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14:41 – Meaning

As the mirror reflects an image of oneself, the mirror number refers to a situation that must often be interpreted.

It is the providential sign that requires a reflection on the unfolding of segmented existence in the past and future. It is true that not all mirror hours necessarily interfere with consciousness, but when they attract attention by showing themselves regularly, there are reasons to reflect on their participation in the development of life.

The reflected hours, as well as the hours invested hide a message, is a message that our protective and beneficial guardian angels send us to contact us. If you regularly see the time of the reverse mirror at 14:41, you are wrong if you think it is a possibility. Your guardian angel is trying to tell you something.

Then, to find out, you will have to try to understand your message and adapt it to your life to move forward in a more serene way.

The time of the reverse mirror 14:41 means freedom, adventure, exploration and independence. To know the message of your guardian angel, you will have to relax completely. If you are in a state of stress or anxiety due to a situation that worries you, your guardian angel asks you to maintain a positive attitude.

Keep in mind that negative emotions prevent the flow of supply. You must free yourself from all your problems by resorting to the things that drive you, and you will see that your efforts will bring results with determination.

14:41 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

The needs that there have been more or less imposed – from the behavior, to the type of clothes, from the fashionable haircut, to the quantity of muscles that must be had, up to decide where we must we have the hair and where not – they are not always in line with our real needs. It is not the world that has to say if you go well or not. It is you.

Perhaps for the world you are too fat, your nose is too big, your breast is small, you have short legs … But what is the rule? There is no rule! When you understand this you understand that you can accept yourself and appreciate yourself for what you are, for what you have.

This does not mean, however, that you have to settle for it. Everything is constantly changing, too, but be sure that there will always be someone you won’t be happy with. This is why you can’t spend a lifetime trying to be as others want, as the media wants.

If you begin to accept yourself for what you are, you will see for yourself where you can improve to love yourself completely, without others telling you what is best for you.

What you believe to be now is nothing more than the result of the choices you made in the past. If you can’t cook, it’s because you didn’t want to learn, if you don’t know how to play a guitar, it’s because you’ve never wanted to learn how to play it.

But nothing prevents you from starting now. With time and dedication you can learn to do everything. There are no excuses. You can learn algebra, you can learn Chinese, you can learn to fish…

Accepting and loving yourself means respecting one’s own value. And if you know you are worthy of respect because you love yourself, you also know that complaining about what you don’t like is not constructive and doesn’t bring you closer to being happy.

A really happy person is one who accepts what cannot change for what it is, and we work on what to do for what can instead change. He doesn’t complain. Who loses time and energy in complaints is only because he does not trust himself and prolongs his dissatisfaction by justifying it in his eyes and in the eyes of others.

What Does 14*41 Mean Spiritually?

It is through the time of the reverse mirror at 14:41 that the guardian angel Sehaliah brings him a message. Know first that this angel is the one of success. The message he sends is that he wants to help you succeed by allowing you to easily detect people who are vain, arrogant, selfish and pretentious.

This guardian angel wants to tell him that he is there to motivate and put in his mind the purity of intentions. You do not have to worry about that, because thanks to the presence of the angel, you have the possibility to improve your will and your concentration. He wants me to know that it brings you hope, enthusiasm and vigor.

His guardian angel Sehaliah also tries to tell him that it gives him more vigilance and dynamism, but also that it gives him an engine of the universe to wake up the sleepy, since he can exalt consciousness.

By using the time of the reverse mirror at 2:41 pm, Sehaliah also tells him that it brings him health and healing. With him, he finds the balance of his vital force while increasing his vital energy to fight against external attacks.

Keep in mind that this is the head of the 4 elements: earth, fire, water and air

This guardian angel also informs you that he protects you in case of imbalances and the unleashing of natural elements such as floods, droughts, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and others. In all aspects of your life, you can count on Sehaliah.

Convince yourself that there is nothing wrong with you. It is not the world that says if you go well as you are, you are yourself. In the here & now you are in the right place, at the right time, to do everything you need to do.

