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15:15 – Meaning

Numbers that enter our lives are there for a reason. No matter how strongly you believe in the power of numbers, you can truly understand them only when you listen to the messages hidden behind them.

Every number in your life has something valuable to tell you and by applying these messages on your life, you get a clear overview of what you actually need.

In today’s text we will discuss the meaning of the numbers 15:15 that appear on your clock and how they can affect your life.

15:15 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Number 15:15 on your clock is telling you to stop being so hard on yourself and to stop looking for a needle in a haystack. Perfectionism cannot only constrain your personal freedom in a compulsive manner, but also affect your body. We’ll tell you in the self-test, if you’re affected and help you with seven tips to defeat the inner compulsion.

Perfectionism does not have to be bad in itself. But in extreme form sufferers can really suffer. What perfectionism is, what causes it, and how your perfectionism can stay in a healthy frame?

There are two types of perfectionism. For one, there is functional perfectionism, where people generally expect a lot from themselves. They want to get the most out of themselves, do their jobs diligently and enjoy their achievements. If they fail, it may not be easy for them, but they can handle it. This kind of perfectionism is not dangerous to us, but rather helps us get on with life.

On the other hand there is the dysfunctional perfectionism. He is rather morbid, resembles an obsessive-compulsive disorder and can be characterized by anxious and neurotic avoidance behavior. People who suffer from it are overly critical, have permanent fear of failure and panic about not satisfying others.

This also affects the body and the self-confidence of those affected. In the next chapter you will learn more about how to recognize dysfunctional perfectionism and when to start therapy.

For already perfectionist people, there is a danger that their inner compulsion will increase over time. Here you should be careful that perfectionism does not limit your own needs enough to become a serious obsessive-compulsive disorder. Everything that goes to extremes is unhealthy.

If man is no longer able to determine his own actions, but his perfectionism takes over for him, something should be done. So if you find yourself suffering from permanent inner restlessness and are always dissatisfied with you, you should consult a therapist. Otherwise it could happen that your self-confidence is destroyed by your compulsion and you measure your personal value only if you could fulfill your perfectionism or not.

The paradox is that perfectionism is not possible in principle. Affected are actually never really satisfied with themselves. They suffer from constant tension, stress and fear of failure. Prolonged and continuous stress may include high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, stomach ulcers, headaches, tinnitus, teeth grinding and other consequences. Here you will learn how to reduce stress.

It becomes really harmful if those affected are even proud of their perfectionism and do not want to realize that they are putting themselves behind the disease. If you find that you are often dissatisfied but still proud of the stress you have on a daily basis because it makes you feel important and needed, then you should be alert.

There are some known signs of perfectionism that are always very unhealthy in extreme terms. If you recognize yourself in one of these ways, you should first talk to friends and family and then go to a therapist. Perfectionism is often related to control compulsion. Sufferers believe that they need something to anchor their self-confidence. They need a measure that tells them whether they should be proud of themselves or whether they should better punish themselves with doubts because they have ‘done nothing’. They exhibit uncertainties in their identity and feel guilty when they cannot live up to their perfectionism.

To satisfy others or oneself. They believe that they have to accomplish something special in order to be something special. Their self-doubts should be compensated for by being comparably better than others. Praise and blame are probably in most educational styles to do so. Depending on whether and how much misconduct is punished, some children already tend to perfectionism. They think that if they are perfect, they will be treated well and will no longer be punished or criticized. They hope for praise and a great life if they do not make mistakes anymore. This belief is carried on into adult life, albeit unconsciously.

Social beauty delusion surrounds us all our lives. People with enough self-assurance can withstand this pressure despite some self-doubt. Others tend to optimize their bodies based on personal experience, a high level of ideals of beauty and low self-esteem. This can manifest itself in the form of excessive use of cosmetics, cosmetic surgery or extreme sports or lean delusions.

Those affected believe that they can still look better, losing their naturalness. They become a total work of art, which should correspond to their ideals, but through their perfectionism can never reach the status of ‘perfect’. Through permanent optimization, they eventually become abstract and inhumane, or even sick and pitiful to others; exactly what was not her goal.

It may also be that sufferers develop a body dysmorphic disorder and thus perceive significantly differently than they actually look. They feel ugly, too fat or disfigured, even if others want to convince them otherwise. Perfectionism is often associated with control compulsion. There are people who have a strong predisposition to control. If you have a traumatic experience in which you have lost control of your life, it may be the trigger that causes the onset of such a disorder. Even people who have never tended to be overly controlling can develop control constraints through appropriate experience.

For example, if someone forgot to turn off the stove and burned it, the person now controls the stove three times. The border should always be drawn where man begins to suffer. If someone is happy to control the stove three times, there is no problem. But if he can no longer think clearly outside his apartment, because he always has to think of the stove and therefore at some point does not leave the house, help should be sought.

Eating disorders such as anorexia can also be explained by the fact that sufferers want to have control over something in their lives. They also want a measure of how they can be proud of themselves or not. A need for fixed landmarks in life can also be the cause of perfectionism. Only when their scales indicate what they want to see can they live with them. Otherwise, she plagues a guilty conscience.

