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22:22 – Meaning

Every time we notice a number following us around, there is an important message we need to learn and apply on our own problems.

This is the only way we can find solutions to our problems and also feel a divine support for the things that we do. It is always hard to fight against the problems of the world when we are alone against them.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the meaning of the numbers 22:22 on the clock and in general, so that we can understand what this means when we notice this number following us around.

22:22 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Every number is hiding a message behind it and the numbers 22:22 are telling you to become stronger and to believe more in the power that lies inside of you.

To get a stronger self-esteem, can be learned. If you value yourself, you lay the foundation for others to appreciate you. You appear more secure in your private and professional life and you dare to do more.

Self-esteem is the result of what you think about yourself. For many people, self-esteem is too low. They think that they can enrich anyone with their presence and have no talents. High self-esteem means that people feel very confident and think they can do it all.

If self-esteem is too high, there is a risk of overestimation or self-love. A healthy mediocrity is the solution: This results in a confident appearance and confidence in yourself, even to be able to cope with difficult tasks.

Many people find it difficult to talk about themselves. They do not take themselves so seriously and are scared of being disappointed when they think deeply about themselves. Yet, in countless situations of life, it is incredibly important to value yourself and to stand by your achievements. With the following exercises, you can learn to strengthen your self-esteem.

If you want to boost your self-esteem, the following exercises can certainly help. There are many benefits to having yourself appreciated. For one thing, you prevent others from exploiting you, even if they are not aware of it.

People with low self-esteem tend to sacrifice themselves. Even within the family or with joy, they usually cannot enforce their interests. They tend to stay in the background, go the path of least resistance and are therefore often overlooked.

Even flirting is only successful if you appreciate your merits. In order to establish yourself in a partnership, you also need a certain amount of emotional strength. As you can see, low self-esteem affects all sorts of situations. So it’s high time to strengthen it.

Strengthen your self-esteem by taking responsibility. Even small responsible tasks prove that you can be trusted and that you can achieve something. People with low self-esteem tend to avoid such situations. They are afraid of the unknown and are afraid of failing or of disappointing someone – in the worst case, themselves.

Jump over your shadow and dare to new ventures. Success experiences promote your self-esteem. Think of small tasks that you feel are feasible, and over time you can increase yourself. Here are some suggestions where you can take responsibility and prove yourself: You also have to be able to laugh about yourself. Instead of pondering your shortcomings and feeling bad, you should make jokes about them.

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. These mistakes can even become your trademark, and whenever they come out, you can laugh at them again.

An example is when you are awkward. You always fall when eating something out of your mouth or you spill yourself full? When you open a bag, half the contents usually fall out and glasses often end up buried on the floor? Do not be ashamed. These little mishaps can in principle happen to anyone, and being more common to you than the others makes you special.

It’s like a personal insider that you can laugh about even in more formal situations when you take it with humor. It always depends on how much you value and how you are staging yourself. Are you ashamed and run away, the situation gets uncomfortable. But if you laugh at yourself and emphasize that something like that is constantly happening to you, the others will laugh with you.

Low self-esteem is associated with weak self-esteem (how to strengthen your self-confidence is here). You are not aware of what you actually want because you are too busy with it is to agree with others. This behavior is not only based on fear of conflict, but also on the fear of not being liked.

But if you do not like yourself, how should others do it? You only find out if people like you, how you are, if you are real, how you are, a person with rough edges, with an opinion and a very own character. The following exercise can help you to be authentic and to better represent your opinion in the future.

The next time you have a conversation with a friend or family member, be careful not to agree. Even if you have no other opinion, you can train so in case of enforce cases. Remember again and again: friends and family love you too, if you say your honest opinion. In principle, they want to be honest when they ask for your opinion. Of course, you should not hurt or offend anyone, but show why you cannot agree with what you said. Stable friendships do not hurt a disagreement, it makes them even stronger. T

he first time you can talk alone with a friend or family member, the next time you can go to bigger groups and slowly increase yourself.

An unstable self-esteem gets out of balance through a variety of things. It can be a bad grade at school, a quarrel in which insults have fallen, a breakup, adversity, or even minimal weight swings that cause doubt. To stabilize your self-esteem, you must first define it.

The first step is to assess yourself. So you can see if your self-esteem is too low and you should continue with the exercises to strengthen it. What is your sense of self? How can you improve it? To find out, you can ask yourself the following questions. Your first answer to the question should be simply from the gut. You can take your time with the second answer.