Take responsibility for yourself and make your way to reach the best version of yourself. Do it every day. Eat well, exercise regularly and use only kind words for yourself and others.

Focus on your goals and don’t worry about the path of others. Everyone has his own way and if you waste time looking at where others are going you will no longer look where you are going. You need to concentrate, not distract yourself. Show your love to others. Feel free to do so. Accept the fact that others show their affection for you. You deserve it.

Take moments of leisure where your only interest is to enjoy your free time. Do nothing at this time. Simply enjoy being there and allowing yourself to do nothing. You are alive not by your will. Even if you do nothing you are loved for the simple fact of existing.

Don’t feel jealous of people or things. Jealousy is possession. If you want to be free, learn to free yourself from everything and everyone. What you have and cannot free you chains and prevents you from experiencing inner freedom.

1441 in Numerology

The number 55 is called angelic when it results from the time of the inverse mirror 14:41. It is a number that represents freedom, change, motivation, progress, understanding, sensuality and courage. He has a strong vibration by bringing in his path a spirit of competition and conquest.

This numerology brings a message if you have regularly seen this time spent. He tells her to return to the right path of balance and learn to qualify the judgment and the actions.

He also asks him to learn diplomacy, patience and wisdom, because if he succeeds, he will succeed.

Through the number 55, his guardian angel also announces that he will have to pay attention, because this number brings quite aggressive energy. You may know your excesses in your behavior and actions. You should also be careful not to fall into destruction or self-destruction.

Thanks to the energy of this number, you can easily overcome the various obstacles that stand in your way. They have a stimulating effect on you. His angel asks him to leave his fears and worries away to allow him to open up to change. H

e also asks him to be true to himself and to live his life in a more passionate way with rational goals.

The angelic number 55 also gives you a positive attitude and an open mind that allows you to take full advantage of all opportunities.

The message behind this figure is that you will have to know that there is a reason for everything that happens and everything that happens. Even if you now have trouble understanding what is happening, trust, because everything will be fine.

What to Do If You See 14:41?

One question I got: why did the Creator make the world like this, why is he hiding from our mind and our perception? Why did he create us in opposition to the ultimate goal? My answer: Because

He wanted to give us freedom! In order for us to reveal Him and give as He wills at our free choice. If we feel the Creator from the beginning, and accept as He does, who of us would fight back?

As now, none of us defend ourselves against the self-governing egoism. We are only robots that have been programmed for selfishness. If the Creator had us in giving a program of giving, we should have done the same thing.

Such creatures are called angels, involuntary / mechanical forces of nature. Neither the former nor the latter are free.

Freedom lies alone in the middle, between impurity and holiness. This condition is called Klipat Noga, the middle third of the property Tifferet.

Therefore, it is necessary to set ourselves at such a point in unstable equilibrium, where we would not know in which direction we should turn – where is the good and where is the evil, what should we prefer and what should we aspire to?

Right here is the point of our free choice, and only from such points do we put together a line along which we go from the present moment to the final correction. Our task is only to understand the degree and forms of concealment, its reason and its necessity, in order to build ourselves as an independent personality.

The Creator has no other goal here except our independence. He needs an independent creation, who else can he enjoy? A machine that he created himself and that is driven by him?

But only to the extent to which creation becomes self-sufficient does the Creator enjoy making pleasure of it. There is already someone to enjoy! There is someone who really exists! Therefore He could not immediately create us perfect and give us the whole world of infinity, and thus complete the whole thing. He had to create us Opposite and implant between two worlds.

For just here in the middle, on the rift between two of these worlds, where neither the power of the Creator nor the power of creation works, in this neutral point that belongs to neither one nor the other, only here there is freedom!


Whenever numbers 14:41 come up in your life, be sure to break all the barriers that have been pressuring you or making you feel limited.

There is no limit to what you can achieve and complete in a lifetime, so just let go and chase your dreams.