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18:18 – Meaning

Numbers on our clock can appear very often and the more we see these numbers the more important the message behind these numbers is. When we notice the same numbers on our clock, then we should interpret the hidden symbolism behind these numbers and apply the knowledge we gained on our lives.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the meaning of the number 18:18 when they appear on the clock and how these numbers affect us.

18:18 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

The number 18:18 on our clock are telling us to move on and to let go of the negative energy from our lives. Sometimes we need to say goodbye no matter how hard it might be.

Today, death is a taboo topic. Nobody wants to deal more closely with their own demise and the death of a loved one. If a person from our immediate environment dies, we are usually completely unprepared.

Therefore, it is important to know how to deal with your grief and help others in their grief.

Probably every person has ever mourned for a beloved person or supported someone after the loss of a loved one. Especially the farewell plays a big role in the mourning process. After the death of a loved one, it is important to spend a few days intensively dealing with death. Often the relatives spend a few days with the dead on their deathbed before they can completely disassociate themselves.

The funeral also plays an important role. For the relatives it is important to see the body again before it is buried. The body is washed, appropriately dressed and sometimes even made up. Funeral services are also the occasion to commemorate the dead with friends and family and to mourn.

You also have the opportunity to exchange memories and to say the last words to the dead. The sense of community is essential at a memorial service and does not help relatives to be alone with their pain.

Although funerals are above all a place of mourning, many people want their funeral to be joyful so that the deceased will have a positive memory. In Ghana, a memorial service usually lasts several days and is organized like a celebration. Often several hundred guests come and the life of the deceased is properly celebrated again.

The organization of the funeral service can be a part of the bereavement for some people, as they can realize the last wishes of the deceased.

It is important to get help in the time of parting. This task can be done by friends, family members or counseling centers. The mourner should not be alone with the loss of a loved one, but talk about his feelings and have someone who listens. In addition, the mourner should take time to cope with the loss and not to suppress death. Here, too, relatives and counseling centers can help.

When someone mourns, he often feels completely at the mercy of his feelings. It’s as if the world is out of joint. Your own feelings can feel overwhelming and it’s hard to believe you’ll ever be happy again. The intensity of the emotions is unfamiliar and overwhelmed. Often it is a long way until the emotional world has returned to normal.

Nevertheless, in our society is required after a short time to resume normal everyday life. There is usually not much time to deal sufficiently with his grief. The bereavement can last up to five years. Each person mourns in different ways, but you can generally divide the time of mourning into four different phases. These phases can overlap and be different in each person.

The first phases of bereavement management are probably the hardest and most emotional. In the first phase, the mourner does not want to acknowledge the deceased person’s death and tries to hide the reality. This is usually an immediate reaction to the news of the death of a loved one. The mourning man enters a state of shock in which death seems unreal to him.

Often this is also expressed in physical signs such as nausea, sweating and increased heart rate. He expects the deceased to reenter his life at any moment.

In order to protect himself from the violence of his feelings, he lies to himself. But after less time, he realizes that he can no longer hide the reality and the truth can no longer evade. This phase can last only a few hours or days, or last for weeks.

If he then deals with reality, he must also deal with his feelings. Since these were suppressed and put back at the beginning, now a rush of emotions collapses on him.

In addition, the sense of loss of control spreads, because it is increasingly difficult to control the feelings. The emotions overwhelm the mourner suddenly and in unexpected situations.

What Does 18*18 Mean Spiritually?

The numbers 18:18 can be linked to the angel number 1818 and the symbolism behind it is all about the luck and abundance. This angel number has a strong symbolism and it gives you support in the hardest moments.

The angel number 1 is a symbol of being confident and on the forefront of change. The stronger you are the better you are going to handle tough life situations. Therefore listen to your guardian angels and believe in their power.

The angel number 8 is a symbol of abundance and luck. This angel number is telling you that luck is finally on your side and you have a lot of things to look forward to. No matter how big of a believer you are, you will definitely notice changes in your life and they will be for the better.

1818 in Numerology

The mysteries of our universe are an intrigue for a lot, and could represent a guide and truth for others. Numerology tries to take charge of these mysteries, and provide that guide that many seek to give direction to his life, in different aspects that are presented, as a constant or simple chance that could be the definitive answer to a path they seek.

In this way, we will try to reveal a little about the mysteries of the number 18. A number that according to the historical, is related to the whole and considered as one of the sacred numbers. If it turns out that you have discovered that this is your number, we will tell you a little more about its meaning in this article, which could allow you to know a little more about yourself.

