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20:02 – Meaning

The power of numbers is something that we cannot deny and everywhere we look, there are numbers that reminds us of important things.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the importance, symbolism and meaning of numbers 20:02 when they appear on our clocks, around us and in our lives. If numbers 20:02 have been following you around, this is a perfect opportunity to find out what they mean.

20:02 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Numbers 20:02 are telling us to forget about the heartaches we are experiencing right now and to move on with our lives as soon as possible. Sooner or later, each of us once suffers from heartache. The symptoms are different for everyone and last different lengths.

Not only as a teenager, can you suffer from severe heartache. Adults also suffer when it comes to separation or unrequited love. Heartache can affect the whole body. Shortly after a breakup, the regions of the brain that are responsible for emotions, drive, motivation, sleeping and eating behavior may stop working as they did before.

Men also suffer, but treat separation pain differently. Where women share their worries, talk to friends or family, and express their emotions, men seldom tell stories when things are not going well in the relationship.

The first step is always the hardest. If you really want to overcome your lovesickness, it is imperative that you break off contact with the person you are mourning for. This means: no meetings, no phone calls and no SMS or WhatsApp messages. Be sure to suppress the urge to learn about him or her. If you look at his photos every day or hope that you get an answer, you only make it worse.

By breaking contact, you take a drastic step, but it’s the best way to overcome lovesickness. Although you suffer more than if you slowly wean from your ex, but your lovesickness lasts shorter and you can stand faster with both legs in life again.

It is natural after a breakup or the certainty that your love is not reciprocated to be sad. You cannot really control lovesickness and it’s hard to fight against it. So it helps to let everything out right after the breakup. Wines, if you feel like it, and spend the whole day in bed, when your drive has left you. Eat what you feel like and talk to friends or your family.

The important thing is that you do not get into this extreme mourning phase. After letting all your frustration go, it’s time to come back to life and allow different ways of thinking. But more about that in the next step.

How can you get over your heartache when there are photos of you and your ex everywhere in your room, on your phone, and as a screensaver? It is not possible to accept a separation when all sorts of things remind you of your past. So say goodbye to all kinds of memorabilia that could throw you back. Learn to let go.

If it’s too hard for you to throw away everything, it’s enough to remove the memorabilia from your field of vision. Pack everything in a closet or ask family or friends to take the stuff. This includes not only photos, but also decoration, clothing, stuffed animals, pillows, jewelry and other things that you have either bought together or your Ex has given you.

You should also delete photos on your computer or put them on a USB stick and give it to a friend or family member.

What Does 20*02 Mean Spiritually

Numbers 20:02 can also be linked to angel numbers. They are the numbers that follow us around everywhere we go, so they can send us a valuable message. No matter how much we believe in their power, we can all agree that at one point in our lives we have seen those numbers around us.

The number 2002 is telling you to start believing in yourself and to give away all the doubts that have been keeping you away from success. Only when you truly realize that your guardian angels are there for you and that you are protected by them, is the moment when you will find the strength to do so.

2002 in Numerology

To determine the meaning of the number twenty we must resort to Numerology where we will discover that this is related to the meaning of the number Two. In fact, Numerology tells us that by making the sum of the two digits that make up 20, as a result we have the number Two, or 2 + 0 = 2. To understand, therefore, the meaning of this number, let’s discover the interpretation of the number Two.

Number Two, in Orthodox Numerology, represents duality and the union of two elements. The Number Two, and therefore also the number Twenty, therefore stands as a symbol of relational, associative and diplomatic relations.

The 20 is also considered the number of the couple’s life. The relationship with the 20 is characterized by a high degree of intimacy and participation. Sensitive and aware, the person of this number is prepared, where necessary, to offer support to others, as well as to himself, demonstrating friendship, understanding and tact in all aspects of daily life.

From an esoteric point of view, the number twenty represents action in an irrational way. An irrationality that can be punished in the event of a deviation from the main road.

Still in an esoteric perspective, the number 20 represents many of the darker sides of the human being. Among these symbolisms we find suspicion and insinuations, malice and insensitivity of mind.

