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11:11 – Meaning

Numbers often come into our world without announcement and keep on following us around. We can’t help but to wonder what they are doing in our lives and what is their purpose. No matter how long they stay in our lives, numbers always have an important message to send us. Their goal is to pass on to us an important message and reassure us of our abilities.

In today’s text we will discuss the spiritual meaning of the numbers 11:11 that appear on your clock and how these numbers are actually warning us about something.

11:11 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Whenever you notice numbers 11:11 on your clock, be sure that you have a strong spiritual presence in your life. Most of us believe that each individual in the world is assigned to a guardian angel.

Knowing that we are protected and guided by our angel or by one of our loved ones in life gives us security and comfort. Some think that their guardian angel is a spiritual entity, while others believe that he is a loved one who is dead but is still present to take care of us.

It may be difficult to understand, but for those who believe in guardian angels, these signals will be useful for recognizing their presence, and at their cost – very hard – to present themselves, this means that they always have us very much at heart.

Dreams are not always simple memories put at random and without logical sense. Sometimes dreams can be directed by our loved ones who are no longer alive or by our guardian angel. They warn us about events that can endanger our health or upset our peace, and sometimes they are just thanks to them, premonitions about future events that can harm us.

Initially you might think that your eyes are playing tricks on you if you see flashes of sparkling light, but angels also communicate with us through visions. You may also notice spheres of light in your photos and this may indicate that your angel is next to you.

Feel a sudden and sweet smell? This phenomenon is perceived by thousands of people who receive visits from those who love us and are no longer materially close to us. We perceive a fragrance that for us is unmistakable, different from any other in our environment. For decades scholars have tried to understand why the arrival of a spirit to us benevolent creates this smell without reaching a conclusion.

On the other hand, it is known that a negative nature presence creates instead that a good perfume creates a strong odor or sulfur or at least a smell that smells of rotten.

Did it ever happen to you, that you realize that your child is fixing something that you can’t see? This can also happen with our four-legged friends. Yes, sometimes they stop to stare at something in the walls of our house with a curious, non-aggressive air, almost as if they wanted to communicate with that thing that we are not able to see.

The sudden and unjustified lowering of the temperature is one of the most common signs that indicate that a presence has arrived near us. Furthermore, a burst of heat or sudden chills could be the signal that your guardian angel is next to you. And sometimes this unexpected warmth could be your guardian angel who embraces you to give you comfort.

The presence of your guardian angels can be felt as a touch. This is another very common thing in alerting a presence. It can happen that we feel ourselves touching on one hand, on one leg, leaving us a very particular feeling, pleasant in those who believe in these things. Maybe it’s one of the best things that can happen to us. Probably this action costs a lot of energy to our angel but is equivalent to a caress, to a call to say “I am here with you”.

It may happen that during the sleep-wake (which is a very particular state of consciousness) we hear a whisper, a whisper, a distant sound almost muted could be a signal that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you. Some people experience it precisely in calm circumstances and this could be the way of the angel to reassure you that he is watching over you.

What Does 11:11 Mean Spiritually?

The numbers 11:11 are interesting because they are carrying a strong meaning and symbolism behind them.

Number 11 is also associated with angel numbers, and we all know that they are always carrying an important message behind them that can potentially change our lives.

The angel number 1 is a symbol of strength and resilience and it can give us enough confidence to change our lives. This angel number motivates us to believe that everything is possible, and since it appears 4 times in this number sequence the power it has is enormous.

The angel number 11 is a symbol of humanity and humility. This powerful number gives you power to change your attitude towards other people. This number influences you to begin searching for goodness in others and to never focus on the negative.

1111 in Numerology

The number 1 in Numerology is usually associated with two main concepts: unity and beginning. In some interpretations, these two ideas are mixed, as in the myth of androgynies, beings that unite the characteristics of men and women and were the first human beings. In monotheistic religions, the number 1 represents God. It symbolizes the union of forces and the directing of energies, which is very conducive to initiatives and creation.

By symbolizing beginnings, the 1 in numerology has great influence on mental abilities and creative force. It gives energy to start things and take action. It is also a number closely linked to leadership, innovative strength and achievement.

However, as much as it is full of energy and originality, the number 1 can also be very lonely, having very individualistic characteristics.

In feng-shui, the number 1 indicates loneliness, which can be a problem for those who enjoy being surrounded by people.

Therefore, it is recommended to arrange all the objects in pairs, in order to balance the energies. Numerological calculations can be made from names, date of birth or other data that may be useful. Using tables and sums, you get a natural number whose meaning can help you understand many aspects of your personality and trajectory.

If the number 1 appears in some aspect of your life, it is a good sign that there is energy of leadership and initiative in your personality. People who are under the influence of this number tend to like innovation and coping with problems. They are very confident and enjoy challenges as much as they like to beat them. These are people who can do very well in professions and positions that require pioneering because they are natural and fantastically creative and courageous leaders.