Religion also provides a platform for perfectionism where self-esteem can be measured. It represents the desired guidance in life that many people long for. But even here, extreme behavior is unhealthy. For example, if the prayers take up all their free time, for fear of not going to Heaven or Paradise, their own needs will suffer. It is the same when humanity has violated religious commandments and the person concerned considers himself a bad person or is unhappy in the long term.

In our performance society, many people feel a strong pressure to make a career or to be the best in the job. This performance pressure can already start in school and we are shaped by the external environment. If, for example, only the best performance was tolerated as a child and everything else was unsatisfactory, then this expectation can also be transferred to later. Perfectionist people want to be strong and do everything, but life also brings rejection. People cannot always be strong. They are not machines – they may also show weakness, be human, and be free, have needs and desires. Small ticks, mistakes and weaknesses make a person only tangible and sympathetic.

What Does 15*15 Mean Spiritually?

The number 15 consist out of two angel numbers. The number 1 is a symbol of being confident and finding happiness through self-expression. This powerful number is there to motivate you to start believing in yourself more and to forget the negativity in your life.

The number 5 is a symbol of constant learning and desire to accumulate knowledge. This number focuses on your desire to learn more about yourself so that you can be a better person.

We all learn until we day, and there are always things that surprise us. No matter how we deal with them, there is always a chance to do better.

The number 15 in angelic numbers symbolizes positivity that is about to enter your world. Prepare yourself for a ray of sunshine and good energy that is about to enter your life.

1515 in Numerology

Through numerology we can mention that those people who are associated with the number 15 greatly value family ties and any relationship they have with their family, feeling a great nostalgia whenever they are outside the family environment. Especially when they are long periods without being close to their family.

In general, they are a kind of responsible person with great abilities when it comes to fulfilling the commitments they have made throughout their lives. They enjoy an optimal balance and great harmony and peace throughout their lives, as long as they do not deviate from the path that has been established for them. They do not like the unknown and they are usually difficult people to influence by others, they do not like to surround themselves with interested people.

The number 15 is also associated with success, so they are people who will find it sooner or later in their lives. Now, it does not mean that it will arrive by itself, it will take a great effort and a methodology of hard and continuous work, in addition to making certain sacrifices. The people who relate to the numerology of the number 15 feel some fear to undertake and do not like to leave their comfort zone. Take advantage of any occasion to feel comfortable and not usually very sociable.

These people like to be with their friends and family … but sometimes too much, which could cause their projects to be postponed for too long and then not be able to resume them. They feel a certain fear of loneliness and lack of capacity to adapt to new environments, they do not like the idea of ​​making new experiences unknown.

Although once they begin to work they are able to fully concentrate on everything they are doing, the truth is that getting to that point can cost them too much. And they are very prone to be distracted by practically anything and are characterized by having little focus of work.

That is why, they need constant stimulation to be able to move forward, which they will rarely achieve by their own means. You will probably need the help of your friends / family members to be able to move forward in certain blocking situations. The number 15 can be divided between the number 3 (meaning balance with harmony) and between number 5 (meaning life). Since these numbers multiply between them the result is 15.

With this we discover that they are people who not only succeed in their business, but in life in general. They tend to have an iron health and to be very long-lived, although this does not mean that they do not have to take care of themselves. They have relationships of trust with their very healthy and healthy partners, they do not like the lies and feel displaced from their partner.

They are also very patient, being able to understand the problems of their closest and help them find their error, take the time they take to achieve them. They are people who, if they know how to follow their path, have guaranteed success waiting at the end of it. In spite of loving the fortune and the money his family is very important and if they need some help, see economic or emotional this person will be the first to come to his rescue.

What to Do If You See 15:15?

When you notice numbers 15:15 on your clock, it is time to start focusing on your feelings and to release them once and for all. You learn to handle your feelings better when you become aware of them. Sometimes it’s even worse to not know what you feel than not feeling anything.

There is chaos in our heads and we do not know how to organize our feelings and thoughts. In this case, it only helps to focus on your inner life and try to isolate individual tendencies of your feelings.

Even if you have mixed feelings, it’s certainly possible to describe your situation almost word-for-word. Although it may not seem logical, you should try to verbalize or write down every little emotion. Talk to friends or your family or keep a journal. Learn more about journal writing in the next chapter.

Take an hour and make yourself comfortable with writing utensils and a cup of tea. Collect the topics and situations from your past that still follow you and keep you busy. Then take each situation one by one and think about what else you can do or have to do to clean it up.

Often there will be no possibility or nothing will be needed. In other cases, for example, you can search for a clarifying conversation, if that makes sense to you.


Numbers can have such a positive effect on us, so always accept their messages seriously. The number 15:15 on your clock is another great sign that you are being blessed by the divine forces and that you should use their support to become even better. Make concrete action plans, how you want to proceed. And then complete the problems one after the other. Situations where you cannot change anything come first.

Write them down on a small piece of paper and think about what you can learn from each situation. Thank you for this realization and then burn or tear the paper and let it destroy the problem.