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17:17 – Meaning

When certain numbers keep appearing around us, we cannot help ourselves but to wonder what they mean.

Sometimes certain numbers are so persistent and we cannot get away from them.

Numbers that appear on our clocks each day are there with a purpose and we should always stop and listen to their messages carefully.

In today’s text we will talk about the meaning of numbers 17:17 and how they can affect our lives.

17:17 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Numbers 17:17 on your clock represent loyalty. Loyalty means reliability, trustworthiness and trust. And that is important in both the private and the professional environment. We will explain to you how to find more loyalty in life. Loyalty means being with another person, a group or a company, even if you disagree in detail.

It also includes trusted behavior. Loyalty is about shared values ​​and goals, about a larger whole that you carry with you. This behavior plays a role in very different contexts: Loyalty among friends, for example, means to stand for the other, to support him / her and to keep secrets. It is the prerequisite for real friendships.

Loyalty in the partnership also mostly includes physical loyalty. Of course, it is also very important to work on common values ​​and goals. Loyalty is the cornerstone of functioning social relationships and good for your career. Loyal employees are promoted more often than disloyal ones. In addition, loyalty makes you happy: identifying yourself with what you do makes you happier and more successful. But how does that work with loyalty?

How you talk about others (or your company) is a key factor in loyalty: Do not talk badly about the backs of your friends, your partner, or your company about them. If you cannot or do not want to say good things, then you are better off with utterances. This does not mean that you are not allowed to address criticisms (we will come to this later). But messing around with third parties has nothing to do with loyalty.

At least stick to the facts if you want to say negative things. And, keep the secrets that are entrusted to you. This concerns personal details from the lives of your friends as well as the company internals that you deal with at work. Such information is not intended for others.

If you are constantly looking for another partner or would rather change your job today than tomorrow, things will go awry. Loyalty is hardly possible under these conditions. Decide: Are you satisfied with the current situation? Then behave loyally and turn to your counterpart seriously. If not, look what you can change.

To be loyal becomes difficult when it comes to different opinions: for example, if you have a project in the company that you do not think is a good idea. Or if you have to defend a friend who has just behaved badly. Loyalty is important, especially in such situations. Stand by your friends, your partner, and your business, even if their goals and opinions just do not coincide with yours. In difficult situations it shows who you can really rely on.

Always getting along with as little effort as possible has nothing to do with loyalty. Being loyal also means doing something more than is absolutely necessary. Get actively involved in the company, actively support friends and offer your help where needed. Yes, it costs more time and energy. But it pays off in the end.

The feeling of loyalty can be permanently disturbed by conflicts. This applies to friendships as well as to partnerships or an employee relationship. That’s why it’s also important to deal with conflicts at an early stage. Say clearly what bothers you, so that the other person has the opportunity to explain himself or to change one’s own behavior.

Sometimes it would be so easy to get some small benefits at the expense of others … Resist these temptations! Make your expense report correctly, do not use the company copier private and do not spend more hours than you really worked.

In the home environment, for example, this point means that you do not pile up in the personal belongings of friends or associates, do not open their post office, and do not divulge their secrets. After all, you want to be there, too.

What Does 17*17 Mean Spiritually?

Numbers 17:17 can be linked to angel number 1717. This number is a combination of angel numbers 1 and 7 and both of these numbers are carrying a special symbolism behind them.

The angel number 1 appears two times in this number sequence and it represents confidence. You are being influenced by your guardian angels to push harder and to show your power through serious action.

Angel number 7 is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. This angel number is a sure sign that the period ahead of you is going to be a good one, so rely on your guardian angels to show you the way.

Their help and guidance is going to give you sense of security and motivation to do more and to be happier.

1717 in Numerology

Since its inception, numerology has tried to explain different realities that are not represented by the numbers that are present in our lives. Whether to talk about misfortunes or good news, numerology is based on history and different realities that have managed to conclude in the different characteristics and meanings that we know today about numbers.

Regarding the meaning of number 17, we can find different realities. This number could be related to immortality, life and its different stages. This number is also taken into consideration as the number of the illumination, or guide, since its presence allows to be light in the face of difficulties.

The number 17 motivates the search for truth and light. It is a sign of learning, knowledge and motivational engine to guide us to our final destination. Throughout our lives, we can be victims of different difficulties, which for some may have no solution, but the presence of the number 17, will then be a sign of hope, stability and good fortune.

This number is very much related to the meaning of the number 8 (1 + 7), which is a number that speaks of sufficient spiritual and internal strength that allows us to help fulfill all that we propose for the good of our lives.

Number 17 also speaks of ambition and the need to complete cycles and reach success.

