining himself and keeps all possibilities open. Most of the time until a clear decision is made is delayed until the last. But for a loose affair is gladly received. Gladly it can be also friendship plus.

He will also avoid investing much in the relationship. Instead, the person concerned spends more time with other things and takes refuge in hobbies and the job. He also creates distance by refusing physical closeness such as kissing and intercourse. Instead, he blames the partner, most of whom have no land.

A quarrel is usually ended by the victim fled. He does not want to take responsibility for his actions, so he refuses to plan for the future and ultimately breaks the relationship for no reason. However, this behavior is usually a protective mechanism on the part of the person concerned. They are afraid to get hurt or to feel affection. However, both are not a good basis for a longer-term relationship.

More and more men avoid getting married at a young age. Not even 20 percent of men under 30 are married. Many men are afraid to miss something and therefore keep all options open. This is especially the case today with a large selection of dating apps. In relationships, they increasingly keep their partner at a distance.

A common circle of friends or even a shared apartment is unthinkable for the man with a relationship anxiety. In addition, some men may experience more infidelities in order to counteract the alleged loss of freedom in a relationship.

The problem of attachment anxiety has been attributed to men in the past, but nowadays more and more women are suffering from this phenomenon. In their twenties, many women want to live first and take their time with love for life.

However, many women are very picky about their partner and give most men no chance to get better. Often women simply do not want to give up their independence and therefore have an accurate picture of their future partner and relationship. However, these expectations cannot be met in most cases. However, many women are aware of their dilemma unlike men.

What Does 10*01 Mean Spiritually?

The numbers 10:01 are linked to the angel number 1001 that is sending you a message of support and guidance from the higher forces. When you notice this number in your life, it is important to stop and take a closer look at yourself, because all the answers lie inside of you.

The angel number 1001 consists out of numbers 1 and 0. Both of these numbers are important and have a special message hidden just for you.

The number 1 is a symbol of putting yourself on the forefront and pushing harder no matter what happens. Your guardian angels are telling you that you have the necessary strength inside of you, so use it for best purposes.

The angel number 0 is a symbol of being ready to accept all the difficulties and to look at all the opportunities that are in front of you. Zero is a symbol of anything and nothing, and what’s it going to be, depends only on your power of will.

1001 in Numerology

The number 10 (ten) represents absence, but also completeness, perfection, totality. This is because it is composed of numbers 1 and 0, so that is the first number that is interpreted together. They say that it alone does not carry its own symbolism, hence the fact of reflecting absence.

On the other hand, perfection and completeness enclose the idea that the number 10 comprises all the symbolism of Pythagorean numerology, from 1 to 9, whose sum is just 10.

Curiously, the sum of the first four numbers (1 + 2 + 3 + 4) results, in the same way, in the number 10. For the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, the ten represents the sacred. In number 10, Pythagoras sees the creation of the Universe, so he has a great respect for it. Pythagoras represented the number 10 through a triangle formed by ten points.

The number 10 serves as the basis for many counting systems. It represents a cycle. In this sense, it also has the meaning of beginning, end, and beginning. For the Chinese, the number 10 means duality. In China, the number 5 represents totality, so its duplication represents the character of what is double. The number 10 is representative in the Bible. There are 10 commandments, for example, which are summarized in a single set of laws.

The ten is for many doctrines a sacred number, symbol of the perfection of the manifested universe, of the culmination of a journey. It is the first two-digit number, which closes the cycle of the first nine returning to the beginning, to the one and the zero, now joined in the ten, to begin a new and broader cycle of fall in matter. For traditional wisdom, everything is cyclical.

What started from the silence and the abyss of the Zero, the One, now begins a new series that will start with the double One, the Eleven, a number that indicates transition and that, according to Schneider, has infernal character to show the excess of excess, for trying to surpass “the number of perfection” as it was called by Pythagoras, the Son of Silence.

Number 10 For the Pythagoreans the 10 is the number of the Tetractys, the Pythagorean decade, which is the sum of the first four numbers (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10) forming the face of a pyramid, an equilateral triangle of ten points arranged in four horizontal rows. In the apex above, a single point symbolizes the One, the divine, the principle of everything, the being not yet manifested.

Below, in the second row, the first manifestation is marked by the appearance of two points as the first duality, the masculine and the feminine, the phallus and the egg, light and darkness, heaven and earth, yin and the yang, etc. representing the pairs of opposites to which everything created is permanently confronted.

In the third row, the three points correspond symbolically to both the divine triad, the Three Logos, and the three levels of the world: infernal, earthly and celestial or what in man would be body, soul and spirit: the material, the intellectual and the spiritual. The base of the triangle, with four points, symbolizes the multiplicity of the manifested universe, the four elements, the four seasons, the four stages of life, etc.

It will be noted that 10 is the binary formula corresponding to 2 in electronic calculators, which confirms its sense of origin of the multiple and of the manifestation, as well as its totalizing role. Do not forget that 10 is twice 5, and five we already know that it is the number of the first totality, of the complete man, since it is the sum of 4 + 1, of matter and spirit, that make up the already known game of opposites that make up all created beings. The ten shows thus, once again, the internal dualism of each of the elements that make up the five and that equate the macrocosm with the microcosm, the universe with man.

Later, in the Christian catechism, quoting the Gospel of St. Matthew (Mt 22; 37-40) it says: “These Ten Commandments are closed in two: you will love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself”. And Jesus, in saying goodbye to his disciples at the last supper, summarized them further by saying: “A new commandment I give you: that you love one another”.

For the Greeks, the first god was Eros the Elder, the primordial Love, which is ultimately the origin and the end of the manifestation, the path by which we return home, to the Unity from which one day we depart.

What to Do If You See 10:01?

When you see numbers 10:01 you should ask yourself, what is right for you? Have you had any bad experiences with your fears in the past? For example, have you been cheated on in the past? What fear is behind your indifference? Which relationship did your parents teach you? All of these questions should be resolved before proceeding to the next step.

Now that you have dealt with your fears, you should face them as well. Meditation and mindfulness exercises can also help. Try to look at your fears objectively. Are these justified? Or does it all come from a bad childhood experience? If so, be aware that you are a self-reliant, adult person who has responsibility for himself and now lives independently of his parental relationship.

Furthermore, you should not avoid conflicts, but try to find a solution. Do not try to pull everything to extremes. In relationships it is quite possible to compromise. You do not have to meet all the expectations of your partner. The important thing is that you speak openly about it.

Your fears can also be attributed to low self-esteem. By going a distance in a relationship, you try to protect yourself from rejection and thus your self-esteem. Try to strengthen your self-esteem. This will also reduce your fears.


Following the messages that appear behind the numbers that appear in our lives constantly can truly help us find sense n everything we are doing. Believing in yourself is still the main key and you should always put yourself on the first place.

Learn the message behind the numbers 10:01 and apply them faithfully to the problems you currently have, and the solutions will come on their own.