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11:17 – Meaning

Believing in numbers can sometimes be of great importance because they can help us find meaning in the everyday situation we face.

Sometimes these small signs sent from the higher forces above, can give us guidelines where to go in life and which steps to take in order to succeed.

In today’s text, we are going to talk about numbers 11:17 and what they represent when they appear on our watches.

If these numbers have been following you around a lot, there is definitely a hidden meaning behind it that we should learn about.

11:17 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Thoughts are our “daily bread”, of which we nourish ourselves and through which we create “reality”. But I want to make a premise: thought is the fruit of what you are (or better than what you think you are), so to “change your thoughts” you have to transform your awareness, just so you can change your reality.

To the question: “Is the technique of” positive thinking “useful to awaken?” Osho replied that “positive thinking is nothing but the philosophy of hypocrisy”.

However Osho wanted to bring attention to the possibility of going beyond the “positive” and “negative”, getting out of duality and entering an existential state where “your being flourishes”.

I realize that it is not so easy to arrive at a state of non-dual consciousness, where to simply be yourself. But since our mind inevitably affects (in an important way) our lives, we begin to become more aware of ourselves and try to better manage our emotions and our thoughts.

In every evolutionary path, sooner or later, we arrive at a point where we understand the importance of thought, because we become more and more aware of its power. Then we begin, increasingly, to take full responsibility for our own lives.

Imagine that reality is a mirror: what you have inside you project it and it comes back to you. The problem is that most thoughts are in the unconscious, that part that lies deeply within us. Our beliefs and our deep convictions, which are rooted in the unconscious, condition our lives. But the good news is that we can transform them (if we want!).

If we begin to become more aware and to know ourselves deeply, we will begin to automatically change the limiting beliefs and beliefs rooted within us.

Both through a more spiritual path, rather than a more scientific one, in the end we will understand the most important message: it is the consciousness that generates thought and therefore matter.

From the teachings of the Buddha to the discoveries of quantum physics the message is clear and disruptive: thought generates matter.

Therefore, the reality that we live is not something external and disconnected from us, rather the opposite is true: reality is a reflection of the mind.

You will then understand how important it is to be able to transform your thoughts to change the reality that surrounds us. We can literally change the current reality that we live by projecting a “new reality” that we consciously create within ourselves.

When you become aware of it, you begin to be very careful about what you think and how you react to the situations you live. So, first we’ll start working on ourselves to change our thinking, before we can transform our lives. But first you need to become aware of your power.

Let’s start with self-esteem. Many inner discomforts derive from a lack of esteem for oneself, due to internal conflicts or to the importance we give to the judgment of others.

So, to sustain this continuous self-judgment, a lot of energy is wasted. We continually judge ourselves and what we think of ourselves is what we project to the outside, so it will be what reality will send us back.

It is therefore good to pay attention to thoughts and develop a profound positive attitude towards oneself, so as to increase self-esteem. This will allow us to immediately develop a more trusting and positive attitude towards others and life. Trust is the key to a happy existence!

The optimist does not think that a road accident with serious injuries is good, but he knows how to grasp the promptness of the ambulance, the courage of those who, taking a first-person risk, give first aid. The fake realism with which we mask our resignation in front of what we don’t like, leads us to see only the negative aspects.

Become aware that you are unique! Remember that others may have what you have too, but they cannot be what you are. If you still don’t know you are a valuable person, the reason is that you don’t recognize him. Maybe you’re waiting for someone else to recognize you, recognize it first.

What Does 11*17 Mean Spiritually?

It is a passive and spiritual number. It represents the principle of immortality, the continuity of life in its various forms and stages. And therefore the continuity of ideas and principles in themselves: truth, hope, and faith and charity.

It is the guiding star of the morning and the first star of the night. The sky loaded with stars and planets as a model of the human soul. Astrology, the mystery of universal laws, the wonder of Universal Energy.

This number is the one that teaches us that we are always accompanied on the road that a major plan that we understand or know, is fulfilled eternally and we are part of it, since it indicates the interpenetration of the Macrocosm with the Microcosm, each reflection of the other.

It represents the power of being optimistic and keeping hope and faith alive in the face of difficulties, as a way to conquer inner peace and openness of conscience.

1117 in Numerology

This number associated with the unfathomable leads to a religious search in the broadest sense of the word, this implies the search for truth not in a simply mystical sense but through concrete and practical learning. It indicates the redemptive force of faith, confidence in the bright side of life and its meaning.