However, one must be very careful about excessive arrogance and individualism. One of the biggest challenges is to control impetuosity and learn to work with others on an equal basis.

The strong vital energy that is present in people influenced by the number 1 also can reveal a very independent personality that sometimes has difficulties in expressing its feelings. They are loving partners who will cherish freedom and individuality, which can hurt those who need more affirmations of dependence and emotional depth.

If you want to evolve your personality, the person ruled by number 1 must take care to control the selfish and authoritarian aspects of his personality. In this way, all the energy emanating from this number can be used more efficiently, without hurting or forcing people. It is much better to be a leader when people accept it!

Numerology can help us understand aspects of our personality that can be developed in more depth. As we have seen, the number 1 symbolizes new beginnings and great energy for action and its interpretations can be used in various ways to aid in spiritual evolution.

Justice from the Tarot Deck shows Themis, the goddess of justice. She sits on a throne and is framed by two pillars that stand for mercy and punishment at the time of card reading. Themis’ clothing consists of a yellow gown and red cape. This corresponds to the color of roguish robes and symbolizes for a fortune teller the readiness to die at any time for his faith the martyr death.

At first glance, the motif looks like an image of the judiciary – but the appearance is deceptive: In contrast to Justice, Justice is not blind. In addition, Themis holds a sword in his right hand and a Libra in his left. Both tools to judge the actions.

The sword is here a symbol for execution and separation, the balance for the weighing of decisions. The view is calm and objective directed at the viewer. Justice is officially the tarot card number 11 and is often associated with the zodiac Virgo. However, Justice as Marseille Card carries the number 8.

Justice stands as a single card for making decisions and sound judgment. It is about the truths of life, justice and responsible action. It is now time to make conscious decisions and take responsibility for their consequences. A spiritual growth is only possible if one faces his fears and accepts the negative consequences of a decision. As long as we deliberately deal with our judgment, we act purposefully.

Another interpretation of this tarot card suggests that we need to think carefully about what we judge or condemn. Both in relation to their own and to other persons. The optical reference of the card to the figure of the judiciary is nevertheless to be considered: The justice can also refer to court hearings or to the fact that a matter must be regulated. However, other than judicial justice and another judgment is used. The mind is required here!

If justice is drawn as a day ticket for a daily interpretation, then fair decisions are required on this day. In this case, justice as a day ticket is less about emotions than about facts. Today, it is best to try to keep things in balance and not to favor others or oneself. In this way, even potential conflicts can be relaxed.

What to Do If You See 11:11?

The numbers 11:11 are warning you mostly about self-reflection and realizing your mistakes. Self-reflection therefore has a spiritual component according to this definition: it is about inner growth.

On the other hand, self-knowledge has very concrete benefits for your everyday life: it can be the basis for more happiness and success, it allows you to learn from your mistakes or to work towards the things that really matter to you. And self-knowledge makes you authentic and prevents you from losing yourself in the constraints of the outside world.

With more self-reflection, you’ll be better able to make decisions that will do you good. And you’ll be better at dealing with conflicts because you switch to “autopilot” less quickly, if you know what drives or triggers you. Enough reasons to work on self-perception, right?

If you imagine, with a few exercises in the next three weeks, everything is done, then unfortunately I have to disappoint you. Self-reflection is a lengthy process that can take many years and always progresses step by step. So, if you’re going that way, you have to plan a certain amount of time, over and over again. Of course, the small steps that you make will also help you. Each new insight is a piece of the puzzle that will help you get to know yourself better.

In everyday stress, you have little opportunity to deal with yourself. But our everyday life with all its appointments, obligations and needs is far too much determined from the outside. In order to deal with your inner being, you need rest and relaxation.

Therefore, create time windows that serve your relaxation and belong only to you. If you want to be on the subject of self-reflection for a long period of time (and that will be necessary), you need to have solid habits. Most researchers say that it takes at least 21 days for an action to become routine. So stay tuned and practice daily.

In addition to the daily questions that you can ask yourself (you will find out more in the exercises), it is also important to reflect on past situations. After any difficult situation – no matter if it turned out well or badly for you – you should check again, what actually happened? Why did you act the way you did? What else could you have done differently? Which steps have led to success or failure? In this way, you can more easily repeat success or learn from mistakes.


The numbers 11:11 on your clock are warning you to take a pause and look at your life. These numbers are giving you confidence and motivating you to become a better human being.

Conversely, you can also use your ability to reflect to prepare for difficult situations. Self-reflection is primarily about yourself. And that also means that you can and should take your perceptions and sensations seriously. Even if they might seem silly to you at first: they have their origin and their justification.

Some people are true masters of self-deception. Self-reflection is the exact opposite of it. It’s not about making you look as good as possible, but about finding out as much about yourself as possible.

Therefore, also acknowledge that you yourself have shares in past problems. Conversely, you should not go to court too hard with you. Do not make yourself bad, not even in thought. If you only perceive negatives of yourself, you are certainly not right.