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23:23 – Meaning

Here you will discover the full meaning of the mirror hour 23:23. We use for this the golden virtue that allows us to provide the interpretation of this double time with the guardian angels.

We also use numerology and Marseille tarot to try to provide as many elements as possible.

Then it is up to you to take stock of yourself with the various elements that you have read. You can determine what is the message that was transmitted to him at 23:23.

When we observe a synchronicity, it often speaks only to ourselves and is normal.

23:23 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

The relationship evolves, changes and matures, that is, an affective relationship goes through different stages. These phases include pleasant and positive moments, but however close and harmonious it may be, it adds a strong emotional charge that sometimes causes conflicts in the couple.

When two people come together and decide to follow the path of life together, they add their personalities, beliefs and experiences prior to the equation. There are many roles to be decided and it is a changing scheme where the couple must adapt to the new life scenarios that are produced.

Falling in love is the basis of the vast majority of relationships. In this phase, attention is focused on the common aspects and, in general, without perceiving just the aspects that differentiate us. At this stage we avoid conflicts. Falling in love is an emotion and therefore tends to habituation.

When a couple decides to live together, there are a lot of habits that they didn’t share before and housework that should be assigned.

Now each person begins to show himself as he is and the encounter begins to be more real, and differences may appear in the way of resolving conflicts.

With the arrival of a baby, there is a new qualitative change known to all. The tasks are multiplied exponentially and the couple has to unify criteria based on the education they intend to grant.

We have pointed out these three stages that many couples will go through, but there are many other changes that can occur in a relationship, such as those related to jobs, (change of schedules, remuneration, unemployment, geographical change …), problems of health, adolescence of children, in the mature age when children become independent, and a long etc.

Discuss, don’t fight. One of the first ideas is to demystify the fact of discussing. Holding discussions is not synonymous with a bad relationship per se. But if it is very important how we discuss and avoid that they result in fights. One of the most powerful tools available to the couple to overcome their differences provided it is used properly.

Talk about the problems. If something worries us it is good to tell our partner, but choosing a good moment in which both of you are in a good emotional predisposition. Non-offensive language be careful, since the words we choose can open deep wounds.

If our partner feels heard and perceives that we are making efforts to understand it, we will have already taken a great step towards solving the problem. Focus on a single topic. When discussing an issue, it must be concise and objective, and not drift into other conflicting issues and remove other “dirty rags” from the past to recriminate and increase tension.

Focus on conflict resolution. Linked to the previous one, be constructive, avoiding reproaches, and seek the necessary contributions to reach a satisfactory and above all joint solution. Avoid falling into disrespect. If the insult is reached, it is an unequivocal signal that the discussion will not be productive, quite the opposite.

Physical contact is important. For example, giving a hug to your partner spontaneously can be a great help and put an end to a few days of tensions and moodiness. Similarly, with bad faces or gestures, we can increase our emotional distancing.

Avoid dragging outside problems into our relationship. It is very common that a conflict at work or with friends, we bring it to our home and extend it to our relationship. In fact, on many occasions, that confidence is misunderstood and causes us to discharge our frustration in the couple.

We must try to be aware of this and build walls, not to bring the evil from the outside into our relationship (e.g., just before entering the home, we take a deep breath and leave out those problems that we will collect and face the next morning in the place precise).

In summary, the discussion is part of the couple and you should work as a couple in it too. Even it will not always be possible to reach a totally satisfactory agreement, but it is of little use in the long term to impose oneself on the other. In the worst case, an agreement must be reached on the disagreement, and at a minimum of understanding.

What Does 23*23 Mean Spiritually?

Angels help you become a flexible and open person. It has the ability to adapt to all kinds of situations and that impresses a lot! It must be said that he has an innate gift to communicate his ideas around him, while he has a great sense of listening. This makes him the interlocutor who is entrusted with great secrets!

He is currently enjoying an important protection of the angelic world. The angels guide you in your spiritual evolution. Enjoy this light armor to move serenely in your life. You can achieve ambitious goals, just start traveling your true path of life. It may require changes in your habits, but it will do you the greatest good!

The guardian angel that corresponds to 23:23 is: Haiaiel, his period of influence is between 23:20 and 23:40, is the symbol of appeasement and audacity. It allows you to have the advantage over your possible opponents. He surrounds him with his protection so that peace and harmony replace the conflict in his life.

