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11:16 – Meaning

We can think that the time of the mirror 11:16 is a coincidence, but if we fall often, and this, by chance, may be that a message is sent to us.

Therefore, it is important to know what it means to make the best decisions for your existence.

To help you decipher the meaning of the time of the tripled mirror 11:16, we offer its full meaning using the interpretation of the guardian angels and the analysis of numerology.

Regularly crossing mirror hours, you can have multiple interpretations.

Some think that their guardian angel wants to get in touch with them, others see the presence of a dead person or the answer to a question.

But anyway, these reflected hours leave no one indifferent, and their meanings reveal many secrets.

11:16 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Numbers 11:16 are telling you to focus your attention to your love life. This is the perfect moment to find someone to share your life with. Is the man in your life slow to arrive? Do not despair and find out right away how to find your soul mate with these indispensable moves.

How to find a soul mate? If there was a magic formula to find our better half, we would not hesitate to use it and we could finally say no more to the long series of wrong relationships in which most of us managed to get stuck so far. Because finding a soul mate is not easy, and it is not easy to recognize it.

However, there are essential moves to be able to find love and attract the right person: these are behaviors and attitudes that all of us in search of the ideal partner should adopt. Let’s find out immediately what they are and we’ll give a hand to destiny!

One thing is certain: you will never find your soul mate unless you have learned to love yourself first. A spirit truly akin to yours will only enter your life when you have reached a true knowledge of yourself, you will have focused on your priorities, your values, your needs, even your defects.

Someone really congenial, that can get stuck like a piece of puzzle to the real yourself, would hardly be able to recognize you if you still have a lot to work on you. On the other hand, for someone to love us it is essential to love ourselves first!

We often carry a personal baggage of experiences, not all of them positive. Reflecting on our past stories, trying to understand why they did not work by questioning ourselves, is important to clarify and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future, falling into the same patterns of behavior and attracting the wrong men.

Reflect on your past, cultivate your present, and imagine a future that is made for you: only then will you be ready to find your soul mate!

It may seem paradoxical, but it is so: to find your soul mate you have to stop looking for it. If you are obsessed with the idea of ​​having to meet the man in your life, you will end up attracting the wrong people. First of all, such desperate research certainly does not make you very fascinating, on the contrary: it risks alienating the right partner.

You must be comfortable with yourself, learn to enjoy your solitude, without the anxiety of having to fill the “empty spaces” in your life with the presence of a man.

Only then will you be able to know an equally mature, resolved partner, one who knows who he is, exactly as you know him.

Not having a “need” for a soul mate is an indication of emotional maturity, and you have to grow emotionally to the point of not needing someone to complete you: love is not necessity but desire.

Therefore, it is enough to become obsessed with the idea of ​​having to find your soul mate as soon as possible: slow down, enjoy your journey, savor every moment of your life and cultivate yourself. You will see that when you least expect it, your love will manifest itself and be like a daydream.

Surely you’ve heard of it, and it’s vital that you really believe it to work. The law of attraction tells us that we ourselves are attracting every event that happens to us, be it positive or negative.

Our mental and emotional disposition influences reality, whether we want it or not. So why not try to use this law to our advantage by sending a very specific request to the Universe?

What Does 11*16 Mean Spiritually?

Numbers 11:16 are linked to the angel numbers 11 and 16. The number 16, is another of the numbers considered karmic numbers, that is, a number a bit complicated to interpret, for the amount of meanings it keeps, mysteries and truths that have a history of years ago.

It is believed that these numbers have to do with aspects of past lives, and one could say that you want to be born under this number, feel facts and realities of your previous lives.

For this reason, it is believed that those who wear this number, become very sensitive in aspects that not many manage to understand. This does not mean that those who carry a karmic number should deal with past burdens, but they will constantly feel some dissatisfaction with things they cannot understand.

Those born under the strength of the number 16 may experience certain complications during their lifetime, generally influenced by their own personality, being recognized for being excessively proud and vain.

However, they are things that can be overcome over time.

Among other meanings, mainly linked to the personality of the number 16, these are people who know, or rather, can perfectly feel the path they must follow because of their insistent sensitivity to things that are hardly noticeable by others.

They are constantly in search of those who can understand them, so sometimes they will feel a deep loneliness.

1116 in Numerology

In several aspects, the number 16 could mean the presence of challenges and tests that will be presented to us throughout our lives, to prove our strength and courage and prepare for much greater things.

