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11:12 – Meaning

Numbers can give us guidelines in life to succeed. We can rely on the little signs we get from the higher forces, to understand the problems we have and to deal with them the best way we can.

No matter how big of a believer you are, there is always that strong feeling in your gut that is leading you on to something. Deep down inside, you know that this is something you should do.

Numbers that appear around us on daily basis are also there for a reason. In today’s text we are going to talk a bit more about the numbers 11:12 that appear on our watches, and about the symbolic meaning hidden behind them.

So, if you have been followed by these numbers recently, there is a strong possibility you have been advised through them by the higher forces.

11:12 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Numbers 11:12 are symbols of breaking the bad habits you have and focusing on the ones that are good for you. Habit stems from a fundamental human need to create security in one’s life.

The need for security in itself has a useful purpose. It is one of the primary human needs, in many cases it makes it easier for us to perform tasks that we know by repeating gestures, such as driving a car.

Retracing the same paths can be useful in skills. The return to the known area arises from the survival instinct. It belongs to all living beings, people, animals, etc.

It happens much more often than you think: a person who is faced with a new situation, with the fear of losing the consolidated security in the old scheme, experiences a feeling of non-acceptance on a mental / emotional level that the body perceives as an alarm.

In this state of excessive tension comes stress, which we know is so harmful to health. Stress creates continuous ruminations on the psychic level, tensions and blockages on a physical and energetic level, stiffening in the body and in turn creates further fear.

The “fear of change” is the fear of leaving the comfort zone. The comfort zone or known area includes spaces, people, areas, habits. We think it is easier to always perform the same actions, to always see the same people. Facing new situations leads us to leave our comfort zone.

When we leave the comfortable and familiar area, from the protected area and therefore from habit we learn, grow and improve. Once past the comfortable area, this expands in turn and we feel good and, widening it, we feel better and better. Self-esteem grows. The horizons widen.

What Does 11*12 Mean Spiritually?

It is during moments of reflection or for no reason that mirror hours appear before our eyes. Sometimes we see these hours on our clock throughout our day or for a period of time. Interrupted by these synchronicities, this particular repetition, one wonders what that means.

Know that falling into these mirror hours can have several meanings. This is the sign that someone is trying to get in touch with you as your guardian angel or a person who thinks of you, but that is not limited to that.

If in recent times you have often crossed the triple hour of the 11:12 mirror, this is a message that is addressed to you from the Universe. He makes sense, and you will have to find out. To help you decipher the true meaning of this somewhat special time, we will use the interpretation of guardian angels and numerology. Read on to learn more about the subject.

Tranquility and luck are the words that represent the guardian angel Lehahiah. Through the triple hour of the 11:12 mirror, he tries to get in touch with you, he has messages to deliver.

He lets her know that it gives him a great opportunity and that he is at his side to moderate his nervousness. He just wants me to be happy and satisfied.

The guardian angel Lehahiah also lets him know that he is the angel of discipline, order and obedience. With your supreme power, you become a loyal servant and have all the confidence of your superiors.

He is able to act in accordance with divine laws and the power that represents them. With it, you come to dedicate your existence to the service of an established order.

Lehahiah reminds him that he is generous, faithful and direct. With your help and support, you become someone responsible, honest and loyal.

Intelligence, peace and stability are now part of your life, and you know how to submit to true divine justice. Your support also allows you to obey without asking why and accept your destiny without rebelling.

By using the 11:12 triple mirror hour, this guardian angel also tells him to give him concentration, endurance and effort. These are qualities that will help you improve your life, and that, in all areas.

It also gives you a taste for work, team spirit, natural authority and respect for professional success.

1112 in Numerology

Let’s decode the matrix of numbers and the symbols that govern events. Numbers have always intervened in all cultures and human history is not understood without numbers, they are a sacred science.

First there were the numbers and then the letters, each letter has its specific number, everything is governed by the numbers and some of them are secret, either because they are related to curses, or as elements that predict the future. The Economist magazine has published in its issue for the year 2018 a cover of 63 boxes that is composed of drawings.

We assume that it is the game of the Goose. The goose, as a carrier bird, represents a relationship between heaven and earth, its leg forms a trinity, its condition is marked by the number 3 (aerial, terrestrial and aquatic). His relationship with alchemy is much repeated. Some cartoons of the game are part of the symbolism and application of alchemy.

The goose represents the bird of Hermes, the eagle, Horus…

The game board constitutes an image of the world in its vertical (sky) and horizontal (earth) duality. Symbol of the initiatory journey, compendium of the main hieroglyphs of the alchemical work and the different stages that must be followed to reach the new order, what the occultists call the alchemical transmutation towards their new golden age.

The first box on the right of The Economist magazine refers to the Tarot le Mat (the madman) letter is represented by a man, (box number 1).

that walks towards the future, leaning on a cane that will travel through the squares its initiatory journey in the Arcana to the new world, represented in box number 63 that we believe is the land subjected to the eagle, the goose, the messiah . The crowned messiah in Jerusalem (follow the direction of the arrow)

After John (Janus) Trump appointed on 6/12/2017, Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and celebrate it the next day in Casablanca with Chanukah.

