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23:33 – Meaning

Mirror hours such as 23:33 are tripling numbers, and we find these hours during periods of reflection or by chance. They have provoked many hypotheses that are often related to our subconscious. They can have many meanings that can come from many sources, and we have to find the right source.

It is possible that our guardian angel is trying to communicate with us, that an entity is trying to talk to us, that a person is thinking about us, that it is the answer to a reflection …

But it is also possible that it is only a guide. For a better life

The reflected triple hour 23:33 has a meaning if it appeared before your eyes by chance, conceals powerful and important messages that you will have to discover. And to decipher the messages that the universe blows in your ear, rely on angelology and numerology.

23:33 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

Knowing how to let go is not trivial: by honing our gaze, we realize that we often cling tightly to a myriad of things, people, thoughts, memories, anticipations, emotions and so on. Letting go is an attitude somehow against nature.

In fact, our biology is programmed to cling first to life. Starting from the fact that survival patterns are engraved in each of our cells, it is quite understandable that detachment is not our strength. Yet often life puts us in the position of having to let go, facing the painful experience of loss.

As we know, attachment is necessary during childhood to establish a relationship with parents and the world. Subsequently, attachment will also be necessary to establish bonds of intimacy and love with others.

However, paradoxically, we often face the pain of losing something or someone important in our lives.

The question of attachment and detachment seems a great paradox: while we establish a healthy attachment to weave bonds of intimacy and trust, it is also necessary to learn to let go. This requires an art: the art of traveling along the noble middle way. In the inevitable losses there is actually a key message: to learn to open the hand, letting go of what can no longer remain.

That said, we can experience great pain and even suffering. Because letting go is bad … Because every time we feel the tear of detachment, even a part of us dies. The intensity of this pain will depend, to a large extent, on our level of self-awareness, as well as training on the capacity to let go. Once again this reminds us that … “Feeling pain is not the same as suffering”.

Letting go means breaking away from someone or something to which we attach ourselves.

It also means accepting that we cannot possess it and this inevitably leads to a feeling of loss. Letting go is ultimately accepting the impermanence of all things. What can we do to learn how to let go?

We know that there is nothing greater than life itself. It takes care to teach us to let go. And this learning can take place “with the good or the bad”. “With the bad” when we do not become aware of the source of pain or when, in the face of loss, we waste our energy and attention only in suffering, without extracting the learning that follows every painful experience.

However, learning takes place “for good” when at each fall, we try to be aware of what hurts.

Self-awareness is a learning and development path through which we can implement self-management tools, so that when difficult times arrive, we can at least give a name to what happens to us.

We often cling to:

– People. In the most extreme cases this translates into emotional dependency.

– Places. Sometimes we live a move with an unexpected pain, as if part of our identity remained there, in that house we left behind. The same can happen with your objects.

– Beliefs. This becomes evident when, looking at the history of humanity, we see the countless times we have killed in the name of ideas (which, incidentally, still happens today).

– Image of ourselves. It may not be so easy to understand the ideas we have about ourselves; ideas that, when they fail, entail an intimate loss.

– Youth. In a historical moment in which youth is almost idolized, it seems that nobody wants to grow old. Aging, in this sense, can be experienced as a great loss: loss of attractiveness, power, importance…

– Pleasure. Instinctively we seek pleasure, rejecting what smells of pain. Paradoxically, this clinging causes more anguish and fear: fear that the moment of pleasure will end and the terrible pain will come.

– Thoughts. Our mind often acts as a “ruminant machine”: we tend to cling and identify ourselves with thoughts, turning in a vicious circle.

– Emotions. It is common to remain “hooked” to one’s emotions. When we have low emotional management, we are more easily involved in our emotional climates.

– The past. Clinging to the past leaves little availability for life. When we cling to painful memories of the past, brooding can lead to a tendency to depression.

What Does 23*33 Mean Spiritually?

Haiaiel, who is the angel of courage and serenity, informs him by regularly showing him the triple hour reflected at 23:33 that gives him the victory by freeing him from persecution and helping him identify dangerous people. He tells her that he grants her supreme and divine protection in her daily life. With him, he always makes the best decisions, decisions that are only correct.

A symbol of divine weapons, Haiaiel also tells him that it gives him a discernment ability that represents the sword and a luminous aura that symbolizes the shield. Under your tutelage, you can easily develop great energy and a spirit of leadership. He opens his protective and strategic mind as well as his receptive intelligence. Thanks to him, you issue new ideas and thoughts that can change the world.

Through the triple mirror hour 23:33, the benefactor and protector guardian angel Haiaiel lets him know that he protects and guides him to success by giving him energy, recklessness, great willpower and courage. At your side, you are more sensitive to divine inspiration, but it is also your support and help to free all subject people.

The angel Haiaiel also tells him that if at this moment he has been stressed or depressed, he is here to help him recover his physical form. It helps you to be more positive and optimistic while giving you the courage to easily deal with all the ups and downs of life.

Do not forget that he is your sword and your shield, your divine protector so that every time you win the fight against injustice.

By using this mirror hour, Haiaiel informs him that he is eliminating dangerous people from his existence who use negative thoughts and powers, dark energies, witchcraft and evil alliances.

But even so, it keeps him away from deceivers and schemers, people who use weapons to take down their peers.

2333 in Numerology

When Numerology 56 joins the triple hour of mirror 23:33, it produces a good vibration, that of duality: agreement and struggle of interests, as well as attraction and animosity, which coexist in your life.

This number also allows associations and supports, but be careful because it comes with resistance, objections and disappointment. This number has good potential if it is determined to go beyond difficulties.

The angelic number 56 reminds you that you will have friendly relationships, interesting alliances and supportive relationships. But you will have to get away from yourself and others to ensure a better inner balance.

You will also need to learn to better control your emotions. With a good balance, you can easily get to take better care of yourself and carry out your projects.

The number 56 indicates that it will be better known. You can express yourself freely through your emotions. Due to the liberating vision, it can transpose the blockages and anxieties that kept him locked in illusions. He is at peace with himself and remains in joy and gratitude. He loves himself unconditionally.

The angelic number 56 also reminds him that he is a person open to others, who has in himself generosity, kindness, empathy, kindness … Due to the traits of his character, he makes friends easily. Socially, he is a satisfied person and attracts others to himself.

Numerology 56 lets you know that you have everything to succeed in your life. Certainly, obstacles will get in your way, but with your strength of character, you can easily overcome them. In addition, his guardian angel is always there to help you, to guide you and to accompany you.

What to Do If You See 23:33?

Letting go involves a non-warlike attitude: when we let go, we stop fighting with what life puts on our way. The second step is to become aware of how our mind tends to judge what we live as “good or bad” and to ignore these judgments.

As our consciousness aligns with the movement of life itself, we deploy greater capacity for acceptance. An acceptance that is closely linked to the ability to let go.

We know words that, in some way, remind us that there are things that do not belong to the territory of everyday life, but to the sphere of the Mystery. In this sense, the most intelligent attitude is to learn to give up control over what we cannot control.

As we begin to flow into the river of life, we experience greater inner peace. Adapting to this rhythm allows us to witness the movement with “the eyes of the heart”, knowing that life is not and cannot be, in the hands of our little ego. Letting yourself go is, after all, learning to trust the bigger thing that moves the strings.


Whenever numbers 23:33 come into your life, this means you need to let go of the past and start focusing on the future.

You should be able to let go of all the negativity that has been pressuring you and allow yourself to enjoy life without boundaries. This is the only way you are going to be truly happy and content in your life.