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12:21 – Meaning

Numbers can truly help us find meaning in life, especially if we listen to the messages hidden behind them.

Anytime you see a number following you around, this means you are being messaged by the higher forces to listen and to act before it is too late.

In today’s text we will talk about the numbers 12:21 that can appear on your clock or anywhere else around you.

12:21 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

The numbers 12:21 represent success and being able to achieve success in everything you do. Everyone would like to succeed in life. Success can be expressed at different levels. You can have success in the job and in the private life and you set individual goals. We’ll tell you what makes you successful.

Those who succeed have achieved their goals. Objective is therefore inevitable to succeed. These goals vary from person to person. Everybody sets different goals, so everyone can be successful in their own individual way. In professional life, success means, for example:

Everyone probably puts his focus on another factor. For some, financial security is important, others want to have enough free time aside from work. If this factor is reached, one can speak of success.

However, a true sense of achievement only exists if you do not choose too easy goals. When the goal is a healthy work-life balance and part-time work is required, the sense of achievement usually lapses. A person only feels successful when he achieves his goal through his own performance. The benefit receipt is therefore crucial to feel pride. In addition one should be able to believe in reaching the goal also. With a high goal setting, the success feels even stronger.

Therefore, one admires above all the persons who have come a long way in business and have gained a lot of reputation and prosperity with their work. These people are successful because they have created something great with innovative and extraordinary ideas. They are often envied by the public for their success. Although success is always defined individually, people with a successful career are called successful.

However, one should not lose sight of the fact that success does not necessarily mean happiness and satisfaction.

Many people are unsuccessful because they are afraid of failure. They say from the beginning that they cannot achieve and achieve something. By doing so, they deny themselves the opportunity to gain new experiences and learn from their mistakes. They lack the necessary self-confidence to progress in life. However, failure is inevitable on the way to success.

Successful personalities such as Apple founder Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Thomas Alva Edison, who invented the light bulb, had to fail countless times before they were successful. Edison even announced that he tested 6,000 different materials before his light bulb finally worked. Walt Disney was even fired for lack of creativity.

Even if success comes first, failure can still follow, as was the case, for example, with Steve Jobs, who failed with his Next Computer Company after he was already listed with Apple. Failure and success go hand in hand.

Every human being can be successful. Often success is not as impossible as one might initially believe. The potential for success lies dormant in everyone.

What you have to bring, however, is the willingness to work on yourself. Success does not fly you. You have to take the right path and not lose sight of the goal.

What Does 12*21 Mean Spiritually?

The numbers 12:21 can be linked to the angel number 1221. This number is a combination of numbers 1 and 2.

The angel number 1 is a symbol of being first and pushing forward. This number is giving you confidence to become stronger and to resist the temptations in life.

The angel number 2 is a symbol of duality and relationships. Whenever you see an angel number 2 this means you should focus more on the people around you and engage in meaningful conversations.

No matter do you believe in angel numbers or not, they are there to give you signs and guide you to the right direction.

1221 in Numerology

Do you know the true meaning of number 12? Twelve has always been closely related to time or the measurement of them. If we look at the clocks, the 12 is always the one that marks the positions of the other hours and is like the main axis of the hands of the relos.

If you look, too, the twelve are the months of a year and the day, which has 24 hours, each of them is divided into 5 blocks of 12 minutes each one you have added the 60 minutes of an hour. Do you know the meaning of the number twelve in your life? Discover what vibration has in your personality.

Another of the curiosities that has the number 12 is that it is also used to measure celestial bodies. As you know, there are twelve signs of the zodiac and also has a lot of presence in the bible since it appears on several occasions as is the case of the 12 apostles, the twelve fruits of the Holy Spirit as well as the 12 times that Jesus appeared once dead among others.

Within numerology the 12 represents intuition, will, the union of the body mind and soul, positivism, pure energy and perfection. The twelve, to be composed of two digits as the number 1 and the number 2 (12), joins the energy and beginnings of the one and the duality and unity of the two.

