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Bathtub – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

The bathroom is a special place for every person. In general, in the dream its meaning can be positive or negative. You probably need to think about how to change something in your life.

Perhaps it is the sign that we need to get rid of useless things or stop communicating with people who have negative influences. In the bathroom there are also different functions, body evacuations, but also cleaning and relaxation.

Taking a bath, for example with sea salts, or taking a shower, is not only cleaning and washing the body, but also the soul.

For these reasons, dreaming of a bathroom represents a process of “cleaning” from negative emotions or negative life situations.

The bathroom, intended as an environment, symbolizes purification and self-renewal. It is a sign that it is necessary to cleanse ourselves, both emotionally and psychologically; you may feel overwhelmed by problems in this period, which you want to get rid of.

According to some interpretations, seeing a bathroom in a dream may indicate that someone will be helped on financial matters.

A women’s toilet, in a dream, presages good news about themselves or a close friend; a bathroom for men presages a period of tranquility thanks to the help of a friend.

Bathtub – Dream Meaning

For personal hygiene, a bath in a bathtub is helpful and pleasant. The bathtub can be filled with water so far that the human body can be covered.

For many, the luxury of taking a bath in a large bathtub is one of the nicest relaxation options. Not infrequently, small tools and companions are used, such as a glass of sparkling wine, a good book or the classic rubber duck.

Bathtubs have been used since antiquity so that people no longer had to go to pools, lakes or springs for bathing. The design, the material and the design of the bathtubs changed over the centuries and depending on the region.

The bathtub could be made of clay, stone, wood or galvanized sheet iron. Meanwhile, bathtubs are usually made as enameled steel bathtubs or plastic.

However, their design and accessories are still part of the bathing culture that was already celebrated by the Romans.

As a dream image, the bathtub is often overlooked. But if a bathtub in the dream play a role, then it should necessarily be taken into account in the dream interpretation.

Dream research often interprets the dream image of the bathtub as an invitation that the dreaming should be satisfied with what he has.

However, the plot is decisive for the exact interpretation and also the details. The material and the design of the dreamed bath give a closer indication for the dream interpretation also usually.

If it is a marble tub in which the dreamer bathes, then in the near future he will experience a happy surprise after a serious illness. If the dreamer bathes in a tub of zinc, it shows that he will not come out of his existing circumstances.

The bath in an enameled cast iron tub announces an improvement in the waking life of the dreaming. If the dreamed bath takes place in hot water, then it announces itself an illness or also difficulties in the real world.

The same applies if in the dream shit floats in the bath water. However, if the water in the bath is clear, an imminent danger will pass.

If a child drowns in the dream bathtub, the dreaming may worry about his own offspring. Here, fear of loss plays a role, perhaps because the child is slowly becoming independent in the watchword and getting himself off. If you do not have your own children, the drowning child symbolizes their own excessive demands with the current life situation.

If a bathtub can be seen in the dream world and if it plays a role in the dream act, then the psychological dream interpretation interprets this as a sign for a place of purification and the release of guilt. The closer interpretation of the dream depends on the feelings of the dreaming in the dream act.

If the dreaming feels the bath in the tub as pleasant, then the dreaming gladly relieved his conscience and can finally breathe again.

However, if the dreaming feels or is uncomfortable, then a clarification of certain things in the watch world, because they burden the dreaming very much. In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the bathtub is associated with purification.

Bathtub – Dream Symbolism

The bathtub is a container intended to be filled with water to make a bath, the use of which dates back to ancient times.

In fact, Greeks and Romans used to use stone or metal bathtubs, the weight of which could vary from 25 to 130 kilograms, depending on the material used.

In the middle Ages, however, the wooden bathtub appeared, very rudimentary and not very comfortable.

Currently the bathtub is giving way to the most practical shower, more responsive to the needs of a hectic lifestyle like the one used above all in the West and also to save a liquid considered more and more precious, but still remains a fixed point of our culture.

What it means to dream of a bathtub – Dreaming of a bathtub is seen by dream interpreters as the plastic representation of the desire for renewal, health, material and spiritual purification that can pervade us at certain moments in our lives. Another meaning that is given to this dream image is that related to the need to slow down so that we can take our spaces.

Dreaming of an empty or full bath – If instead the bathtub appears empty in the dream, this may mean that we have not yet become aware of the need to purify our inner self, despite the fact that for some time now we have felt the need for it. A lack due above all to the distractions of everyday life and to the overlapping of commitments, which could soon cause a real break.

Another dream that must be interpreted is that which sees the presence of a bathtub full of water. In this case, the object that is signaled by the psyche is a certain lack of serenity, the recovery of which could take place, giving rise to an interior renewal and devoting oneself to activities that are perceived as pleasurable, which perhaps had been put aside precisely because of the commitments .

Dreaming bath with dirty water – When you dream of a bathtub in which dirty water appears, in all probability the unconscious signals the re-emergence of incrustations left by past events and not completely removed. The best thing to do, to favor the consolidation of an optimal balance, would be to deal with the mistakes made, so as not to repeat them.

Dreaming of hair or blood in the bathtub – Sometimes, then, in the dreamed bathtub, hair peeps out, considered a not-so-positive signal by the experts. It could in fact be a real message coming from the unconscious and aimed at stimulating a revival of strength and vigor, in a moment in which one is in hiding from this point of view.

If instead you dream of a bath full of blood, it may be the sign of a weakening in progress, such as to finally be able to reveal an obstacle to the focusing and realization of desires and expectations of renewal. In practice this dream image signals the need to give life to a reaction capable of making us go up the current.

Dreaming of cleaning a bathtub – In some cases, moreover, one can dream of cleaning a dirty bathtub and in this case the interpretation to be given seems clear enough, consisting in the need to make an examination of conscience before giving rise to a change that could turn out to be a kind of caesura for our life.

It is therefore necessary to remove the junk and the negative things in order to favor the focus on the positive ones.

Dreaming about broken bathtub – Finally, if in our dream a broken bathtub appears, this should be considered as an alarm bell raised by our psyche, which warns us how the level of stress, fatigue and nervousness are now taking over, dramatically approaching the point of possible breakage.

Seeing a child entering the women’s room in a dream can indicate that you will soon have to move from home, but you will not be able to adapt to the place where you will move and you will have problems, while seeing a child entering the bathroom of men always means a change of residence, but that will adapt to the new place and you will be comfortable with the new neighbors.

Dream of a pregnant woman in bathtub – If a pregnant woman dreams of a bathroom, then the dream is the advice to go and immediately carry out checks to make sure everything is going well.

Dream of old bathtub – Dreaming of seeing an old bathroom may indicate unreasonable doubts about a matter.

Dreaming of the bathroom is dirty, the dream represents difficulty in facing psychological and emotional problems or that a certain situation is stagnant and does not seem to evolve either one way or the other.

Dreaming of a Turkish bath presages a pleasant journey of relaxation.


In general, dreaming of entering a bathroom heralds happy family days and good news.

Dreaming of not finding the bathroom or having difficulty finding one, indicates that you have difficulty expressing your emotions. They are holding their true feelings about something.

If you can’t find it in time, the dream represents distractions, pressures or having to postpone your wishes for too long. Maybe you can’t get rid of a problem.

Another interpretation is that probably, for various reasons, in this period, you have difficulty communicating with others.

According to some interpretations, if the dreamer is a man and is entering a bathroom for a woman in the dream, he foretells surprising novelties in the couple relationship; while if the dreamer is a woman and dreams of entering the men’s room, she announces a change of residence or a fairly long transfer over time.