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21:12 – Meaning

Numbers are always around us and their magical powers affect us whether we believe in that or not. No matter if you believe in the magical power of numbers, you must have noticed a number following you around.

These numbers are sent to you by the higher forces, to remind you about the important goals you need to accomplish in life.

In today’s text we will talk about the powerful energy of numbers 21:12. These numbers can show up on your clock, on license plates and everywhere you look around you.

There is an important message behind these numbers, so listen to it carefully.

21:12 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Am I in love? – This is the question, numbers 21:12 are asking you. We’ll inform you about the different levels of love and help you figure out if you’re in love with some sure signs. Finally get clarity and do the self-test.

Our feelings are often a joke and can be influenced by a variety of factors. That’s why it can be hard for us to interpret or name them clearly. Especially the topic love does not make it easy for us. The certainty that you are in love can turn the whole world upside down.

You may suddenly feel the need to enter into a relationship or try to repress your feelings because you know that a relationship could never work out and you would suffer from heartache. In any case, you probably want to know if the other one feels the way you do. Such strong emotions are difficult to control and will provide some change in your life.

Being in love can be expressed in different nuances, and everyone defines being in love a bit differently. You may find yourself in one of the statements, and they help you better define or delineate your feelings. Possible answers to the question of whether you are in love could be:

If you still find it difficult to describe and articulate your feelings, perhaps some of our love quotes or love quotes may help you. Where is the difference between falling in love and love and can you feel both at the same time? Infatuation can definitely be considered as a precursor to love, but it can also blossom again and again within a relationship.

In the first infatuation phase you see everything through pink glasses and the emotions are crazy. You feel a tingling sensation in your stomach and could embrace the whole world. This phase can subside in light raptures and is above all physical. It is primarily about the attraction and desire that one feels for the other.

The other possibility is that the feeling of being in love develops into true love. Here, not only the physical, but a true bond is created. It develops friendship and trust – the most important prerequisites of a happy relationship.

If in a relationship the love falls off a bit and it is time that love arises, this can be a test. As soon as the pink glasses have fallen off and you master the problems of everyday life together, you no longer notice only the positive qualities of the other. When love has developed and is strong enough, one can overlook the other’s negative qualities.

The feeling of being in love has to be limited to a relationship but not to the first phase. It is indeed the most intense phase, but also later spring feelings can arise again and again. Above all, certain external circumstances can provoke this feeling. This could, for example, be a holiday together or the decision to contract or marry.

You feel freshly in love again, although you have known each other for so long. Even in this phase, the little quirks of the other move into the background. Bad times or disputes are forgotten. The look is directed to the qualities of the other and the happy times in the relationship.

Women and men behave surprisingly similar when in love. Because of this, we have found a variety of signs that apply to both sexes. So you can finally be sure, if you are really in love or if it is rather a little crush that quickly fades away.

You are always in a good mood when you are close to the other? And you have been pretty happy and happy with your life lately? That is a clear sign that too much you are in love. When we spend time with a person for whom we have strong feelings, our mood automatically improves. Just think about how happy you are to see a good friend again.

When you are in love, the feeling increases a lot. You can identify yourself with the statement “I could embrace the whole world!” You are clearly in love.

You’re in love when you suddenly feel like doing new things and the urge to overpower you. You have much more energy than usual and the desire to be physically active. In addition, you are much more spontaneous and usually more self-confident compared to most people.

You may even want to get the most out of yourself to impress your crush. Excessively emotional reactions to ordinary things are a sign of falling in love. If you’re in love, life is just more fun.

You catch yourself as you cancel appointments or appointments to be together with the other? Also, do you plan to keep certain days off in order to spend time with the other? You are probably in love. Of course you also postpone appointments for a good friend, but usually you do not focus all you’re planning on him. If you are in love, the other has priority over everything.

This sign does not necessarily apply to every single person, but for many, it can be interpreted as a clear sign of falling in love: little appetite. The phrase “can live by air and love” describes it aptly: lovers are often so happy and satisfied that they have no need for food at all. They draw enough energy for the day from their state of mind.

The Latin saying “Amantes amentes.” To German: “lovers are of the senses.”, Respectively, “in love, crazy.” Illustrates their mental state. They act against reason and are guided by their emotions. Often this is accompanied by lack of concentration and confusion. The fact that the body plays crazy, the mind is no longer clear thoughts.

Everything revolves around the feelings and the one person who triggers them. On the one hand, this is a nice feeling on the other hand, but on the other hand, everyday life is less easy to cope with, since both the school and the university as well as the job concentration and focus are in demand. Here are tips and exercises for more concentration.

