Hours Meaning

21:11 – Meaning

The mirror hours or the twin hours are hours whose hour digits correspond to those of the minutes. But there are also inverted mirror hours with a symmetry screen like 21:11.

These hours have special meanings, if you see them often, it can mean many things.

It is a message from his guardian angel, because these hours materialize the synchronicity of the earthly universe with that of the angels. It can warn you of a danger, answer a question or others. But we can also interpret mirror hours by returning to numerology.

Does the inverse mirror time 21:11 intrigue you because you saw it regularly for a few days? This time is hiding a message, and you will have to find out.

Above all, know that it is time for optimism, family, idealism and creativity.

By showing you this time, your angel encourages you to erase his fears and refocus on your goals. You may not know it, but you have natural skills and abilities to succeed.

You will have to stay positive and serene to achieve compliance. In addition, you will have to trust yourself and those around you to make your dreams come true.

21:11 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

The inverse time 21:11 is a message that you have to decipher, coming from the guardian angel Mehiel. It should be noted that this angel is the symbol of protection and inspiration. His message is that you no longer have to worry, because your angel is here to protect you from evil spirits and demonic forces.

This protective and benefactor angel also tells you that it improves your imagination and your receptivity, and these are necessary skills if you are a writer and if you want to share your writings. The deep understanding it gives comes from the inspiration of heaven. All this is combined by improving your mental faculty so that it is in harmony with your imagination.

Mehiel also tries to tell you that it gives you a lot of strength so that you can succeed in everything you do. From now on you can understand the connection between the science of sleep and technology. Such knowledge is useful if you work in intellectual activities, programming and others.

But guardian angel Mehiel is still at your side to repair your lack of energy and your inability to think or do something. He wants to assure you that you will no longer face a useless and fruitless life, repair your problems to create and achieve your accomplishments

He also tells him that he accompanies you in your fight against hyperactivity and excessive emotion.

But also, it changes you if you want to constantly like, be loved and be known to all at the same time that protects you from personality disorders. He doesn’t want you to play a role or lack objectivity.

What Does 21*11 Mean Spiritually?

Angelic numerology 33 comes with a very good vibration that brings success and luck in creations and commercial operations. It gives you good communication skills and simplifies your relationships with others while providing persuasive ability.

The number 33 when linked to the time spent of 21:11 improves its altruistic side. The underlying message is that you pay special attention to the needs of your classmates, help them easily, even at the expense of yourself, especially the people you love. Do not be surprised if you are captivated by counseling, volunteering and medicine.

The angelic number 33 of the 21:11 hour of the reverse mirror also announces that no matter what changes and projects you are currently experiencing, they are certainly worth it, and on the one hand, your guardian angel accompanies you for your success. You can have good results because he supports you.

Through the number 33, your angel also tries to tell you that it gives you courage, optimism and enthusiasm. He wants you to know that you are blessed, loved and supported person in everything you do. He wants you to live in joy and passion while keeping your goals in mind.

Also, with respect to your relationships with others, you don’t have to worry because the number 33 repeats itself as a sign of some stability in your feelings towards others.

You are a person who is always in touch with others and knows how to maintain your relationships with the people around you. You no longer have to worry because your guardian angel constantly takes care of you.

2111 in Numerology

It is believed that the meaning of the number 21 is one of the most sought after today. All because, it has the “fame” of being a totally positive number for life; in terms of travel and in terms of economic stability.

Therefore, today we have decided to talk a little more about the meaning and / or the symbolism of it.

A brief example of what happens with the meaning of the twenty-first number in terms of history is that, in 2012; the Mayans always affirmed that the world was going to end on September 21.

Now, no matter how much it is a successful number; the meaning of the number 21 has a positive side and a negative side.

Therefore, we have decided to talk a little more about these aspects to the figure. On the positive side we can find a figure that allows the resounding success to people.

In general, people who carry the twenty-one number marked at their destination are totally friendly and affectionate people.

In addition, they always seek to make a good impression both physically and sentimentally. Adding that, the number 21 also has positive aspects for people with enough creativity.

Therefore, artists who have the number twenty-one in their destination; they will be successful people to the fullest. It doesn’t matter if they are writers, painters or musicians.

They will always be lucky on their side and, all this is because, the number 21 is made up of special numbers. A clear example of this are the prime numbers “3 and 7”; which are related to luck, intelligence and optimism.

Finally, on the negative side; the number 21 may refer to people not being accustomed to changes; especially in young people. They lose their heads when something goes wrong and sometimes they can commit acts that they may regret later. Simply put, they are impatient.

What to Do If You See 21:11?

The first symbolism of the number 21 is because we are in the 21st century. Therefore, it is said that being fully connected; many more ideas will arrive in your head and you will have much more success than with any other figure.

But, without a doubt; the most relevant symbolism of the number twenty-one refers to the changes that a person can have in the course of his life; from the most external to the most internal or personal. Now, these changes are always for success.

It should be noted that, many people with the number 21 at their destination; they may feel that their world collapses when they are young.

But, with the passage of time; they realize the true success they were going to have. People who identify with the number twenty one and have an advanced age, live a calm and happy life.

The number 21 has also had great pronunciations in history. All because, philosophers associated him with success and with the good things that happened in his life. In fact, many people believe that the laws created by the universe are reflected in that figure.

Do you know the meaning of the number 11? This number, within numerology, is one of the most significant, along with other numbers such as 22 and 33. Double 1, or number 11 is related to aspects such as intuition, sensitivity and the ability to solve problems that could be complicated for others.

It is associated with characteristics of the number 1 and the number 2 (when it is decomposed to give the sum of 1 + 1 = 2) Among the characteristics that define it most, it could be that the people who carry the number eleven are visionary, dreamy and idealists.

If you are interested in learning more about this number, we will talk a little more about its meaning within numerology, its advantages and negative aspects.

It is common that in numerology, numbers that contain more than one digit, are reduced to numbers from 1 to 9. This applies to all numbers except those that are considered master numbers, which are 11, 22 and 33.

Master numbers have been of interest to many dedicated to numerology, since as the same name indicates, it is believed that these numbers represent important characteristics that are not defined by worldly and material life. Other experts consider other numbers as 44, 55 66, 77…

As for the number 11, it is considered to speak of strong and brave people. They have a lot of spiritual and internal power.

Those who carry the number eleven, have a great imagination, and a sensitivity that could be seen above normal, which helps them to their intuitive ability, which allows them to take advantage of problematic situations that could hinder their path.


This number could be considered as a magic number. There is a belief that when the clock says 21:11, a wish must be made, although this only works if you have seen the clock by chance.

This is due to the belief that this figure keeps a type of magnetism, which attracts us and makes the brain detect that it is close, even seconds before seeing it, and causes us to see just the time at that time.

If the number eleven turns out to be constant in your life, you can consider it as a situation that requires your understanding and learning. They represent a guide and ask you to be a little more aware of your recent actions, to learn from them and improve.

Those who carry this number may be destined for great purposes, but for that, they must be in balance with themselves, and to achieve this, they require some learning that could last for years, to know and know what surrounds them; discover what they are really passionate about and interested in.

You may feel some frustration at not achieving it on your first attempt, but part of your mistakes, become much of your learning. And that’s what 11 is about. Learning, knowledge, discovery and guidance.

Make sure you open up your heart and accept the messages behind the numbers that come into your world, because you can never know what opportunities lie ahead.

Perhaps you can completely change your life and become more secure in your decisions.

Believing in these numbers is not something that everyone is up to, but you never know what your life can turn out to be if you bring a little spiritualism in it.