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19:19 – Meaning

Numbers on our clocks always send us messages that we should accept and apply in everyday situations. The more these numbers appear around us, the stronger the message is. Having these numbers in our life can help us resolve serious problems and achieve goals that we have set for ourselves.

In today’s text we will be talking about the numbers 19:19 on our clock and what symbolism lies behind it.

19:19 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

The numbers 19:19 is telling you to be authentic and to work on yourself. Authentic people often have it easier in life. They are self-determined, successful and popular. But recognizing authenticity or being authentic yourself can be difficult. These tips will help you recognize authentic people and stay true to yourself.

In our everyday life, we always fall back into different roles. We often think that we have to give ourselves differently than we actually are or pretend to fulfill a certain expectation. We behave differently in professional life than in private life or show ourselves on social media from our best side. External factors influence our behavior and force us to pretend to be in certain situations in order to make a good impression on others. We always want to be in the best light possible.

Through this behavior, however, we lose our authenticity and seem unbelievable. But nobody wants to deal with someone who does not give himself what he really is. On the other hand, you do not want to be inauthentic yourself.

The word authenticity comes from the Greek and is derived from the words “autos” (“self”) and “ontos” (“being”). You could translate it as “self-serving” or “being yourself”. With authenticity, we combine qualities such as credibility, honesty and reliability. An authentic person looks genuine, unadulterated and radiates self-confidence. He stands by himself, knows about his strengths and weaknesses and can use them. He is in harmony with himself.

A person who behaves according to his ideas is often described as authentic and credible. But our personality is constantly changing. Our ideas change over the years and so does our behavior. That does not mean that we are less authentic. Authenticity does not exclude change, but rather gives impetus to further developing our personality and to remain authentic in an ever-changing world.

Authenticity is a sought-after property. It has positive effects on private as well as professional life. More and more companies rely on the authenticity of their employees. Even in job advertisements is looking for authentic personalities who express their opinion and stand by it.

Authenticity is also important when living together. An honest and open relationship with each other has positive effects on the career, love relationships and friendships.

Often we let ourselves be blinded by other people. People who play their part well can look authentic on us, even though they are not. These people do not pretend to be who they are, but pretend.

These people usually lack corners and edges. They do not provide a target for criticism and try to walk the path with the least resistance. Since they adapt to our expectations, we fall particularly fast on these people pure.

On the other hand, people with rough edges who act contrary to our expectation, we suspect we are quick to be inauthentic, because we can assess these people worse. It is the people who do not hide their weaknesses, who remain true to themselves.

On the other hand, people are not authentic who do not leave their comfort zone. These people, too, are on the path with the least resistance and close themselves to any change. It is sometimes necessary to change and to work on his personality in order to progress in life. Authenticity is thus often used as an excuse to maintain comfortable habits. But only someone who walks through his life is truly authentic.

Self-confidence helps you become more authentic, but also by being authentic, you can increase your self-confidence. Authentic people are not afraid to show their true personality, even if they could offend it. They do not feel so quickly attacked and are satisfied with themselves.

However, you should not overdo it, but find a middle ground. Too much self-confidence could be perceived as arrogance. To a healthy self-esteem it is also critical to accept criticism and to stand by its weaknesses.

Above all, you are authentic if you are consistent and do not let it get you down. Too little self-confidence, on the other hand, makes you feel insecure. If you are not convinced of yourself, you cannot convince anyone that you are authentic.

Take time to form your own opinions and reflect on your experiences. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses and use your strengths. Watch your actions and habits and trust your feelings. Your feelings instinctively tell you what you think about a thing or how you should react in a particular situation.

Finally, when you have formed an opinion, do not hesitate to communicate these to other people, but do not be dogmatic. Listen to the opinions of other people and reflect your own opinion again and again. Surely you can learn something that influences and maybe even changes your mind. If you always insist on your opinion and dismiss another person’s opinion, instead of listening to it and rethinking it, you will not look authentic.

Almost every person tends to underestimate or underestimate themselves in some ways. But you will never come across authentically. Do not make yourself small, but do not try to overplay your bad qualities. Accept your negative sides, even if you have to take criticism. Take criticism and be open to suggestions for improvement. That’s the only way you can stay authentic.

On the other hand, you should avoid showing yourself better than you are. You do not have to be able to do everything or be perfect in everything. If you attribute yourself to positive qualities that you do not possess, it will be noticed over time. This will completely lose your credibility and your authenticity.

