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11:15 – Meaning

The tripled hours like 11:15 challenge when they appear in front of us regularly. If your eyes are attracted to your phone, tablet, computer or watch face, and if every time you find a specific time, give a special intention, because there are reasons for it to appear.

Mirror hours have a meaning, and it is a message from the Universe to you.

This may be an answer to your question, a stimulus to persist in your efforts ,11:15 is a triplicate mirror hour, and if you see it frequently, don’t wait a long time to look for its meaning, because the message may be Behind this time is important.

To decipher it, there are several ways, but right now, we present the meaning of the mirror of the triple hour 11:15 using the interpretation of the influential guardian angel and the analysis of numerology.

11:15 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Numbers 11:15 are associated with overcoming negativity in your life and becoming a positive person. Life itself presents us with lots of challenges day by day.

But perhaps one of the biggest challenges that we face, is to remain positive in a world full of negativist people, involved in difficult situations and with alleged evidence that success is not the rule but the exception.

As the days go by, we meet all kinds of corrosive people. Negative people invalidate your ideas and make you think that you cannot achieve what you set out, simply because they have not been able to.

Sadly, these negative people are the ones we have closest, such as partners, friends, family and even possibly our partner. This means that we simply cannot avoid encountering negative people, and it makes no sense to think about changing their ways of being.

People can change if they are really motivated to do it, but why strive? In their minds they are NOT the problem. They are immersed in a culture of negative focus. New stories, television shows, movies and video games keep coming out every time, full of images related to fear, violence and expectation destruction.

If you listen to negative people you will usually find that they tend to be very generalist. They would say things like: “All men / women are stupid / stupid”, “You can’t trust anyone.” Ask things like: “Really? Then you don’t trust me … I’m stupid” … or “Are they all stupid but you?”

This forces the negative person to question himself about whether what he says makes sense or not, since generalization usually has its equivocal part. And the most normal thing is that they surrender in the conversation because a lot of effort is required to give true arguments.

If these people that you have to deal with and that affect you are co-workers, or people you simply have to spend time with, try to reduce normal conversations, use the phone and email, focus on your things and dedicate yourself to be busy for them. You must be busy for negative things, busy and focused precisely on the positive, on your goals, ideals and achievements.

Remember that your attitude is more important than any event in this world, if you have a positive attitude, even when you talk to negative people, it will naturally reject all these destructive behavior and thinking patterns.

Start not to take what these people say so seriously, and to laugh a little about life, you will see how they will follow the game and end up laughing too.

If you have just had contact with a super-negativist, immediately contact a positive person, who can decant those negative thoughts that you have tried to inject and that can help you smile.

Emotions are transmitted, both positive and negative, so try to fill yourself with positivism all the time to avoid falling into the trap that those around you have fallen.

You can even use a phone call, mail or chat, but interact with positive people as soon as you can, especially after talking with negative people.

What Does 11*15 Mean Spiritually?

Lehahiah is the guardian angel of calm and luck. Through the time of the triple mirror 11:15, he announces messages. His guardian angel, benevolent and protective, lets him know that it gives him an incredible opportunity, but even so, he also informs him that it is his definitive guide to understand the divine work and all the laws that compose it.

Through the triple hour reflected 11:15, the angel Lehahiah also tells him that he is the angel of discipline, obedience and order. He likes generosity, righteousness and faithfulness.

With your protection, you become a loyal servant, and have the benevolence and confidence of the superiors. He shows him that at his side he will act under the command of divine laws and the power that represents them.

This guardian angel Lehahiah helps you to be more responsible, upright and honest. With his support and protection, he will ensure that stability, intelligence and peace govern his life. If you have doubts and uncertainty, he brings your clairvoyance. In addition, he tells him to simply accept his way of life.

If you have inferiority and superiority complexes, your guardian angel Lehahiah wants to let you know that he will erase them.

It also assures you that it takes you away from the spirit of competition, from the challenges, from the spirit of contradiction just to want to be right, so from disagreements with your superiors.

In addition, through this triple hour of mirror, he tells him that he is moving away from unfair people he cannot count on.

1115 in Numerology

The number 15 is related to the Moon since the night of time. In all matriarchal cultures of antiquity they were governed by the lunar calendar where the new moon takes 15 nights to become a full moon.

For all these cultures, the full Moon was a very special moment where the Moon showed its maximum luminosity and splendor. Hence 15 was one of the sacred numbers in all matriarchal societies of ancient history.

All civilizations have observed the Moon and the wise men of all time have always had the Moon very present. In 1510 Agrippa de Nettesheim in his work entitled “De occulta philosophia” already pointed out the many hidden secrets in the 28 days of the lunar month:

“As the Moon takes 28 days to travel the zodiac, ancient astrologers spoke of 28 stations. In these 28 stations many secrets of the ancients are hidden, by which they prodigiously influenced all sublunary things.”