Although it is the hope, it is after having gone through the great trials in which the Ego has died and it is now the true Self that builds advancing towards its redemption, as the Major Arcanum of the Tarot points out: “the star”.

That is why for many it represents the “death” that is not death itself but that of the Ego. Basic and instinctive needs and human egoism desires are no longer pursued, now the search implies transcendence and requires an alert (awake) consciousness.

In this issue we find the arrival of the Three Wise Men who followed “the star”, bearers of the “good news” and also the many mythological and real stories of discoveries made following the course of some star or constellation, such as the predictions of the Court astrologers who influenced the acts of those who ruled.

In all these examples we see the importance of celestial forces in their symbolic relationship with human life and from there derives the need to study and understand the relationship between the human and the Divine and integrate it into a new order of knowledge.

(If the 8 is the struggle between matter and spirit, the 17, its subsequent step, is the reconciliation of these opposites in a Unit). We can therefore say that this number is the one that brings together the teaching of the importance of the signs that life offers us at every step, as a guide to our actions.

In fact, when this number is very active on a numerological map, the lucky or not native knows that it has had more than one indicative signal. That is why for some the providence is favorable (they know how to read these signs) and for others it is not (they reject or ignore the signs)

For the Egyptians it was the worst number perhaps because their God Osiris had died on the 17th of the Moon, every child born that day carried bad luck and considered his life to be miserable.

In the game however it attracts fortune according to statistics. Whether this is real or fantasy, the truth is that it is a number that attracts contradictions, since its struggle is to achieve an overcoming of duality and awakening faith by detaching itself from both material and mental limitations, which is not It implies getting rid of everything, on the contrary, it is discovering the right proportion and the deep meaning of the forces of life.

By its components it indicates the application of the conscious mind (7) in its pursuit of original knowledge (1) in order to conquer personal power (8), it is therefore a number of self-improvement and transcendence of itself

What to Do If You See 11:17?

As we said at the beginning, we have a vision that being optimistic means being naive. Not that we like pessimism, quite the contrary: we prefer to consider ourselves realistic, because it seems that we understand reality instead of distorting it with our points of view.

Of course, if optimism means that there are no problems and everything is beautiful, I agree with you: I don’t care. The answers will help you see reality better. But what is optimism really? For me optimism means learning to find positive aspects and solutions to problems.

It is not a question of thinking that all is well, it is a question of understanding that something can always be done. Are you aware of the example of a half-full glass? The pessimist, as is known, sees it as half empty and complains that water will not be enough. The realist says that it is half full, objectively, and knows that water will not be enough.

The optimist thinks that there is half a glass of water, he drinks it and goes to look for the source from which it was filled! The reality is that, almost certainly, those who filled it had more water and that somewhere that water must have arrived.

Or does it seem realistic to believe that she appeared from nowhere? Here’s the real problem: think about being realistic. In most cases the realist is a pessimist who sees things in a negative way and justifies his attitude as if it were an objective view of reality.

In the face of a war, the pessimist sees everything black, and calls himself a realist. The optimist knows that the war is painful and sad, but he knows that there are thousands of people who risk their lives to help, bring relief and assist the wounded.

The optimist does not think that a road accident with serious injuries is good, but he knows how to grasp the promptness of the ambulance, the courage of those who, taking a first-person risk, give first aid. The fake realism with which we mask our resignation in front of what we don’t like, leads us to see only the negative aspects.

Being realistic, and seeing only problems, difficulties, malice, resignation, seems to me a contradiction. You hear corruption in public administration on television and, realistically, you believe that politicians are all corrupt, or almost.

Healthy optimism, the one I am talking about, doesn’t just leave you thinking that maybe some of them are honest, but look at those who have exposed fraud and deceit, who investigated and fought to bring back honesty and fairness. Now I want to show you how to think positive even in the face of difficult situations. If positive thinking seems worse than optimism, don’t worry.

For me it is the way of looking at reality also considering the positive aspects, without ignoring the problems. The fundamental difference is that the pessimist only looks at the latter, without ever finding the solutions that the optimist seeks with all his strength.


Hopefully this article was helpful and you were able to find out what the meaning of numbers 11:17 are.

In the future, when these numbers are following you, you will know what they are telling you and how you can change your life according to that.

Numbers are not in your life for no reason, therefore always listen to their hidden messages and make sure you are always paying attention to that silent voice talking to you.

This voice can often help you make the right decision.