In numerology, the number 18 represents a universal interest. It is a symbol of spirituality and inner strength. It represents the inner light and shines with the passion of the dreams and desires of the person who is born under this number. It is a number that lives by its own independence and freedom. It cannot be controlled or tamed by anyone, but it certainly shows great compassion and affection towards others.

He is an artistic genius, and will be known for his own creativity. It has a great facility to forgive the mistakes of others, despite being sure that they are in error. He will do everything possible to enlighten them and guide them on the right path, for the sake of maintaining friendships and leading everyone on the right path.

They are self-sufficient to be composed of the number 8, and their compassionate nature, comes from the sum of their digits, forming the number 9. Because of this, could be a bit obsessive with work, but maintain the balance of preferring to maintain their relationships and friends in a good position. They will try as much as possible to achieve their goals and achieve success, but this will only be of real value to them if they can keep those they want by their side.

Having a mixture of 1 and 8, the number 18 has a great self-sufficiency and ability to achieve everything when it is proposed and as proposed, so it is characterized by always closing their cycles.

Among some curiosities, the number 18 in the Tarot, is the number that corresponds to the letter of “The Moon”, which symbolizes the end of the road, where the presence of light is salvation. This letter could mean a final test, which can only be overcome if you have enough will, strength and courage, and it is a path that you must go through alone.

Similarly, if we talk about the result of the sum of both digits, we then get the 9, which in the Tarot tells us about the “Hermit” or “Old wise” card that symbolizes between several aspects at the discretion.

On the negative, the number 18 can have selfish tendencies, due to its desire for success and the great influence of the number 1 that is also in danger of falling into them. This is also due to his individualistic tendency, and the ability to achieve everything that is proposed by his own means, should be educated in the light, so that he discovers the will to share his successes and achievements with the world, before keep them to yourself.

One of its important qualities is its internal strength, its courage and its self-sufficiency. He has a great ambition and it is difficult to discourage him in his goals. As for its positive meaning, this number could represent that light we need in adversity, which will accompany us on what remains of the road, as a sign that we are not alone and that we are not far from reaching our goal.

No doubt the meaning of the number 18, speaks of a powerful and magical number. It will be convenient to keep it in mind before adversity, because it could be the necessary engine that will give us the motivation we seek to face the problems that arise, and allow us to be enveloped by its light, in order to achieve our own spiritual enlightenment.

What to Do If You See 18:18?

When number 18:18 appear on your clock, it means you need to let go and start looking into the future. Most things can remind him of the deceased person and trigger an overwhelming emotional outburst. Different emotions, from anger to envy to fear, can occur in quick succession.

But also joy can mix in the emotional world of the mourner. Often, the mourner in this phase is also plagued by sleep disorders and loss of appetite.

The intensity of this phase depends on the relationship the mourner had to the deceased. The phase is particularly pronounced when existing problems between the mourner and the deceased could not be resolved before death. Often, feelings of guilt play a role and can cause the mourner to spend more than an average of time in this phase.

The second phase is especially important in dealing with grief. However, this phase is also the hardest. Many people have problems openly dealing with their feelings and allowing their feelings, especially when they are in that strength. That’s why they suppress their feelings. This can have serious consequences and even lead to depression.

However, the mourner can only reach the next period of mourning if he grapples with his feelings and allows them.

In this phase, the mourner slowly finds his way back to his everyday life. The mourning no longer overshadows everyday life and hurts less than before. It is possible again to discover positive sides in life.

Nevertheless, the grief is permanently present and the deceased is still a part of the life of the mourner. This tries to maintain the memories of the deceased. He seeks out places he associates with the deceased and takes over his habits. The mourner tries to get closer to the deceased by doing so. If the mourner discovers many things that still connect him to the deceased, he can more easily deal with his death.

On the other hand, this constant encounter with the dead can also lead to a deep despair. Suicidal thoughts are not uncommon in this phase. The mourner must make a decision whether to continue his life or to continue mourning.

After the mourner in the other phases has given free rein to his pain, now the inner balance comes back. The mourner forges plans for the future again and takes responsibility for his life. The deceased is unforgotten, but no longer omnipresent. Through the various mourning phases, the mourner took a different attitude to life and perhaps even changed his life a bit.


Numbers can affect our lives in so many different ways, so never underestimate their power.

Listen carefully to the messages hidden behind numbers on your clock, and always believe in miracles no matter how old you are.