Haiaiel helps you start on the real project of your existence. It gives you an overview of your abilities so you can measure your impact on other people carefully. Call him if you go through a period of stress or anxiety and he will comfort you.

2323 in Numerology

When we talk about the meanings of numbers, without a doubt; the number 23 is the most relevant and pronounced of all; since it is a figure that causes a lot of uncertainties in people regarding the Symbolism.

Therefore, today we wanted to talk a little more about it and we assure you that if you read this post until the end, you can really know the meaning of the number twenty-three.

The first symbolism of the number 23 is based on the way in which the figure is written. All because, it is the first number that is written with two consecutive numbers being these called prime numbers. Adding that, if the number 23 breaks down and we add it, we get 5 (2 + 3); which means tranquility and freedom for life.

The number twenty three has been associated with many things in life. Starting with the simple fact that the 23rd day has been associated with a unique symbolism for trips. It is said that if you travel on the twenty-third day of the month, you will have blessings secured therein.

But, people who have the meaning of the number 23 in their destination will not only be destined to succeed in travel, they are also people with a lot of charisma, very positive and able to make very good decisions, both financial and emotional.

The symbolism of the number twenty-three has been present since the sperm and the ovule. All because, if we analyze biology a bit, we can realize that there are 23 chromosomes in them. Therefore, twenty-three is present in practically everything in life.

Now, however good it may be; the number twenty-three has a positive side and a negative side in its meaning. Therefore, it is important that you know both and, in this post we will show you both aspects.

On the positive side, as we have said before; People who relate to this figure will have a unique desire to travel and will do so on the twenty-third day so that everything goes successfully.

But, in addition to that, you will find hardworking and quite sociable people.

People who are associated with the number 23 at their destination should know that this figure will give them what is necessary to face any difficult problem they have. They are not afraid of challenges and almost always overcome them.

Finally, on the negative side, the number 23 can have enough complications for people who own it at their destination. All because, many times they trust their virtues so much that they simply end up neglecting their work and their vision and therefore, they fall into the void.

Others basically for not “losing” their virtues, act quickly and do not think what they are doing; which, in the long run brings serious problems. Also, despite being quiet people; Many times they can despair when something goes wrong or goes wrong.

Therefore, it is important that people associated with the meaning of the number twenty-three take everything easy and have enough self-control.

What to Do If You See 23:23?

I believe that the main thing is to take responsibility for oneself. Only then, and I mean that explicitly, can we really take responsibility for others. So this number is about how we can take responsibility for ourselves.

The moment we take responsibility for our life, our profession, our emotions, our health, we are leaving the victimhood and taking advantage of the freedom we have to shape these areas to our liking. Taking responsibility for our lives makes you very happy.

We can always take full responsibility and shape our lives the way we want them. We know that we have the choice at any time to decide.

Today, we can decide to feel better, and we can decide to quit the job and follow our passion.

We can. We can even take our clothes off and run naked on the street. The only thing that may keep us from doing so is the potential consequences.

Most of us may evaluate the possibility of being slightly unpleasant in the neighborhood rather than more negative consequences for ourselves than perhaps getting some more sunlight into the body.

If our partner feels heard and perceives that we are making efforts to understand it, we will have already taken a great step towards solving the problem. Focus on a single topic.

When discussing an issue, it must be concise and objective, and not drift into other conflicting issues and remove other “dirty rags” from the past to recriminate and increase tension.

So we can decide and take the responsibility. In every single area of ​​our lives. We also know that we must also take full responsibility for the consequences of such decisions.

We have to live with that. But we can. With this conviction, you have ventured a lot further out of the victim role.


It is your subconscious that makes you see the time at a specific time of day. The purpose of all this is to send a message to your conscious mind.

However, you should know how to interpret it and it is not necessarily available to everyone.

Here you will benefit from our experience in the field of angelology. This will give you the keys to understand double hours.

Receive a message from the guardian angels about a project that is important to you. They make it clear that they are there to help you make this happen.

You can be sure that if you have the idea of undertaking something that is your love or professional life, your actions will be successful.

The time 23:23 also means that it is likely to move. Prepare to take a trip! This may be related to the business.

But take the time to read in yourself, because this displacement can also affect your personal life. It is you who will determine the nature of this movement.