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21:21 – Meaning

Surely you have to see on your watch the mirror time 06:06 and believe it or not, this is not a matter of chance. Thanks to the mirror time 21:21 your guardian angel is looking to get your attention to send you a message.

What is the meaning of mirror time 21:21? Discover the message that your guardian angel has for you.

If it has already been several times for you to see this mirror time 21:21, then there is no doubt, your guardian angel is wanting to send you a message. What are you waiting for? Discover the message that your angel has for you.

The 21:21 hour has a positive sense, you are very important for a person, but you do not realize because your mind is very concerned about the material aspects of your life.

Therefore it is time to focus and pay attention to love and people close to you. If some family problems come to light, keep calm, since you have the ability to influence in a positive way.

21:21 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Mirror hour 21:21 is telling you to start working harder and to focus on your obligations. People who have high self-esteem are responsible for their own lives and take an active and non-passive role in the face of difficulties.

They look for ways to solve them instead of blaming themselves or looking for someone to fix their problems. In addition, they struggle to achieve their goals for themselves, without waiting for another person or destiny to help them achieve them.

These people, who have assumed responsibility for their own existence, have more confidence in themselves and are more prepared for life, so their self-esteem will continue to increase.

On the contrary, people who do not assume responsibility for their own actions feel victim of others and lament their bad luck. He is not in control of his own life, since he himself has given it to others.

Thus, when he fails, he can always blame someone but he can never feel he has the power to change or improve his existence.

To start living responsibly, it is necessary to admit that no one will come to help us whenever we need anything.

Once we have accepted that the responsibility of our life lies in ourselves, we will become more active and capable and, by this simple fact, our self-esteem will increase.

Taking responsibility for our life implies being responsible for our choices and actions, our time, our work, the care of our body, our personal relationships and how we treat them, the meaning of our existence, our emotions and thoughts …

Finally, keep in mind that not everything can be controlled in life. There may be accidental events that we cannot take responsibility for.

Both blaming ourselves for events that are beyond our control and not accepting our responsibility for the facts that we can control will lead to our self-esteem being reduced. You have to know what things depend on me and what not to be able to maintain a balanced self-esteem.

What Does 21*21 Mean Spiritually?

Number 21 is combined out of numbers 2 and 1. Number 2 can be symbolized by TWO HASTES or by VESICA PISCIS, the “holy almond”, intersection point between two circles, which is also the representation of the female, the Mother, the Moon and the Woman, the female energy, the patience, the cooperation, gentleness, intuition, docility, motherhood, companionship.

According to sacred symbology, the almond that forms at the intersection of two circles (heaven and earth), also represents the 2, also symbolizes the vagina.

Two is the number of the intellect and the source of the mental conception. It is also the number of passive and receptive people. Most of them are calm, kind, kind, organized and scrupulous. Although not ambitious, they get everything they want, but always by persuasion, never by force or breaking barriers.

Another feature of people with this number is the constant hesitation, ie tendency to postpone important decisions for whatever reason. The man recognizes that he has a mate and now points to himself and her, representing this idea with two sticks stuck in the ground. It is the number of polarities: life-death, sun-moon, day-night, all that is dual and that makes up the universe.

In some religions, the number 1 may also reveal the divine, a unique God. But this symbol of individuality is also taken as the representation of man himself, for the standing, erect human being is the image of number. It is also the effigy of the myth of the first man, Adam.

This idea of being unique is linked to the leader’s role and, consequently, to power, strength and ambition. Because it is the first, and gives rise to the other numbers, the 1 is also related to objectivity and achievement.

2121 in Numerology

The number 21 is another number of supreme numerological importance, symbolizing perfection, integrity and all-powerful unity. The last numbered sheet of the Tarot is “The World”, the twenty-first Major Arcana and symbolizes the expansion of evolution, since the Tarot itself is formed by ternaries and septenaries, giving the number 21 supreme synthesis value. It corresponds to the whole of what is manifested, that is, to the world, the result of permanent creative action.

Arcane 21 symbolizes the totality of the world and of man. The alchemists considered the hermaphrodite the symbol of this perfect union, since it was a reflection of the number 21, since the feminine 2 was located on the left side next to the masculine 1 that occupied the right side together forming that great unit that represents the number 21.

The El Mundo card usually has a female or hemaphrodite character in the center and in each of the 4 corners we will always find the 4 cherubs of Ezekiel’s vision. The central character is always naked and has his left leg crossed behind his right leg that remains upright, in a clear allusion to the alchemical sulfur symbol. This figure represents the divine fire and the heart of the Great Mystery.

