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12:12 – Meaning

Numbers can have important meanings and can help us realize what really counts in life. Every number is special in its own way and we can’t see the true meaning of each number until we dig deeper under the surface. Numbers that come into our lives give us motivation and balance, and often encourage us to make changes that can lead us to happiness.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the meaning of the number 12:12 when it appears on your clock, and what this number can mean in your life.

12:12 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

The numbers 12:12 on your clock do have a deeper meaning and this meaning is the message to do well and to be kind to others. Altruists, do-gooders, selfless ones – they all describe the same phenomenon. They put their needs back for the good of others. That can have many advantages, but also risks.

We introduce the most important points. “The ideal man feels joy when he can serve others.” – Aristotle already knew that. Altruists are selfless. They sacrifice their belongings, their money and their time to make other people feel well. For them, their charity is a duty. That can be happy, but also a burden. Their thoughts are alien to most people. Not infrequently altruists consider accepting a better paid but unpleasant job to be able to donate more money.

Many people only think about themselves and are selfish. Everyone seems to mind only for their own benefit. For charity, most hope for something in return, if not material, then at least recognition. This is what sets most people apart from altruists. While other people engage in charitable causes in public, altruists tend to do so quietly and secretly.

They even feel uncomfortable with their altruistic streak because they do not want other people to feel bad about their charity. They do not expect any benefit from their behavior.

On the contrary: they do not care about possible harm when they help other people with their behavior.

Some see altruism as an important value, others do not think much of it. However, altruism is particularly important in this day and age. In a networked and globalized world, people are mostly dependent on completely foreign and distant people. Cooperation is inevitable.

However, people are only generous and selfless if they are aware of this dependency. Selflessness is primarily controlled emotionally. Therefore, pure appeals and calls for charity usually do little. Many people are benevolent only when they are directly affected by a problem. They get involved because otherwise they would be unhappy. Various factors can play a role here:

Followers of the movement try to invest their resources, their time and their money as sensibly as possible in order to help the largest possible number of people and animals. In order to determine the greatest possible benefit for the largest possible number, rational arguments such as the cost-benefit calculation are used. They are working to address the problems in the world that they think most people suffer from. The effectiveness in problem solving plays a superficial role for them.

Reciprocal altruism is a term from biology and evolution. Here altruism is not equated with selflessness, but connected with egoism. Reciprocal altruism relies on reciprocity. So it’s an unspoken contract, a promise that altruistic behavior will be repaid with a good deed. When a co-worker takes over your shift, he probably expects you to take over his shift in return. This behavior is called reciprocal altruism.

Whether altruistic behavior is possible at all is controversial. That it is impossible to act entirely altruistically could prove the example of Mother Theresa. Mother Theresa is considered the symbol of altruism, but she, too, was apparently not completely selfless. Altruism refers to the property of wanting to do well without any consideration.

However, Mother Theresa repeatedly confirmed that her work with the poorest, her sacrifice and perseverance gave her much pleasure. Through her commitment she felt a deep gratitude. Is mother Theresa so selfish? Her sacrificial behavior eventually brought her joy and gratitude.

Everybody would answer this question with “no”. Mother Theresa acted selflessly. She could enjoy her work, but she did not help on the surface because of the joy, but because she wanted to help. Joy and gratitude were just a side effect that went hand in hand with their actions.

What Does 12*12 Mean Spiritually?

When numbers 12:12 appear on your clock, we must link their appearance with angel numbers. Our guardian angels are constantly trying to communicate with us a send us messages any way they can.

The angel number 1 is a symbol of confidence and pushing towards the future.

The number 2, however, is the symbol of relationships and being able to find happiness when communicating and spending time with others. This number always reminds us how beautiful it is to share love and happiness with the people around us, and not only thinking about material things.

The angel number 12 is a symbol of positive attitude and looking into the future. This number gives us motivation to strive towards success and to believe in the qualities that we possess.

1212 in Numerology

Do you know all the truths hidden by the number 12 and its meaning? The meaning of number 12, for years has been linked to what in worldly life corresponds to the measures of time: The year has 12 months and 24 hours (12 + 12) and in turn, are divided into 5 blocks of 12 minutes In mythology and religion, for example, there were 12 Greek gods, and according to the Bible, Jacob had 12 children. As there were 12 tribes and 12 apostles.

In this way, we can see the constant presence of the number 12 throughout our lives, and if you are interested in knowing more about the meaning of this number and its presence in our lives, this is the article for you. Since ancient times, numbers have accompanied humanity, and serve us as spiritual guides, to offer us positive messages, hope and new opportunities. In numerology, the number twelve is associated with the search for perfection. They constantly look for the best solutions to problems, and everything must be planned to perfection.

Being composed of the number 1 and the number 2, it has both qualities of these numbers. The independence of number 1 and the group and communicative ability of number 2. With the sum of both digits, we obtain number 3 as a result, which indicates to the people that they must act with intelligence and care with everything they do.

