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Bed – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Every interpretation of dreams can be pleasant and interesting, but sometimes it is favorable, sometimes unfavorable to those who dream.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the various other details, actions and objects that are seen in dreams.

The bed could symbolize a choice, an idea or a task that could bring many benefits.

However, it can also have very different meanings, depending on the circumstances and behaviors held during the dream.

Bed – Dream Meaning

For women, the bed can represent conflicts with children or family; concerns about one’s fertility. It can also herald a romantic knowledge or a pleasant and exciting experience.

Dreaming of more beds or different beds all in a row or bunk beds bodes well for prosperity and peace in one’s life.

Dreaming of a round bed calls for the arrival of an idea that will lead to changes in business and activities.

If you dream of a clean and tidy bed, or even a white or light colored bed, this is a sign of safety and bodes wealth, fortune and every activity you undertake will be profitable and with huge profits.

If instead it is dirty or smells bad or is black, the dream is a warning about the arrival of unpleasant news, sadness and pain. If it is shaky, the dream involves destabilization, emotional imbalance or a situation that will overcome one’s chances of resolution.

Dreaming of a broken bed portends conflicts and couple crises. If it is empty, but one senses that previously there had been someone, the dream may mean that soon there will be a certain decline in one’s health that will influence the ability to work.

An old bed in a dream heralds a danger and a material loss. If it is large, the dream may represent that the level of well-being that will be enjoyed in one’s own will be very high, thanks to the presence of a woman.

If it is small, but it does not have to be a child’s bed, the dream indicates that you will have unexpected help from a friend for a journey that dreamed of making time.

If it is soft, it may indicate that reaching a level of psychophysical well-being that could last a long time. If, on the other hand, it is rigid and hard, the dream presumes temporary economic relief.

If it is burned or if it is on fire, the dream indicates problems or discussions in the family, breakdown of harmony, lack of help from a family member. Dreaming of it wet can indicate that a person in the family thinks only of his personal interest.

Dreaming of a metal bed predicts expenses for repairs of commonly used household items, such as, for example, appliances that have broken or will break soon. If you dream of wood, this is the hope of a carefree family life for many years.

If it is made of stone, marble and the like, the dream indicates that we will take a break from work or studies, perhaps due to a slight illness, but this pause will not cause damage or loss, quite the contrary.

Seeing a stranger sleeping in the dreamer’s bed can indicate that you are afraid of the future in professional life, perhaps there is too much competition.

Dreaming of being in bed with an unknown person means that important decisions about one’s life and career will soon have to be made.

If the person is of the same emotions it means that soon someone will ask explanations to the dreamer about his conduct or action in real life. Sometimes this dream leads to a loss of a long-lasting friendship.

If it is a person of the opposite sex, the dream indicates the need to make important decisions. Sharing (usually) a bed with someone is an omen of illness or an accident.

Dreaming of being in your own bed presages that an event that will bring about very profound and radical changes in the life of the dreamer will happen very soon. In another dream book, lying in bed portends an impending marriage.

If you are in a bed in the middle of a street, the dream heralds money coming. If a wife sees her husband in bed with another woman, she indicates that she will receive a pleasant romantic gift. Being lying on the bed in a strange, unusual place is a dream.

Preparing, doing, making the bed in the dream indicates that someone is worried about small jobs to be done in the next period that could prevent you from starting something more meaningful.

According to other interpretations, the dream indicates that the place of residence will most likely be changed. Sitting on your bed may reflect the hesitation or fear of facing a problem.

If the bed is someone else’s, then the dream represents inaction, or the acceptance of a problem through a perspective based on quality, the person to whom the bed belongs is more distinguished.

If you wake up in a bed other than your own it may reflect a new awareness of yourself and the motivation to address the issues in ways you never thought of before.

Getting up from your bed indicates that you will make a big effort to solve a problem or make a change.

