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Bag – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

In the world of dreams, dreaming about a bag can reflect the personality of the dreamer, usually everything is kept within them by the most important things like money, documents and whatever.

What does it mean to dream of a bag? The bag almost always represents a piece of ourselves. It may happen that a man dreams of a bag, in this case it could symbolize the female inner side of the dreamer.

Bag – Meaning

The above suggests that the purse and travel bag are images present in the individual unconscious as a symbolic thermometer of sexuality and problems in this area.

While bearing in mind this authoritative interpretation, it is useful to broaden the meaning of this symbol which, over the course of time has been transformed and changed its importance in the collective imagination of the man of the XXI century.

Think of the handbag as we know it and how it is used in modern times: it is a commonly used accessory that has the function of containing money, cosmetics, documents, cell phone and anything else the woman thinks is useful outside the home, but that reflects also its social status.

Bags made of fine leathers, signed by great couturiers and sold at exorbitant prices, are an object of desire for many women and are bought exhibited and mythologized more than any other clothing accessory.

They are a symbol of elegance, class, economic possibilities and, for some, satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

The purse in a man’s dreams will reflect for him a feminine universe that attracts him or from which he feels rejected, or some aspects of his “inner feminine”, of his soul in the Jungian sense of the term, when he no longer simply connects to a “Conquest” or a consummated sexual act.

The handbag in dreams will then be considered as a sort of alter-ego of the dreamer, of her qualities linked to the female world, of her libido, of the physical and psychological predisposition to motherhood, of the ability to understand and console, the desire to fascinate, to flirt and attracting the attention of others It will reflect man’s attraction to this world or his need to integrate certain aspects of it.

Dreaming of a bag full of money is certainly a great sign, this image evokes your soul, you feel appreciated and valued, this may depend on a novelty concerning the workplace, but it could not only concern love and affection of the family.

Dreaming about bag theft: The bag is one of those objects in which everything is taken, the most important things, a piece of our life. Dreaming of suffering this kind of theft could mean that you are afraid of losing your identity, your autonomy and respect from others.

Dreaming of the bag for a woman and suffering the theft of the bag in dreams can also reflect some kind of concern from the point of view of one’s own sexuality or in any case some kind of insecurity concerning her being a woman.

Dreaming of a stolen bag could indicate the fact that we would like to have something that belongs to another person, therefore a character aspect or perhaps a job position that we might envy to a colleague or a friend.

Dreaming of losing the bag and finding it could mean the fact that you went through a period in which you no longer recognized yourself, you had lost a part of yourself and you are probably working to reacquire what you had lost, maybe you don’t feel appreciated and valued enough.

Dreaming of losing the bag and not finding it symbolizes, presumably that you no longer recognize yourself, you feel confused, you no longer feel yourself, a sort of identity crisis, also because as we said the bag represents a part of ourselves and when it happens in the reality of losing it, we feel lost, as if we had lost a part of us.

Dreaming of a black bag can represent your dark side, black in dreams is almost always a symptom of the dreamer of something in our lives that worries us and anguishes us, so dig inside and try to understand what’s wrong.

Dreaming of white bag: White in dreams represents purity and inner peace, most likely you are living a peaceful time, feeling at peace with yourself and this gives you great tranquility

Bag – Symbolism

The symbolism of the bag in dreams must also consider what the bag contains (or does not contain) must refer to what is hidden inside and that is not seen outside. A clear reference to hidden, hidden, disowned qualities.

With these new elements we can examine some dreamlike situations in which the handbag appears in dreams.

Dreaming of losing your bag – it is associated with feelings of anxiety, of agitation, of displeasure, of a frantic search that can be connected to situations in which the dreamer has felt not appreciated, without value, not “seen” and not considered as a woman.

It is a dream that also indicates the need to reflect on one’s own qualities, on the need to “find them”, to recognize them in oneself. It can refer to actual episodes of theft suffered personally or by close persons, and to the fear, therefore, of losing something precious: one’s identity, one’s status, one’s social image, one’s security.

Dreaming of leaving the bag unattended and not finding it – always draws attention to the feminine aspects and qualities that are not appreciated (or recognized) by the dreamer herself, on the tendency to take for granted what she possesses as an intimate individual heritage, on the tendency not to value herself.

It is a dream linked to one’s unrecognized personal power, a blurred social image, and the lack of awareness of one’s own value.

Dream that your purse is stolen – it can refer to sexual situations or to some sentimental fascination that appears reckless, not advisable or that the unconscious highlights as defrauding, penalizing for women.

The purse in stolen dreams can also refer to a feeling of being robbed of the attention of others, to not being seen, to situations of rivalry and jealousy, to attributing to others the responsibility for the failure to realize oneself.

Dreaming of finding a handbag – depending on the objects found inside it can clearly highlight the qualities you need: wallet, money, documents are all symbolic elements that recall personal identity and, contained in the handbag, the recognition or non-recognition of the own femininity.

Mirror, jewels, handkerchiefs, books and other objects will focus attention on more precise needs.

Dreaming of a bag not yours – has similar meanings to those above, but if the purse is not “found” (as above) even if it does not belong to the dreamer, it can indicate the need to expand one’s experience, the need or desire to experiment, change a role, put oneself in the shoes others.

It can also reflect admiration for a certain kind of femininity (when the handbag pleases).

Dreaming of an ugly handbag – it can reflect both subconscious judgments on the feminine and its vulnerability acting underground in the life of those who dream.

But they are also common dreams for women who do not feel up to the feminine multitasking and always at the top very much in vogue in our society.

The dream reflects how one feels (broken, dirty, ugly) or how deep femininity (dirty, fallacious, and incapable) is considered.

Dream of a bag that does not open – indicates inability and impossibility to live one’s femininity. It can relate to past problems and traumas.

It can be linked to insecurity, lack of confidence and doubts about one’s qualities.

Dreaming of a baby bag – brings to the surface an aspect linked to the archetype of the pure aeternus and to the inner child who acts in the way of being a female dreamer.

An aspect that can condition femininity, making it also fascinating and attractive for many men but which, in the long run, can negatively influence the deepest relationships.

It is therefore a possibility that must be evaluated and a psychic self, that of the inner child, with which we must confront ourselves.


Born with a utility function (the first handbag was a large square of fabric of which the corners were knotted and in which the necessary things were stored during a move), the handbag has acquired, over the centuries a primary importance in history of fashion becoming a much loved and considered indispensable object that, with the variety and fantasy of shapes and colors, reflects both the taste of the historical era and the importance of aesthetics and the care given to clothing.