Hours Meaning

14:44 – Meaning

If you regularly see the triple hour reflected at 14:44, look for its true meaning because the message it brings is important to your life. Of course, the appearance of this time was so repetitive that it intrigued you.

To help you decipher it correctly, we offer you the interpretation of guardian angels and the analysis of numerology.

The hours reflected concern us all, and we have all noticed them at least once in our lives. These special hours are very often seen as signs that have a particular interpretation according to the series of figures.

Most of the time, we find these hours by chance, but what is their meaning and how can they be interpreted?

Often, it is during a period of reflection or for no apparent reason that we cross the mirror hours on our clock. They have several symbols, and it is up to us to find the appropriate interpretation for our case.

Every hour has an associated message, and the symbolism and meaning can change.

14:44 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Attached to the mirror of the triple hour 14:44, is the angelic number 58 announces that there may be some adversities that hinder the proper functioning of your professional life or your health.

However, with energy, you can quickly improve your situation to experience happiness in everyday life.

Numerology 58 asks you to resolve your internal struggles if you do not want to face periods of anxiety, depression, blockage …

But this number also refers to some injustice, adversity and austerity. To overcome the dark times, you must arm yourself with serenity and patience and not go against the flow.

In case you have a problem, you must go back and see things from a different angle to be able to approach life with more peace and confidence.

The number 58 is a harmonious number, corresponds to the love of home and family. It also symbolizes perfection, brilliance, demand, responsibility, idealization and impatience, but also brings benevolence and generosity.

This figure says that you live in a fair and straight way, and know how to be a diplomat when you need it. Thanks to all these qualities, you can easily focus on art, social work and community support.

Even if personal satisfaction comes from equipment and financial wealth, number 58 asks you to be careful not to be obnubilated for this. Be careful not to become obsessed with money.

You can use your talents and skills if you feel comfortable with your activity. You can very well enter real estate, financial management, transactions or business.

Angelic Numerology 58 says that you have great abilities, immense internal and external wealth, and that you are predestined to lead, but that does not mean that he will have to dominate others, which is possible thanks to his exceptional talents. Remember that this number refers to finances, power, ambition, rigor and personal life.

What Does 14*44 Mean Spiritually?

Do you know that guardian angel Sehaliah is the angel of longevity? Using the doubling time of 14:44, he tells her that it brings her a long and happy life that is healthy and serene while filling her with harmony.

But even so, it informs you that it protects you against fires and all kinds of catastrophes such as lightning, landslides, accidents and diseases. Your protection is a divine security.

With its forecast, it gives you great alertness and the ability to predict events before they happen.

In addition, it brings you protection and instinct. This guardian and benefactor angel also gives you wisdom through all the experiences of your life.

Through the mirror of the triple hour 14:44, the angel Sehaliah also tells you that it can bring you a miraculous recovery, a great rehabilitation and an iron health. If you have sciatica, if you have bone pain, if you have digestive problems, if you are often tired … this angel relieves you. But still, it gives you great peace of mind and a lot of calm.

Seheiah also wishes to remind you that it preserves you from lack of prudence, unpredictability, anxiety and deep fear. It is also at your side to protect yourself from landslides, pests, ruins, disorders, and diseases. Know that he desires only your happiness and your fulfillment in everyday life.

The guardian angel Seheiah corrects you if you tends to be alarmed or care for others. It eliminates from your life the agitated energy, the sullen character and the excessive will.

In addition, he wants to point out that it keeps you away from random, frivolous and inattentive acts, as well as from internal and external paralysis.

1444 in Numerology

The number 14, is a spiritual, and karmic number. We understand by karmic numbers are numbers that are believed to have energy from past lives, these numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19. It is said that those born under these numbers, have new great opportunities to repair what they did not achieve in other lives. Next we will discuss all aspects of this number.

People born under this number, are in a constant journey in search of their own happiness. This particular number is considered one of the most important in various cultures and civilizations.

The number 14 can mean movements, changes or transition. This number is a symbol of confrontation, perhaps the motivation necessary to initiate a change or face some adversity that will need all your inner strength to overcome and achieve a goal you were looking for or desiring for.

Among other things, we find this number in the history of Christianity, such as during the passion of Christ and the “14 stations of the Via Crucis” which was the journey that the Savior made before his death, and is commemorated every Holy Week. As for the personality of the fourteenth number, we can say that they are romantic, sentimental and enamored people.

They are characterized by their great capacity to socialize and engage in conversations, however, it turns out to be a quite reserved person in terms of their life, although they easily get the friendship of others for their kind, friendly and charismatic personality.

People whose birth can be related to the number fourteen, often end up feeling great love frustrations, but this is because they are quite enamored and despite being faithful, they will look for many couples, one after another until they feel full with one.

For this reason, this number is associated with a tireless search for happiness. It is believed that these people need to feel free and without limitations, and do not measure their actions to achieve that happiness they are looking for.

This may be due to issues they seek to solve from past lives, and they will always try to fill in what they lack.

What to Do If You See 14:44?

Those who carry 14 number are people with enough empathy, with great ease of connecting with others and they may have the ability to help others with their own personal experiences. They are understanding, good listeners and friends, and know how to always give good advice for any situation.

In addition to what we have been able to analyze about the meaning of the number 14, we could conclude that identifying with this number is a symbol of learning.

Dreaming of the number fourteen could then mean the search for someone or something, a problem to face that needs your reflection and attention.

This number is also a symbol of challenges, but that unleash many successes for people. We can summarize that this number is the search for balance and stability.

A negative aspect may be the inability to feel that you are going the right way but the truth is that the 14 knows what he is looking for and needs, you must trust your instinct a little more and be aware of the changes that could be happening In your life, sooner or later, they will guide you to your final goal.

Finally, friendship, love and family are three of the most important and the most valuable elements. There is nothing more important to them than the closeness to their loved ones, and this will always be demonstrated when you try to share that long-awaited happiness with them.

As for the negative, the number 44 as we have already described, usually falls in love easily, so finding a stable partner will be a challenge.

Although they are very intelligent and skilled, and are able to learn from experiences that were not in their favor, this does not happen with love, and they run the risk of going through many ruptures.

In addition, you may find it hard to enjoy many things because of your constant search for happiness.

It is important to guide the 44 to learn to enjoy the moment, the here and now and understand that what you are looking for, may be more nostalgic for something that will not happen again, and it is necessary to learn to enjoy the things you experience in the moment and they give you a new home.


Numbers are giving us basic guidelines in life, and all we have to do is listen carefully to the messages behind these numbers.

When they enter our lives, we can be sure that the spiritual forces are looking upon us and giving us clues where to go next in our lives.

Their support and attention is sometimes all we need, and through these small signs they are letting us know we are not alone.

Numbers have been and still are an important part of our lives, and everything starts and ends with a number.