The surrounding crown represents nature, but also symbolizes the crown that is given to the initiate when he learns to dominate the 4 guardians and reach the revealed Truth. The cherubs represent the elements, the worlds, the forces and the planes that leave the fiery and divine center of all life.

In The Bible, 21 is a symbol of perfection and maturity. It symbolizes divine wisdom: “mirror of eternal light, which crosses and penetrates all grace in its purity.” The Bible mentions this number in relation to something extremely important. The 21 traits of wisdom are listed in the Book of Wisdom.

Who managed to internalize the 21 aspects described in that book, could consider that he reached the age of majority in a spiritual plane. As on many other occasions, the Bible strongly respects everything related to the science of Numerology: the chapter where the Book of Wisdom recounts these 21 aspects one by one, could not be other than chapter seven.

At the beginning of the article we referred to 21 as a number that reflects synthesis. Many racket and ball sports are related to 21. The same table tennis is played every set at 21 points. Upon reaching 21, many games and clashes end, it is a number that marks the end. Who reaches 21 wins.

The number 21 corresponds to the number of the century we are currently living, according to the Western calendar. But there was another 21 that the calendar gave much to talk about and thanks to which millions of books were sold. I am referring to the famous December 21, 2012 which, according to most experts, marked the end of the world in the Mayan calendar. Throughout the year 2012, there was no talk of anything else, until December 22 dawned and, … something else butterfly.

The number 21 is related to the name of a global agenda. This implies that Agenda 21 has a structure that, starting from a global level, is specialized in a totally pyramidal wayBut the number 21 is also the number with which Pope Francis baptized his television channel, Orb 21. A ‘clean’ channel of transmission of values, addressed to the family and that a child can watch at any time of the day. And, above all, “a channel to fulfill the wishes of the Pope”, according to their current managers who, how could it be otherwise, all belong to Telefónica. God creates them and they get together.

In the past, number 21 was related to military service and coming of age. But times have been changing and military service is no longer in fashion, nobody practices it anymore. At that time all the Spaniards that the 21 years played soldiers, passed under the Spanish flag and swore their loyalty without knowing that Bosnia and Afghanistan were waiting for them with open arms.

As for the age of majority, it happens that lately the weather seems to have accelerated in such a way, that the children at 11 years old, already fire missiles. Live to see.

With this article dedicated to the number 21, we finish the numerological analysis of the numbers that are part of the great family of the Major Arcana. Professor Lester in his Numerology classes, devoted special attention to explaining the symbolic importance contained in these numbers. Some numbers that make it possible that “below is as above”.

What to Do If You See 21:21?

When something goes wrong, what does it mean to take responsibility? Does it mean that you just embrace guilt for failing instead of piling it on someone else?

If you think, let’s talk about very positive behaviors that describe what it means to assume responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

Logically, when a mistake is made or a problem arises, the first thing is to identify what happens and recognize the role one has in the situation.

After analyzing the problem, the responsible person turns their attention to finding solutions and carrying them out.

Faced with an error, the most comfortable is to blame another. If not everything, on the one hand.

But doing this, in addition to being harmful to personal relationships, implies giving up one’s power to act.

Yes, the other may have screwed up well. Theirs is that you recognize your part when the subject is exposed to analyze it in common and that you face the consequences of your actions.

However, the responsible person, more than in the blame game, is interested in fixing the situation and, of course, in seeing what he can contribute on his part to fix it.

The person who accepts his responsibility does not get stuck in the “not fair” when things do not go as he would have preferred. Observe what happened and try to do your part the best you can.

When it comes to solving the problem, the responsible person focuses only where he has the power to act; only in what he / she can change. There is no point in wasting your time on aspects that are not under your control or influence, such as the decisions that others may make, for example.

The responsible person analyzes the situation, recognizes their error, explores solutions, stays with those in their hands … And takes the next step: execute their decisions.

Take action without the guarantee that your plans will work. And if, in the worst case, he did things wrong again, he will again look at the situation objectively and seek solutions to get ahead.


It is not known with certainty when the mirror appeared in the life of man, the truth is that it is found from the most remote antiquity, when history did not exist yet, only dark memories, stories and fantastic legends.

Although for this materialist century the mirror is only an object of ordinary and daily use, for those men of ancient civilizations it also had a religious and magical purpose, and was used in many different ways. Mirror hours are there to offer you advice and guide you in the right direction, so listen to them if you want to see yourself succeeding in the best possible way.