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12:22 – Meaning

The mirror triple hour 12:22 has a special meaning, it actually hides a message destined for the person who sees it. If you have seen this time often, you should find out what it means.

To do so, you can use the interpretation of guardian angels and numerology.

When we know how to look, it is easy to see that our life is invaded by synchronicity. Signs such as double mirror hours are not lacking so that we can take advantage of the guidance they can provide.

The mirror hours are related to the phenomenon of synchronicity discovered by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

It is the simultaneous possibility of 2 events that do not have an apparent causal link. Clearly, these are two phenomena that develop at the same time, while none of them is the direct result of the other.

Then, seeing by chance that the mirror time tripled at 12:22, nothing ties you to your watch, but you should know that there is a reason and meaning behind that.

12:22 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Angel of truth and voice, Haamiah has messages to convey to you, often showing you the mirror of the 12:22 triple hour. He tells you that he gives all the treasures of earth and heaven and allows him to naturally understand the rituals of all religions, as well as ceremonies and initiations.

He also informs you that he is at your side to help you discover and give the truth.

The angel Haamiah tells him that he can lead him to the greatest human achievements. It gives you the sense of diplomacy, preparation and organization. It helps you adapt the rituals of your daily life. It also allows you to understand the science of behavior as well as emotions. Thanks to him, you will live in kindness, pleasant interactions and courtesy.

You should also know that this benevolent and protective angel frees you from any internal or external violence. Don’t forget that he is the angel of goodness and hates both animosity and possessiveness. But even so, it helps you find the perfect partner for an extraordinary romance while making you live a divine personal life, but always in sacred consciousness.

Through the time of the 12:22 triple mirror, Haamiah lets him know that it keeps you from witchcraft and from all those who use hidden rituals or magic. He is, therefore, your precious help to release all that is wrong. It also frees you from evil and satanic spirits.

With the support and help of the guardian angel Haamiah, both mistakes and lies will no longer be part of your life. Thanks to him, now you respect the rules. It takes you away from opportunists and people who simply seek material interests.

However, he does not ask you to follow the rules or to submit to them to please your fellow men, to be accepted or to be loved.

What Does 12*22 Mean Spiritually?

Do you know the true meaning of the number 12? Twelve has always been closely related to time or its measurement. If you look at the clocks, 12 is always the one that marks the positions of the other hours and is like the main axis of the hands of the relos.

If you look, also, the twelve are the months of one year and the day, which has 24 hours, each of them is divided into 5 blocks of 12 minutes each has added up to 60 minutes of one hour. Do you know the meaning of the number twelve in your life? Discover what vibration it has in your personality.

Other curiosity that has the number 12 is that it is also used to measure celestial bodies. As you know, there are twelve signs of the zodiac and it also has a lot of presence in the bible since it appears on several occasions as is the case of the 12 apostles, the twelve fruits of the Holy Spirit as well as the 12 times that Jesus appeared once dead among others.

If by adding the full date of birth, we arrive in the penultimate sum to an 11, 22, 33, or 44. That when we finished adding it would become the numbers 2, 4, 6 or 8 we will be faced with the possibility of master numbers.

Numerology tries to establish a mystical relationship between numbers and human beings. Each person has a number according to their date of birth. This number is obtained by adding the digits that make up the date of your birth one by one and adding the digits of the resulting figure again until we have only one digit left. This digit is our personal number.

For example the number of the person born on 15-1-1948 is 2. To whom this number corresponds and wants to know their horoscope, you should read in the forecast corresponding to number 2.

Throughout your spiritual evolution you have acquired realization, enlightenment, wisdom and social good. The vibration of this master number can also be experienced as a very powerful 4. You will want to obtain tangible results and be able to achieve material wealth, but your lesson is to apply your efforts and resources to support diverse groups and not yourself.

You will have a very strong sense of social justice, you will defend social and human rights above all, even your own interests. With a special talent to lead groups and advise others, you can make yourself an excellent school principal. Your reconciliation capacity is important, you can become an important ambassador or statesman.