Within this context it is not surprising, that of the 28 days of the lunar month, the 15th day was the one that kept the greatest secrets and wonders. In the Yeats diagram entitled “The Great Wheel”, the wheel of the Moon that turns counterclockwise is represented where the full Moon occupies the number 15.

The expert astronomers of Samaria and Babylon, also attributed great importance to 15 and associated it with Inanna (Istar), their goddess of love and heaven. But over the centuries the Sun was gaining prominence to the Moon and solar values ​​began to marginalize the previously considered sacred lunar values.

All the great cultures and civilizations that had begun being matriarchal, ended up being patriarchal. Little by little the night became malicious and hidden, until a point had come, the night was considered cursed and forbidden. For this reason the Tarot card with the number 15 represents the “Devil.”

The Devil’s card is usually centralized in a large figure of a male goat with wings, claws and two large horns that appears sitting. At his feet are a man and a woman who are bound and completely naked at the full disposal of their horned master.

Under the Devil a large, completely circular ring appears where the chains that prevent humans from escaping are tied. The circle is the one that has imprisoned the two slaves and the Devil sitting on top dominates the situation. It is the circle of life, that of the snake that bites its tail, the famous Ouroboros. The fire and the 5-pointed star in an inverted position complete the decoration of this Tarot card.

In the article dedicated to the symbol of the square we already comment on the deep meaning that all the magic squares enclose and especially the magic square corresponding to the number 15. The most popular magic square in Eastern culture is, without a doubt, the magic square of the number 15. In the west, the magic square of number 15 is called “the square of the witches”.

In the Jerusalem Temple the access staircase had 15 steps. They are the 15 steps that the Virgin Mary climbed when at 3 years old she went to the temple accompanied by her parents. When climbing the 15 steps, Mary is full of grace, like the 15 days with which the Moon is full.

The 15 is the result of multiplying the 3 with the 5. Considering that the 3 represents the Trinity and the 5 symbolizes man, the number 15 captured the attention of mathematicians of the classical and medieval times.

According to the calculations of medieval mathematicians, the cosmic year was 15,000 solar years. At the end of this period all the stars returned to a certain point.

Currently we know that the cosmic year is not 15,000 years old, but a little more: 25,868 years.

To finish this humble article on 15, I am pleased to share a simple music video dedicated to the diabolical meaning that this number has and that we clearly observe on the Dragon Family shield. It is a family that calls itself the savior in these years of crisis, wars and debts, many debts.

The video tries to warn that this shield has a sinister symbolic meaning and a similarity more than suspicious with the letter of “The Devil”. The black eagle symbolizes the new perfect man (5-5-5) born as a Phoenix to reign throughout the world (Red crown with fleur de lis).

What to Do If You See 11:15?

By using the triple mirror hour of 11:15, Lehahiah lets him know that it gives him concentration, perseverance and vigor, these are the qualities he will need to move forward in life. It brings to mind the taste for work, respect and true fidelity.

The time of the mirror tripled at 11:15 can also be interpreted by numerology. After the calculation, it is the angelic figure 26 that stands out. This number symbolizes power and money. It can give you financial success, but on the condition that you work intelligently and know how to manage your business well.

Numerology 26 asks you to become autonomous. It is time for him to take care of himself. To succeed in your life, you need maturity, otherwise, you will find yourself stuck in a situation that will not advance you.

Always be alert to avoid disappointment and pain. Learn how to weigh the pros and cons of each decision you will make.

The angelic number 26 is related to change, movement and transfer, so it may be that in the next few days it moves, travels … So always be ready for any change. Even if you cannot understand what is happening, sooner or later you will see that there is a reason for all the changes that happen in your life.

Through the mirror of the triple hour 11:15, the number 26 also assures you that all your material desires will come true. He tells him to have faith and confidence in the Universe because he can meet his needs.

Therefore, always follow your inner guide and let him help you take positive steps in your life. Don’t forget that your guardian angel is always there to support you even in adversity.

When associated with the triple time of the triples at 11:15, Angelic Numerology 26 also informs you that you will need to have skills and know how to cooperate with others to be a positive role model for your classmates so they can learn from you.

But as long as he fulfills his divine purpose, he will reap the spiritual and emotional rewards of trust, love and friendship, as well as the manifestation of material goods and economic rewards.


You will see that every time it will become much easier to cope with it. These attitudes and finally you will not pay attention, so they will not affect you at all.

Do not forget that instead of changing the world, you must start by changing yourself, focus on your goals with determination and be optimistic based on your dreams, not pessimistic based on what you might perceive as “reality.”