This number is accompanied by positive feelings such as kindness, and they turn out to be quite loyal people and they are known for always trying to do everything in the best way. It is seen as a sacred number for measuring the celestial bodies of the signs of the zodiac and other singularities such as the apostles of Jesus, the tribes of Israel, the 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit and also appeared to Jesus 12 times after his death. The number 12 has accompanied the history of humanity for centuries, we could expand in all the moments we have found in this issue, and this has a simple and unique meaning: perfection and structure.

Many believe that dreaming of this number, could speak of a person very punctual, planned and not at all improvised. Everything has to be controlled with measures of time, order and organization. These people, it is said, live under the light, truth and honesty.

The people who wear this number are very calm and pure, and are characterized by having social qualities and solidarity with everyone. Although many times they are solitary and obsessed with achieving their goals, the truth is that they also take care of the rest, hoping that everyone will reach their level and will feel interest in those who consider having reached that perfection before those. Not out of envy, but through learning.

All numbers come to have their negative side, affecting to some extent the personality and experience of many people who identify under this number. On this occasion, the number 12, for trying to live in light and truth, can injure others unintentionally. The truth is not very well accepted by all, but the 12 always tries to resort to this no matter what. Also, by being in search of perfection, this person could become selfish in search of their own benefits.

Although part of its flaws, perfection, truth and honesty are also the best thing that has the number 12. You will not find people more reliable than these, and you can be sure that they will never say anything behind your back. In addition, they are very capable and wise people. They learn from their past experiences and try to overcome to reach the level of perfection they seek. They could also help others find this balance.

The data and truths that are felt about this number, indicate that it could be one of the most important in history. The meaning of the number 12 is then a constant in our culture, in history and mythology. It is a symbol of truth, energy and perfection, having this number present in our lives could be an answer to many questions in our path, as well as a guide to reach our goals.

What to Do If You See 12:12?

Whenever the numbers 12:12 appear on your clock, be sure to focus on finding internal happiness. Satisfaction and happiness are often used in the same context. Who is happy, must be satisfied. Satisfaction does not depend on happiness – and even the more constant state. When you are satisfied, your quality of life is at its peak. We give you the best tips for more life satisfaction.

Contentment is a state of inner balance, an inner peace. Anyone who feels satisfied, agrees with the external conditions, feels well and lives a life that fills him. It is a subliminal and warming feeling that runs through everyday life. While happiness sets people in euphoria, contentment is more of a comfortable serenity. However, as euphoria subsides after a short time, the feeling of happiness disappears after some time. The reason for this is the hormone dopamine, which is released in a lucky state. This will be dismantled quickly. This also disappears the feeling of happiness. Satisfaction, however, is of longer duration.

Satisfaction occurs especially when our needs are satisfied. Essential for a happy life are social contacts. If you have little to no good relationships, you feel fast lonely and unhappy. Friendships, partnerships and family are essential for a good life. Even pets can protect against loneliness and make you happier.

The second factor is curiosity. Anyone who does something and builds an independent life is content with himself. To maintain that level of satisfaction, a healthy level of stress is needed. Too much stress can make a good life exhausting.

Although the benefits and side effects of altruistic action should be in the background, they are worth mentioning. Those who behave reciprocally altruistically motivate themselves to do more good with these advantages. Altruism can pave the way to a fulfilling life, because altruistic behavior has some positive side effects.

Selflessness reveals a completely new understanding of happiness. He who selflessly acts and puts himself at the service of others, comes a great deal closer to his happiness.

On the other hand, if you behave selfishly and are only on your own merit, you will strive for more and never be satisfied with what you have. That makes you unhappy in the long run. If you are committed to the well-being of others, you can go to bed with a clear conscience and you will be very grateful. You are making your contribution to a better world. That makes you happy and satisfied and increases your self-esteem.

Altruism opens your eyes. As you engage more with the needs of the needy and face the misery of this world, you value your own life, your possessions, and the people who love you more. You learn to appreciate the small things in life better and enjoy the loving smile of a stranger. You are more thankful and therefore more balanced and happy.

With your selfless action you are a role model for other people. You are setting a good example and may even inspire other people to become more involved and work for the needy. You incite them to reflect on their behavior and draw the consequences of their actions. So you make the world a bit better by attracting more people for charity.

Besides the benefits, there are also some risks of selflessness. Not without reason are opponents of altruism, including the famous author Oscar Wilde: “Most people spoil their lives themselves by a certain unhealthy, forced altruism.” He is not entirely wrong, because too much selflessness can instead of luck Cause misfortune.

This is accompanied by the danger of self-sacrifice. Altruists can forget their own needs through their selflessness. They use all their resources for the good of others and lead a life at the subsistence level. They do not care about themselves, their family and friends and risk their own happiness for the happiness of others.

This behavior will affect your health over time. It is important for one’s own well-being to take care of oneself and take targeted time-outs.


The number 12:12 on your clock are a sure sign that it is time to let go of selfishness and to look deeply into the world around you. You must have been missing something and there are important things to focus on that aren’t material. Many people who by nature think altruistically do not distinguish between family and strangers in their actions.

By listening to the messages behind the numbers 12:12 you are giving yourself an opportunity to strive forward and make significant changes in life.