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14:14 – Meaning

Numbers have always had an important part in people’s lives. Since early times we relied on numbers to express their thoughts and not much has changed since then.

The numbers that show up on our clocks are also important because they are sending us messages and guiding us into the right direction.

In today’s text we will talk about the numbers 14:14 that appear on our clock and what lies behind these numbers.

14:14 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

The numbers 14:14 are telling you to work harder on your mind and memory. Being able to remember things effortlessly is a very useful skill. It seems a lot easier for some people than others. But the good news is you can train your memory. Memory artists work with tricks, some of which we present to you here. But in your everyday life there are many ways to train your memory.

There are many different ways and tactics that offer brain jogging games. The basic idea: The brain can be trained like a muscle. The more you say it, the better. The games can look very different, from memory tasks to brain teasers to reaction games. This is how the different parts of your brain should be stimulated.

If you do such exercises regularly, your memory can improve significantly. Some studies even show that brain jogging can improve the brain function of people with senile dementia. When you, as a young, healthy person, start with it: so much the better.

One of the most famous games for memory training you know from your childhood: Memory. You have to remember which cards are in which position to find as many pairs as possible. Play Memory again to train your memory! If you have children in your environment, they can be sure to inspire for common hours of play. But playing with adults also makes playing memory fun. There are many designs that appeal to the subject selection, especially adults.

In order to train a muscle, you also need to schedule pauses during which muscle can build up. It’s the same with your brain: when it’s busy all the time, there’s hardly any energy left for new learning. A completely underrated factor here is the smartphone: even if it feels like leisure time for you, it’s hard work for your brain to check social media, watch movies or play smartphone games. Give your brain regular breaks, for example while meditating or taking a walk.

Remembering names is especially difficult for many people. No wonder: one often hears the name only once, when you meet a new person. It’s not so easy to link it right away. It is easier for you to repeat the name several times: Say it immediately, once you have heard it, once aloud and let it confirm that it is right. Then you can drop him once or twice in the next call and one more time when saying goodbye. So your chances are good that the name is firmly anchored.

Another trick to remember names: Care about the other person and collect information that you can then link. Vocabulary is easier to remember if you link the word in the foreign language to a similar-sounding German word. If you want to remember “caterpillar” for “caterpillar”, you imagine a caterpillar giving a pill to a cat.

Such pictures are much easier to remember than the vocabulary itself. Surely you will not find a suitable keyword for every word, but still many. And over time, your imagination and creativity will also help you to do this exercise.

To keep your brain at peak performance, you need to stimulate it regularly. Do you have mostly routine tasks to do in your job? Then you should learn new things in your free time. Find something that is fun and stimulates your brain. For example, read a nonfiction book on a new topic or learn a musical instrument.

If you want to memorize the material from a book, you should read “with the pen”. That means: After each paragraph, consider what the most important message in this section was. Underline this or write it down.

After a few pages you repeat in your thoughts or aloud the most important information from the text. It takes a bit longer than just reading, but you’ll also notice a lot more content. Incidentally, you can not only train this method with textbooks, but also with novels.

What Does 14*14 Mean Spiritually?

Besides sending you an advice to work harder on yourself, the numbers 14:14 are linked to the angel number 1414.

What is interesting about the angel number 1414 is that we have numbers 1 and 4 repeating themselves two times in this sequence.

The number 1 is a symbol of being first, pushing forward and being confident. This number motivates you to simply take a step and move forward no matter what. No matter how hard it is, you should try at least because you never know what can happen.

The angel number 4 is a symbol of being determined and strong-willed. No matter what your goal is you need to push harder and stop doubting yourself.

This angel number is definitely going to help you do anything you imagine. Having these two numbers in your life is a sure sign that you have a strong support from your guardian angels.

1414 in Numerology

The number 14, is a spiritual, and karmic number. We understand by karmic numbers are numbers that are believed to have energy from past lives, these numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19. It is said that those born under these numbers, has great new opportunities to repair what they did not achieve in other life. Here we will discuss all aspects of this issue.

People born under this number are on a constant journey in search of their own happiness. This particular number is considered one of the most important in several cultures and civilizations.