In a job interview, you probably want to be particularly positive and may be talking to people you do not have. Even if it gives you the job, sooner or later it will turn out that you have exaggerated with your abilities. So you read your authenticity and will probably continue to be considered untrustworthy in the future.

Even if your views on certain things change over time and your personality evolves, you should stick to your values ​​to be authentic. Once you have set a priority or made a decision, you should stand by it and not change your mind again and again to the opposite. To do this you should take enough time to reflect and find out your correct values.

However, you should not only talk about your values, but also live and act for them to be credible. If you have given your friend one last chance for the third time, you are no longer authentic in your statements. Neither other people nor your friend will take you seriously in the future.

What Does 19*19 Mean Spiritually?

The numbers 19:19 is linked to the angel number 1919. This angel number is a combination of angel numbers 1 and 9.

The angel number 1 is a symbol of being confident and believing in yourself. This number also represents people who are strong-willed and ready to take charge.

Angel number 9 is a symbol of Karma and this angel number reminds us to be kind to others and to never do something we wouldn’t like to be done to us.

Karma finds a way to give us back what we sent into the world, so always be careful about your actions and words.

1919 in Numerology

The number 19, like many of the karmic numbers, are difficult to define, because they keep a force and internal truths so powerful, that they disperse and could lead to several meanings. The first thing we should know is that the number 19, shares meanings of both number 1 and number 9, as well as the sum of both, which results in the number 10.

What is beyond doubt, is that of all these digits, what they share in common is an insurmountable strength and courage, as well as a gift of self-sufficiency, which will guide the number 19 in difficult situations, which may seem hopeless, but these people, they do not surrender to the darkest moments, but they are the moments where they will most let their light guide them.

The advantage of karmic numbers among many things is that they shine with the light of their past lives, which will offer them the necessary guidance in the face of adversity. In this sense, we will explain that one of the most recognized meanings of the number 19 is that it is the number that represents the “winning sun” being the number that corresponds to the sun in the Tarot, one of the most optimistic cards.

The sun is the maximum representation of light and success. In this sense, we can interpret that we are talking about successfully achieving a personal goal. The sun that is represented in this letter is life and wisdom. The sun of truth.

In this way, it is interesting to know then that the number 1, which provides strength, ambition and drive, is related to the number 9, the idealist and dreamer, and in turn, I feel the 10 (sum of 9 + 1) a composition from 1 (the whole) and 0 (nothing), the number 19 gets the strength of a sun, which will make it unstoppable before your dreams.

No doubt this number is full of luck and good luck. All their digits and sums tell us about strength, success and achievements. However, it will be difficult for him to trust in that internal force, especially when he is not surrounded by the situations necessary to motivate him.

This does not mean that a bad situation will slow you down, but it may take you longer to discover your true power. This number, regardless of the situation, radiates with its own light, which will allow it to light up sooner or later in darkness and adversity.

We must remember that this number is made up of others that denote self-sufficiency and value. He can look discouraged, but never defeated. This number then tells us about that push, that internal force that we have to discover and let out to free us from the darkness and negativity that surrounds us.

The number 19 is light, and as free souls, it tells us to turn away from darkness and live in the warmth of your inner strength and radiant as the sun.

Due to the great qualities he has, he can let himself be guided by his self-centeredness, especially when he is able to obtain everything he wants.

In the past, it has been shown to those who were influenced by the number 19, were intoxicated of power by not knowing how to control the benefits provided by such a powerful number, so it will be important to remember the word “humility” once we understand the power that this number has on our human souls.

On the other hand, if he does not get what he wants, he falls into a more extreme emotion, which is that he feels a great frustration and depression that could frustrate that light that characterizes him. In spite of all the above, his light will never be silenced, and this will be present in his inner strength, which will always help him to get out of any situation in which he seems to have been defeated.

What to Do If You See 19:19?

As you have seen, the meaning of the number 19 has a quite positive presence in our lives, and it would be useful to take it into consideration in the face of adversities, to clear any doubt in our path, and illuminate our senses.

The number 19 represents not only the powerful light of the sun, but the wisdom that it provides, and while it will not be the answer to our problem, it will be the guide in the face of darkness and difficulty.


The numbers in our lives can have a strong symbolism, and you can learn so much by interpreting the numbers in your life.

As soon as you notice the numbers 19:19 on your clock, this means it is time to start working harder on your goals and to become a kinder person to others. Even though you should push harder, this doesn’t mean you should ignore the feelings of those around you.