This can bring several benefits, such as teaching the number 16 to get away from things that could affect their harmony and positivism: bad friendships, a path they chose without thinking, etc. The number 16 will remain present to teach us that we must take another direction.

This number could then be a sign of learning to deal with complicated situations. We don’t have to do it alone. The number 16 will give us the necessary tools to find a way to solve the adversities, and in the fight, you can bring new people who will illuminate the path we are trying to find.

Also, remember that when it comes to two-digit numbers, in numerology we usually simplify them by adding both digits: 1 + 6 and then we get the number 7, which has been interpreted as a perfect number, and speaks of serious, focused people and lonely. This could mean at some point that we must risk the adventure.

Perhaps we have been very cautious and it is time to take a much riskier course to put everything in order.

Because of its extreme sensitivity, the number 16 has learned to form a kind of outer shell, which prevents seeing its true feelings. This he does to protect himself from other people and situations that could affect his emotional stability. In this sense, this extreme caution can have consequences such as: that people refuse to trust them, or that they are difficult to deal with.

However, because they are generally on constant alert, they have developed a character that is difficult for others to understand. This will not bring you many friends but it will bring you the right ones, those who are able to understand and remain by your side, as well as being a support when the change finally appears.

Finally, we can conclude as to the meaning of the number 16 that this number is a shield for those who must face different difficulties during their lifetime. It is synonymous with strength, courage and power.

Those born under this number will undoubtedly expect things that only they will be able to face, and they should be attentive to the tools that destiny will give them to stay ready for any challenge that is presented to them, and certainly they will be, thanks to their great intellect that will allow them to make the best of each situation and problem that may arise.

I want to share with you some symbolic realities that reflect the mysterious number 11 and its 11:11 pair. The cease-fire of World War II, as courageous armies and witnesses recall, occurred at exactly 11:11 a.m.

It may be coincidence, but if you join other events that I will express to you later, you will realize that numerology goes beyond simple coincidences. Let’s move to New York to the World Trade Center, better known as the World Trade Center, where the Twin Towers were located.

If you go back in time historically, you will realize that on September 11 corresponds to the day the Twin Towers were shot down, in addition, the first aircraft that has an impact on the construction is American Airlines Flight 11.

Now, the 11th of September is the 254th day of the year, which added together (2 + 5 + 4) results in the number 11.

Also, if you make the account, after the 11th of September there are 111 days left for the end of the year.

If you look at a photograph of the Twin Towers, you will know that they are physically an upright 11 towards the sky, I invite you to do it! If you approach the political history of the United States of America, you will find that the names of the last four presidents, the letters added result in the number 11.

As a force, it speaks of the fire of Binah, who is in charge of creating the Elohim, that is, heaven and earth in him and for the human being.

As strength and fire, it also means the burning and powerful power of the Holy Spirit (Binah) in the pineal gland, a reality that manifests itself directly and with greater splendor in the sexual organs of the initiate.

Now, I invite you to multiply 1111 by 1111, what do you observe? Of course! As you have seen, you are facing a fractal scale as a result: 1,234,321 Mysterious!

If you get closer to the number 11 and its 11:11 pair, you will realize that this idea as a coincidence in the human race is increasingly moving away, this symbolism is more ingrained to powerful messages that you want to convey, also, of mystical significance.

What to Do If You See 11:16?

The first thing to do is clearly visualize the characteristics of your soul mate: try to think of every detail as precisely as possible. Better still if you decide to take a pen and paper and make a small list. Knowing what you want from the man in your life is very important in order to attract a similar person to you.

After imagining your soul mate with care, continue to visualize it and start behaving as if it were already there, as if you already had such a person at your side, to be what you imagine becoming at his side. You will see that the Universe will answer you soon.

Intuition is hardly mistaken, especially if we have worked enough on ourselves and we have made our desires clear.

The unconscious sends us powerful signals that should never be ignored.  If you find yourself in front of a special person and a voice inside you tells you it could be the right one (he doesn’t know for sure, but “hears” it), trust her and let yourself go.

The sixth sense, especially the female one, is almost always right and, you know, love is not a question of the head: we must listen to the heart.


The number 11 and its 11:16 pair possess an intimate, penetrating and mysterious symbolism with the human race and the dimensional portals, the vast majority of events that have marked my life have had a deep link with the numbers! I invite you to know firsthand what the number 11 and its 11:11 pair represents in the human race and in the dimensional portals.

For the vast majority of specialists and researchers of numerology, the number 11 and its 11:16 pair reflect a synchronistic code, which expresses the communication of a cosmic intelligence that tries to open a portal in human genetics and its awareness.