By reducing the 12 to a single digit (1 + 2) we get the 3, an indication that people who have a twelve seek to live in harmony, act in an ethical way, with morality and use logical thinking where things are reasoned before to act is in their genes. The 12 always seeks perfection in everything it does. He also usually plans things: his travels, his life in general.

They are people who do not like to lie or who lie to him because he defends the truth above all. He prefers to hurt those he loves most with the truth than to use one of the so-called pious lies. People with a 12 are kind people, quiet and very pure so they tend to fall in love with those people who respond and do not hurt or lie to them. Being in tune with your mind and body, they bring a lot of tranquility in the couple.

They are characterized as being a faithful couple and usually face problems in a logical and sensible way. They do not like to have a bad time in a relationship and they usually suffer when they are hurt but they get quickly recomposed thanks to their relationship with the one, an indication of individualism.

In general, numbers have negative things that influence people without their knowing it. In the case of number 12, people who have that digit are not aware that their sincerity often harms other people and does not matter since they always defend the truth above all.

Another thing that is related to the twelve is that they seek perfection in everything they do and in their lives. This perfection can sometimes lead to selfishness and sometimes they can think that they do things to help others, when in fact what they do is to seek their own benefit.

The number 21 is associated with changes in our lives, causing positive stimuli. Everyday actions affected by number 21 are travel, home renovations and the undertaking of new activities. Those associated with the number 21 will be successful when performing new tasks or starting a new hobby.

The 21 has the potential to positively affect our future plans and desires, if we take the step to turn them into reality. It is necessary to take the first steps so that the power of number 21 affects us to its full potential.

The number 21 is especially important because we are in the 21st century. It is the result of multiplying the prime numbers 3 and 7. It is the sum of adding the values ​​of the six faces of a given, symbol of luck and chance. On December 21, 2012, the Mayans had preached the end of the world and the beginning of a new one, the spiritual transformation of the material plane in which we find ourselves.

The number 21 is associated in numerology with transformations and changes. It has very positive influences in activities that require creativity, being a number favorable to artists of different types. It also relates to personal transformations, personality changes and inner discovery.

People born under the influence of this number come to know themselves, to later better understand the laws of the Universe.

For this to happen, it is necessary to recall experiences from previous lives, to understand the changes that have occurred between them and thus understand the number 21, associated with the transformations, in all its complexity.

People are not always willing to undergo changes. That is why those born under the influence of the number 21 tend to be confused or confused at an early age. As they accumulate new experiences and discover the relationship between their current life and past lives, this effect is mitigated until it disappears completely.

The people favored by the number 21 become more reasonable at advanced ages.

Other negative traits associated with number 21 are sudden mood swings and impulsive behaviors. It is necessary to maintain a balance between the changes, to avoid that they take place too quickly and in this way prevent an excessive alteration in daily life.

The people associated with the number 21 lose patience when they run out of options, being unable to advance in a complicated situation. Patience is a virtue that should be exercised in these cases.

What to Do If You See 12:21?

If numbers 12:21 pop up in your life, then you should start working harder to be more successful. If you want to be successful, you have to believe in yourself and your abilities.

Therefore, you should first of all free yourself from your self-doubts. Do not be persuaded that you cannot do something. Do not listen to doubters, but focus on the people who support you.

So you should also deal with your inner doubts. Work on your mental strength. Successful people are not necessarily gifted above average.

They have a lot of self-confidence and no fear of failure. Here you will learn how to strengthen your self-confidence.

Doubt has more impact on your success than you might initially think. If you doubt it, the probability of failure is proven to be much higher than if you trust your abilities. If you believe in yourself and empower yourself in your abilities, you can achieve much more.

Try to be optimistic and free yourself from negative thinking.


The numbers 12:21 often appear on our watches and around us, so we should always take the messages behind these numbers seriously. In order to work on your self-confidence, affirmations are particularly suitable.

Affirmations are self-affirming statements that you can use to influence yourself. By reiterating your goals in a way that sounds like you’ve already reached your goal, you’re making your goal more real and more tangible. Open your eyes and look closely for numbers that can be your guiding lights and help you overcome difficulties.