That same day on the other side of the Atlantic (ATLANTIDA), see the symbolism here, an alleged terrorist attack occurred in the underground passage, on one of the platforms of Port Authority, the bus exchanger on 42nd Street (mirror 24) that crosses with Avenue 8. The individual entered the subway in the Times Square area with an improvised device, a tube bomb, which would have detonated, magically causing several injuries.

The 8 refers us to the turn of Italy that will begin next year in Jerusalem and also to the bicycle (look at the bicycle in the drawings of The Economist magazine)

If you are currently in a difficult position, he wants to inform you that he is there to help you. For this it gives him the power to distinguish between evil and good. But still, keep away from your life the unfaithful people, also keep away from you dictatorship, authoritarianism, aggression, rivalry, collapse, impulsivity and betrayal.

The angelic figure 23 is a harmonious figure, and is favorable for success if it is related to the reflected triple hour 11:12. Throughout this hour, he tells him that he gives his protection and support in everything he does. It reminds you that work and determination are rewarded for success, even for the celebrity.

Numerology 23 is also the sign of changes in its existence. It can be a transfer, a trip, a movement or a trip. These changes are mostly constructive and positive. This number also evokes a fair authority, immense physical energy and a certain attraction for adventure.

The number 23 is also a message that tells you to keep your faith and trust in the Universe. When feelings of uncertainty and fear arrive, he assures you that your guardian angel is at your side to provide your valuable help. You do not have to worry about your future life, everything will be fine, because your destiny is already traced.

Through the tripled hour 11:12, Numerology 23 requires that you use your natural abilities, your abilities and your creativity to bring happiness and joy to your existence and that of your fellow man. You will have to communicate openly and honestly with others and do everything possible to help them.

Remember that everything you give to the Universe is yours, always have positive behavior and optimistic visions. In addition, this allows you to have a harmonious and balanced life.

This number is also a reminder that your guardian angel is always there to support, guide and help you. You just have to ask, and it will manifest in your life; his clairvoyance and his light will flood every day.

What to Do If You See 11:12?

The first step towards improvement and change is to “break habits”, thus breaking old patterns. Change synapses. Many of our daily habits are unaware are part of our natural action, we often perform the same gestures, the same roads, but we do not realize it. It is important to learn to “notice” our habits.

Take deep breaths, place your hands on the solar plexus between your stomach and your stomach, and stay in your center, relaxing.

Focus your thoughts on your current day, the gestures you make every day when you get up in the morning, wash yourself, have breakfast, leave the house and go to work. Do you go by car or public transport? What roads do you take to get to work? When you are at work, do you take the usual coffee at the usual time, with the same colleague?

Then how’s the morning going? Who do you go to lunch with? In what place? At home, at the bar, at the restaurant, or do you take lunch to the office? A sandwich? A snack? A bar? A fruit? A ready-made salad? And what do you do after lunch? Read a book? Take a walk? How does your day continue? When do you finish working, do you come home?

Go to the gym? Going to find someone? In the evening when you get home what do you do? Do you prepare dinner or watch TV? Where do you dine and with whom? And how does your evening continue? Meditate on your daily activities.

Continue your exploration on the theme of habit and your relationship with it. It’s about small habits. Routine habits that are often unaware. Those little continuous gestures that are part of your comfort zone.

Write them down on a piece of paper or in a notebook, simply. It is important to take note to increase awareness of our gestures and thoughts. Review the list and think about what you could start changing. Focus on those little habits that you can start changing to break a repetitive circle. To exit the comfort zone. To explore new paths, new roads.

For example, if I go to work and always walk the same road I start to change course. Starting perhaps with a return home, where maybe I’m not in a hurry. If I take public transport I can try to change them and then follow other routes. At breakfast instead of coffee, I try to drink tea or orange juice. Restaurant change for lunch.

I order something different for lunch. I see at lunch with a colleague with whom I generally speak little and therefore I have the possibility of knowing him better. Change shop or supermarket to do the shopping. Coming home instead of turning on the TV, I switch on the stereo listening to good music that makes me feel good.

This exercise serves to consciously break the circle of habit, in a conscious and unconscious way, and leads us to explore new paths. Through these small steps we learn to leave the comfort zone, which is a protection zone but which often limits us. Protection can become a chain and sometimes slow down or prevent a real change and therefore personal growth and fulfillment.

Breaking habits is the first important step in which the chains are broken, a useful action that leads to change, renewal. The habit of change therefore leads to a greater breadth of our focus with respect to the view of our life. The usefulness of these simple exercises is to learn to “create new situations” in which to be at ease and expand our comfort zone.

This attitude leads to expanding and to being able to easily face even the most substantial changes, rather than procrastinating out of laziness or fear, making them the most useful and easiest to make useful change.

Furthermore this exercise leads to paying more attention during the actions that are performed during the day. To observe and to be “here and now”, with awareness, with decision, with joy, with love for themselves in every moment of the day.


Numbers are great guidelines if you look carefully to the messages they are hiding behind them. No matter if you believe in these things or not, it is always good to know what certain symbols could mean for your life. And who knows, maybe these symbols can turn out to be helpful.

Numbers 11:12 are going to help you break the old, bad habits you used to have and begin living your life with a fresh start. Deciding to take charge of your own life is a beautiful and empowering thing, so don’t let yourself be guided by the bad habits that used to shape you into a new person.