However, this number also represents the spirit of adventure that is expressed above all in travel and love affairs. Furthermore, it is the number combined with people who are shrewd and gifted, as well as symbolizing business, especially those of a certain importance and luxurious marriages.

Two is the number of the intellect and the source of the mental conception. It is also the number of passive and receptive people. For the most part they are calm, kind, kind, organized and scrupulous. Although not ambitious, they get everything they want, but always by persuasion, never by force or by breaking barriers.

Another characteristic of people with this number is constant hesitation, that is, tendency to postpone important decisions for any reason. The two is the first even number, receptive, of Yin energy. The man recognizes that he has a mate and now points to himself and to her, representing that idea with two sticks stuck in the ground.

It is the number of polarities: life-death, sun-moon, and day-night, everything that is dual and which makes up the Universe. In the Sepher Yetzirah, the second path of wisdom is the crown of creation and the light of manifest intelligence.

What to Do If You See 20:02?

Be it an unfulfilled love or a painful separation, it always helps to distract oneself and to enjoy life – at least in phases. When you see the numbers 20:02, you can be sure that you need to stop doubting yourself and start believing in everything you can do. Of course, there will always be phases of grief in between, in which you suddenly have to think of the other. But at least you have phases in which you do not have to think about it for a second.

Let yourself be tempted by friends, drive away for a weekend, do a language study or visit your family. It also helps a lot of people to start a new hobby or to concentrate on their job, university, education or school.

After a breakup, self-esteem can ever suffer. Especially if you have been betrayed or lied to, it is important not to blame you. Do not see yourself as a victim, but be angry and look forward. Be glad that you are separated from a person who treated you like this. Be aware of its negative qualities and illuminate the positive sides of separation.

Keep telling yourself that you have earned something better and that you will find someone to treat you that way. Find out how to boost your self-esteem here. We have summarized a few important points for you in advance.

Especially women often help them overcome lovesickness by rephrasing themselves. This can be a new hair color, a new haircut, a new make-up or new clothes. It helps your old self, which is in connection with your ex, to lay down and with a smile to regard your new self as a symbol of your new life.

Success experiences help you to strengthen your self-esteem. If you are dissatisfied with your body and your self-esteem has suffered from the separation, you should work on your body. For one, Sport releases endorphins and you will feel happy.

On the other hand, he will help you to make you feel beautiful again and prepare you for the single life. Alternatively, a diet or diet can help focus on a small, new project that makes you feel better.

Make a list of all the things you like about yourself. There will certainly be some character traits or physical features that you do not find bad about yourself. Keep in mind that you are a lovable person who has not been esteemed but for whom life now continues.

A friendship after the separation is in principle possible and often provides a bright spot for the separated. However, the condition is that no one suffers more when he sees the other. Just when one leaves the other, the rejection must first be processed.

If there are still strong feelings in the game, a friendship will not work. Issues and jealousies are inevitable. If the separation was consensual and the lovesickness is more focused on losing a good friend, a friendship becomes possible faster.

Do not make too strong hopes that you and your ex will still be happy. Often behind this thought is the hope that you come together again through this friendship or the repression of feelings, only to be close to the ex-somehow.

In both cases, you will end up suffering more than before. Distance is the best way to overcome separation pain. So you are suffering more intensively, but you will be able to process the heartache faster.

To really start over, you need to be aware of what you really want. If the separation also brings some positive qualities to you and you are ready to go single, then do it too. Just because it may not be socially acceptable to go back to search after a breakup, you should not give it up.

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, you may not even be able to imagine what it’s like to have dates and flirt. But in any case, it does you good to get confirmation and to make you aware that your ex was not the only partner for you.


Everyone needs to get over separation pain for different lengths of time. Some overcome their lovesickness after a few days, some only after years. Only get involved in a new relationship when you are really ready for it. Everyone has a different pace to build trust again.

Friends and family sometimes have coupling activities so you can better overcome your lovesickness. Numbers 20:02 are only there to remind you how valuable you actually are and how much you are worthy. Don’t let someone undervalue who you are and always put yourself on the first place.