For the profession, you will prefer to work in groups and take responsibility for large companies. Whose direction and organization become a real challenge? Your work will always be financially successful thanks to your commitment and perseverance. You will know how to lead others, but you can fall into the error of losing control and becoming an autocrat leader.

You will have the ability to knead a great fortune and invest it at the same time, even if you do not become rich, you will not suffer economic problems.

It could also be that you were a negative 22, but still, you would leave a substantial inheritance to your heirs. As an external personality or I with a spirit deeply rooted in social injustice makes you very sociable and humanitarian.

You will want to leave a mark on history, because your goal is to show that you can transform a large part of society for good. With a lot of honesty in love and friendship, you know how to calculate the needs of your loved ones and always have them happy although you are very possessive about your partner and children.

If you decide to get married at an early age you will be faithful for your whole life, although there is also another single 22 for a long time, enjoying a busy love life, decide which car to get on.

1222 in Numerology

Angelic numerology 34 brings a good vibration in the professional and material field. It gives you a taste for the acquisition and possession of material goods, but that does not mean that the other areas of his life are sacrificed for the exclusive benefit of the material domain. To promote your success, it brings you energy.

The number 34 also indicates long-term values, it will allow you to have lasting relationships in love, in friendship and in your professional life. It gives you stability, a solid foundation to establish yourself and others. Do not forget that you are surrounded by your kind angel, and he wishes to bring peace of mind and joy to your heart.

Throughout the time of the triple reflected 12:22, this figure requires that you pay close attention to your inner wisdom and instinct, because at this time, your connection with your guardian angel and with the angelic universe is very strong.

It also tells you to continue your journey with determination to achieve compliance and success. Your angel supports you, guides you and encourages you throughout your life.

If you are currently facing a problem, numerology 34 wants to let you know that it will be resolved quickly, and you can find practical solutions to get out of it. You have nothing to fear regarding your present and future life, because your guardian angel works with you, he is always by your side.

Success will be within your reach, no matter what you do. The number 34 asks you to continue the good work you are doing now. It gives you the inner strength and support you need to reach your goals and aspirations.

What to Do If You See 12:22?

Within numerology 12 represents intuition, will, the union of the body, mind and soul, positivism, pure energy and perfection. The twelve, being composed of two digits as the number 1 and the number 2 (12), joins the energy and beginnings of the one and the duality and unity of the two.

By reducing the 12 to a single digit (1 + 2) we get the 3, an indication that people who have a twelve seek to live in harmony, act in an ethical way, with morality and use logical thinking where things are reasoned before of acting is in their genes.

The 12 always seeks perfection in everything he does. He also usually plans things: his trips, his life in general.

They are people who don’t like to lie or have people lie to them since they defend the truth above all. He prefers to harm those he loves most with the truth than to use one of the so-called white lies.

People with a 22 are kind, calm and very pure people so they usually fall in love with those who correspond to them and who do not harm or lie to them. Being in tune with your mind and body, they bring a lot of rancility in the couple.

They are characterized by being a faithful couple and usually face problems in a logical and sensible way. They do not like to have a bad time in a relationship and usually suffer when they are hurt but quickly recompose thanks to their relationship with the one, an indication of individualism.

Usually, numbers have negative things that influence people without them knowing. In the case of the number 22, the people who have that digit are not aware that their sincerity usually hurts, sometimes, other people and they do not care since they always defend the truth above all.

Another thing that is related to the 22 is that they seek perfection in everything they do and in their lives. Such perfection can sometimes lead to selfishness and sometimes they may think that they do things to help others, when in reality what they do is seek their own benefit.


Numbers can have a strong impact on our lives, so definitely keep your eyes open for them and always listen to the messages hiding behind them.

Maybe these numbers can give you a direction and input where you can go next, because sometimes, that little push in the right direction is all we need.

Make sure you listen to the vibrations of the powerful numbers 12:22 and watch out for them when they appear around you.

No matter how much you believe or don’t believe in these numbers, they are definitely something to look out for and something they can help us understand our lives much better.