As for the personality of those who wear the number 17 in their lives, it could be quite extreme, in the sense that they could be people who do what is necessary to achieve their goals no matter what, and on the other hand, we have the extreme of those They put aside their personal lives to help others fulfill their dreams and goals.

This could cause those born under the number 17, are somewhat difficult to treat, because on the one hand they are excessively good and kind, and on the other hand, bad and selfish. Everything will depend on the experiences that have passed on the 17th to define his personality

As a number of hope, the number 17 will always be motivated to get the best of it. Regardless of your mistakes or how many times you fall, number 17 knows that in your future there is more than that, and you can serve as an example to other people who think they have fallen equally.

For having a personality that falls into extremes, it is advisable to stay away from negative and toxic personalities, as it absorbs a lot of these and may also be susceptible enough to believe the falsehoods that they could comment to discourage their spirit.

For these reasons above, the number 17 is always at risk of going negative. It is important that you learn to recognize yourself, understand what you are looking for and want to avoid falling into the bad and negative. According to the Egyptians, those who were born on a day 17, charged a negative energy. But this could be related to how easy it is for these people to fall into the bad rather than the good.

Being full of hope, they will always dream of the day they meet their goals, and will do everything in their power to achieve it. In this way, they are known to work hard, and this will bring their benefits in the future, being entrusted to complicated and important tasks that will help them reach the goal of the success they are looking for.

In other aspects, many other cultures believe that the number 17, means the end of the tragedy. For example, in Christianity, Noah arrives at Mount Arafat on the 17th day of the seventh month, after having gone through the misfortunes of the Universal Flood. It is also representative of beautiful legends such as the Phoenix Bird, a bird that is represented by 17 beautiful feathers, each with 17 eyes, and we know that the Phoenix, is a symbol of rebirth, as it turns to ashes and resurface as new.

Anyway, the meaning of the number 17 will be linked to extremes that are represented by different stages of our life. We must be attentive to his presence, because he may be pointing out that we are precipitating ourselves to bad situations, or possibly, we are getting close to the right path.

What to Do If You See 17:17?

As soon as you notice numbers 17:17 on your clock, this means you need to self-reflect and find out what your mistakes have been. Of course it would be best if we could always rest completely within ourselves. Unfortunately that is not the reality. Most people know seemingly groundless inner restlessness and nervousness, for many it even belongs to everyday life. This is annoying and can make you unhappy in the long run and even sick. Luckily, there are many ways to stem the inner restlessness. With our tips and methods you will come your serenity already a lot closer.

When the inner turmoil rises, you notice that in many small signals: You have the feeling that you cannot sit still and have to do a hundred more things. You may get palpitations, your hands are shaking or you cannot sleep. Your concentration and performance may suffer, maybe you will get anxiety too.

Once you notice any of these symptoms, you can take action. Pause for a moment in what you are doing and remember where you are. Realize what you see, hear, smell and feel around you, and say to you, “I am in the here and now.” Already through this little exercise, the agitation can dissolve, or at least improve.

Most likely your anxiety is related to stress. To get rid of this, you first have to understand it: stress is actually a short-term reaction to a threat. It enables the body and mind to achieve peak performance. That does not hurt and can even do you good.

The only prerequisite is that the stressful moments are followed by quiet phases in which the body and mind come to rest and the stress hormones can be broken down. If these times are gone, you are permanently on a very high stress level, and among other things leads to inner restlessness.

Therefore, make sure that you have daily rest breaks in which you can relax.

Sometimes, inner restlessness can also have profane reasons: too much coffee. Try reducing your coffee consumption or switching to decaffeinated coffee for a few days. It is possible that the problem will already be solved. Black tea, green tea or cola can also contribute to high caffeine levels.

Therefore, you should only enjoy these drinks in moderation or leave them out on a trial basis.

Inner unrest quickly leads to a “thought carousel”: The head tries to explain the unrest, and find a thousand reasons for it. This leads to fears or even more restlessness. To stop this thought carousel is possible, but not easy. Helpful is distraction: Do something completely different that requires your attention. As a result, sooner or later you will become calmer inside.

If your nervousness has been around for some time and cannot be significantly improved by our tips and methods, you should consult a doctor. Sometimes there is a physical illness behind the restlessness, such as high blood pressure, a heart problem or a thyroid disorder. In such a case, of course, the cause must be treated.

Also hormonal changes, for example during the menopause, can lead to internal unrest. For safety’s sake, check to see if you are completely healthy.


Numbers 17:17 are strong numbers that can give us support and sense of love and security in tough times.

These numbers can appear more or less often around us and on our clocks, and the frequency of their appearance is going to help us understand how important the message behind them is.

Numbers 17:17 are strong numbers and as soon as we notice them, we need to stop and interpret the message behind these numbers and apply them on your real life problems.

Every number has a meaning so never underestimate their power.