This symptom of falling in love does not have to apply to every person. Nevertheless, the sudden desire to sing or hum is definitely an expression of cheerfulness and happiness. Especially in people who are otherwise reserved with vocal expression, singing is a striking feature of falling in love. It serves as a valve for the good mood and the energy surplus.

Romantic love songs have been a no-go for you so far? Well, if you’re in love that can change very quickly. Kitschy ballads suddenly trigger something in you that you can identify with, and you may even feel the urge to sing along.

If you’re in love with someone, you’re always thinking about that person. Everything somehow reminds you of her and every reasonable thought is thwarted by her. Thus, your topics of conversation are always relocating to this one person. If another topic is in focus, you are looking for reasons to talk about it again. How could you be different if she is the only one who is currently involved?

You’re in love when you often catch yourself smiling. When smiling and laughing, the happy hormones endorphin and serotonin are released. Moving the corners of the mouth upwards alone signals to our brains that we are happy. Lovers smile unusually well, especially when they talk about their crush, get a message from him, or think about him.

As the world shines for you in a new light and you are completely happy when you are in love, it also affects your environment. You are friendlier with your fellow human beings and have much more patience with them. Even on bad days and difficult tasks nobody can spoil your mood so fast. Being in love makes it easier for you to endure unpleasant things.

What Does 21*12 Mean Spiritually

The numbers 21:12 are also linked to the angel number 2112. The message behind the angel number 2112 is the message of love and emotions. This angel number is going to come into your life when you need a little bit of support and love from the higher forces.

Your guardian angels are pushing you to express yourself and to open your heart to the different people in your life. You have been hurt in the past, but now it is time to open your heart and let people in if you want to heal and move further.

If you continue to hide under the rock and ignore your emotions, you will never be able to heal and be yourself again. The more you allow yourself to grow and the more you challenge yourself, the easier it will become to find someone who will be your perfect match.

Your guardian angels are there to motivate you and give you support when it comes to finding your true self and true love. People cannot guess what we are feeling, so we need to express our emotions clearly and not hide them.

2112 in Numerology

Generally, the meaning of the number Twenty-one is luck, economic stability, success in life and greater personal satisfaction and elevation.

A similar meaning can be found in tarot cards such as success, then security and the “happy ending”. In numerology (21 = 7 x 3) it represents the triad of the human journey which ends precisely with the number 21 and is its symbol is the spiral. In the religious sphere, being the product of two sacred numbers, the number Seven and the number Three, the twenty-one is considered the number of perfection. It is the twenty-first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the “shin”, whose numerical value is 300 and expresses the divine power and at the same time corruption.

The Kabbalistic meaning of the number 21 is: “On the one hand sincere friendship helps to survive, on the other it defends from all enemies”. It is combined with a series of figures such as the woman, the farm, the barber, the age, the nose, the panic, the epidemic, the guide, the abduction, the caress, the belt and the zoo.

Twenty-one is the number of loyalty, trust and loyalty. But also courage, true friendships, laws and civil rights. Brave actions are also connected to the number Twenty-one. The defense of the weakest and the maintenance of promises. It is also the number of books, codes, taxes. But also testaments, godfather, guardian and the laws of the pack.

Some curiosities related to the number Twenty-one are: animals associated with it like the Eagle, the wolf, the lion. It is the eighth number of the Fibonacci series. It is the number of times the Om Mantra is sung during Aumkara, an ancient Hindu practice. The number 21 as t

The Twelve has a very marked esoteric meaning as it is associated with the physical and mystical proofs that the initiate must accomplish. Once the tests have been passed, it leads to a transformation, as the transition takes place on difficult trials, the only ones that lead to real growth.

In many cultures the initiation rites are performed at the age of 12, after which we enter an adult age. We quote a passage by Corinne Morel published in the Dictionary of symbols, myths and beliefs. 12 marks the entrance into puberty and therefore induces the idea of ​​a radical transformation which is based on a very difficult and tiring passage which is the only one that really leads to growth.

This is why 12 implicitly translates obstacles, difficult passages, and puzzles to be solved. In most societies, the initiation rites, destined to gain access to the adult status, are practiced in the twelfth year of age.

What to Do If You See 21:12?

When numbers 21:12 appear in your life, this means you need to start opening up more and expressing what you need. Whenever you feel like your emotions are bottling up, this means you have to start opening up to people.

Numbers 21:12 might appear on your watch or somewhere else around you, so keep your eyes open and always look out for these numbers. They are just reminders that our lives can be great or even better, but only if we take ourselves seriously and become engaged in making it better.


Number 21:12 are there to put an accent on your feelings and opening up your heart to new experiences. As soon as you notice these numbers, start working on yourself and stop being closed up to the world, because something great might be hiding out there in the world.