How do I rate my character? Imagine a scale of one to ten and rate yourself quite spontaneously. Write down the number or say it aloud. Now think deeply about what your best character traits are and which ones you have that you would like to change. If the positive character traits outweigh that is ever a good sign.

However, if you think of more bad things, you should definitely do the next exercises. Has your self-assessment improved or deteriorated when you think about it, or are you unsure how to rate yourself? Uncertainties in your assessment and hesitant behavior indicate that there is an urgent need to strengthen your self-esteem.

To make you aware that you have great qualities, you can do the following: ask friends or relatives what they like about you. If you’re embarrassed, you can also ask her to write it down. Whenever you have self-doubt, you can read this note. It gives you new courage and reminds you how much others appreciate you. As it says on these notes, you should also see yourself.

What Does 22*22 Mean Spiritually?

The numbers 22:22 can be linked to the angel number 2222 that has a special meaning and symbolism behind it. The angel number 2222 has the number 2 repeating itself 4 times.

The number 2 (two), the first number that can be divided, means duality, and hence diversity, according to Pythagorean numerology. For the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, the second day of the second month carried a bad symbolism. This was because it was dedicated to Pluto, who is the god of Hell in Roman mythology.

According to Taoism, however, it is representative of cooperation and balance. And it’s the lucky number for the Chinese.

The number 2 has a very strong symbolism in this number sequence which gives you a clear message that you should listen to these messages. Whenever your guardian angels want to send you an important message, they are going to send you angel numbers that will follow you around everywhere you go.

2222 in Numerology

Twenty-two would be, according to Jewish tradition, the books of the Old Testament; as 22 are the elements that the almighty created during the 6 days of creation.

At the time of creation, God actually limited himself to naming all created things and immediately, through the invocation of their precise name, manifested and were thus created from nothing. This because the name contains in itself the very essence of the created thing. By virtue of the fact that God is the creator of all creation, the 22 names therefore refer to “all that exists”. Thus the secret of the creation of the universe by God is contained in the number 22.

The individual 22 is configured as a ruler, and emerges among all those around him, distinguishing himself in a definite and singular way, just as in the same way God is separated and distinct from the same creation.

The Kabbalistic interpretation of the number 22 and its hidden meaning indicates that this number is associated both with the grumpy and the angry and with the serious and respectful but at the same time rigid people.

In the circumstances and in the environments in which the number twenty-two is found, the sensation is that of a growing nervousness and an increase in tension in general. Furthermore, 22 is linked to subjects that often refer to duty and rude people.

What to Do If You See 22:22?

The numbers 22:22 are telling you to believe in yourself and to keep on pushing forward no matter what. Do not let your job be over your self-esteem. There are many situations in which you could be criticized or your boss just has a bad day and misses it out on you.

Do not write this yourself, but look for reasons why you did not deserve it and why you are a good worker. If your job does not make you happy anymore, find a new one that appreciates you more. Being happy should be your top priority.

It’s poison for self-esteem when you’re constantly comparing yourself to others. There will always be people who are smarter, more beautiful or more successful. Why should you compare yourself to them unnecessarily just to make you feel inferior afterwards? Focus on your qualities instead.

Often, it also helps to look at the overall context and ask yourself the question: Would I want to trade my life with it? Usually the answer will be “No” because there are too many things that you value in your own life.

Always wanting to be perfect puts you under constant stress. You chase after a wishful image that is unlikely to be reached and so you will always feel inferior. The first step to a strong sense of self begins with your own acceptance. You’re good enough the way you are, so let go.

It is not bad to fail, it is part of life. There is no one who has never failed, and that’s a good thing. Failure makes us stronger and more mature. Only by failing will we be prepared for difficult life situations and learn something from them every time.

Think about it. Do you treat friends and family better than yourself? Low self-esteem makes you value others more than yourself. But just as you love your family and friends, you should also love yourself.

Why should not you, too, deserve to be well treated by yourself? Do not only consider the needs of others, but also realize your wishes and dreams. Nobody will blame you if you ask for something.


Numbers 22:22 are clearly following you for a reason so never ignore them when they appear around you.

By always having a dream in mind, in between, you remember to do something for yourself. What can you do to make this dream come true?

It also does not have to be big dreams, small goals are easier to reach and you can always look for new ones. Big goals, such as having a safari in Africa, take more time, but they also remind you of what’s important to you.

You work for this journey and you are patient, but in the end, you do it all for yourself. You do not sacrifice yourself for others, but for yourself, because it is worth fighting for your dream.