The number 14 can mean movements, changes or transition. This number is a symbol of confrontation, perhaps the necessary motivation to initiate a change or face some adversity that will need all your inner strength to overcome and achieve a goal you were looking for or looking for.

Among other things, we find this number in the history of Christianity, such as during the Passion of Christ and the “14 stations of the Via Crucis” which was the journey that the Savior made before his death, and commemorates each Holy Week. As for the personality of the number fourteen, we can say that they are romantic, sentimental and in love.

They are characterized by their great ability to socialize and engage in conversation, however, it turns out to be a person quite reserved in terms of their lives, although they easily get the friendship of others for their kind, friendly and charismatic personality.

People whose birth can be related to the number fourteen, often end up feeling great love frustrations, but this is because they are quite enamored and despite being faithful, they will look for many couples, one after the other until they feel full with some.

For this reason, this number is associated with a tireless pursuit of happiness. It is believed that these people need to feel free and without limitations, and do not measure their actions to achieve the happiness they seek so much. This may be due to issues they seek to solve from past lives, and they will always try to fill in what they lack.

On the positive side, those who wear 14 per number are people with enough empathy, with a great facility to connect with others and may have the ability to help others with their own personal experiences. They are understanding, good listeners and friends, and they know how to always give good advice for any situation.

In addition to what we have been able to analyze about the meaning of number 14, we could conclude that identifying with this number is a symbol of learning. Dreaming of the number fourteen could then mean the search for someone or something, a problem to face that needs your reflection and attention.

This number is also a symbol of challenges, but they unleash many successes for people. We can summarize that this number is the search for balance and stability.

A negative aspect may be the inability to feel that you are going the right way but the truth is that the 14 knows what you are looking for and need, you must trust a little more in your instinct and be aware of the changes that may be happening in your life, that sooner or later, they will guide you to your final goal.

Finally, friendship, love and family are three of the most important and most valued elements. There is nothing more important for them than the closeness to their loved ones, and this will always be demonstrated when they try to share that much-desired happiness with them.

As for the negative, number 14, as we have already described, usually falls in love easily, so finding a stable partner will be a challenge. Although they are very intelligent and skilled, and are able to learn from experiences that were not in their favor, this does not happen to them with love, and they run the risk of going through many breaks.

In addition, you may find it difficult to enjoy many things because of your constant search for happiness. It is important to guide 14 to learn to enjoy the moment, here and now and understand that what you are looking for may be more nostalgia for something that will not happen again, and you need to learn to enjoy the things you experience in the moment and that they provide a new home.

What to Do If You See 14:14?

The number 14 is motivating you to work on yourself and to use every second to succeed in your goals and plans. A context that we intuitively know has long been scientifically proven: you can feel things better when you’re in a good mood.

So, to do something for your memory, you can just make sure you’re in a good mood before you get new information.

To remember things like a shopping list, you can create a “body list”. For this you connect the individual information with certain parts of the body. In the case of milk, for example, you imagine how your shoes are filled with milk and spill over as you walk. You tie the butter to your knees by imagining how you rub a piece of butter over it.

So you can go on with your whole body. If you then want to remember your shopping list, it is sufficient to go through the individual body parts.

Numbers we still have to report quite often: pins, birthdays, phone numbers … Especially with pin numbers, remembering is particularly important, because you should of course neither write down nor save. To make it easier for you to remember such number combinations, you can imagine a keypad on which you enter the number. In doing so, you associate the abstract numbers with a concrete action, which makes it easier to remember.

In your everyday life, there are many small occasions that you can use without much effort to practice. For example, try if you cannot remember a shorter shopping list. You can still have a piece of paper to send. Or you try typing phone numbers from memory instead of calling them in your phone.

Remember street names you pass, the date of your next meeting, or the authors of the last books you’ve read. With a little bit of attention you will surely find many occasions in your everyday life, with which you can train your memory by the way. Just give it a try!


Take the advices from the number 14 seriously and you might get a boost of support and motivation from the higher forces. If numbers 14:14 keep on appearing on your clock, there is definitely a deeper meaning behind these numbers.

Be careful and always interpret the symbolism behind numbers that appear on your clock and you will understand what you need to do.