Dreaming of falling out of bed and getting hurt indicates that you will probably move to another place to increase your chances of economic or psychological well-being.

Bed – Dream Symbolism

In dreams the bed can touch interpretations whose meanings contain the symbolism in some fields of our existence that are very often related, that is, health, couple relationships, marriage and family

Of course, we must not forget that the symbolism of the bed can also allude to the need for a break to take some well-deserved rest.

The bed is a place where one can be vulnerable, but also a haven in which to abandon oneself when one feels abandoned by the world or in contrast with it.

The bedroom and the bed in dreams also relate to childhood and family safety, represent the relationship of a couple or emotional life (but not always).

We can, when the bed is the protagonist of our dreams, try to interpret the meaning it represents by thinking back to the intimacy with our partner and with ourselves, to love, or to our relationship with sex.

Dreaming of a single bed – can make one think about childhood and therefore the need for certainties, or, to disappointment.

The single bed, if you are used to sleeping in a double bed, can indicate emotional or affective solitude, but it can also remind you of sad moments is the need to remain alone for a while.

Dreaming of a double bed and Dreaming big bed – can refer to aspects concerning  emotions or couple relationships, but also to the desire to have more space for oneself, or maybe the need to feel someone on one’s side if one is alone.

Dreaming of being in bed – can be a sign of tiredness and malaise.

Dreaming of getting out of bed – takes away the laziness and passivity that resides in you, you are ready to become more active, to be stimulated and you are probably ready to carry out your projects.

Dreaming of making the bed or Dreaming of making the bed – again can be a sign of how your love life is balanced. A bed made if it is highlighted in the dream, can also be the sign that indicates that we have completed a project, since we are ready to go to bed.

Dreaming of an unmade bed – a failure to undo the bed can mean that there is a misunderstanding with your partner or that you are in a moment of disorder and unbalance in your life.

Dreaming dirty bed – as well as when it is not well done can be a sign of possible problems in family life, with the partner, or even emotional.

Dreaming of blood-stained bed – is to be interpreted by reading the meaning of blood in dreams.

Dreaming of a wet bed – as well as when it is dirty is a possible sign of the presence of a discomfort.

Dreaming of a white bed – can be a sign of purity. Read the meaning of white.

Dreaming of an empty bed – assumes a possible recovery if you are sick, on the contrary, if you are in good health, it is a wish for wellbeing and energy. There are those who say that, according to popular beliefs, “The sentimental bond will turn into marriage”.

Dreaming broken bed – can be a symbol of strong family or partner discussions, however it is a sign of instability of the couple or family. But it can also concern only our existential balance.

Dreaming of a bunk bed – as well as having infantile references, can be a sign of emotional frigidity and indicate the possible emotional distance of our partner.

Dreaming of a four-poster bed – “This piece of furniture now in disuse, in dreams would take on the following meanings: the vision of a canopy in a dream, in general would denote anguish, if in a dream a canopy is noticed hanging over the bed, this dreamlike setting means that you will probably receive help from people of a certain social depth.”

Dreaming of a wooden bed – is a symbol rather than a sign of what is warm, alive, natural and that makes the atmosphere intimate with its domestic warmth and safe affections.

But it must be kept in mind that its meaning can also be controversial both in the emotional field and in terms of its solidity.

Dreaming of a hospital bed – at this point we must ask ourselves if we feel worried about our health or that of someone else, or if we feel the need for someone to take care of us. Do we feel alone?

Dreaming of the death bed – you see directly dreaming of death and everything that this symbolism is connected to.

Dreaming of a bed that trembles, or, dreaming of a bed that moves – if it is not an earthquake, something moves in one of the fields we mentioned at the beginning of our article. Alternatively, read the earthquake in dreams.


A bed in dreams generally means difficulties related to domestic life, it can be a sign of laziness or illness.

It can also indicate the desire for emotional fulfillment with one’s partner. It may reflect doubt or confirmation of something; may indicate acceptance or rejection of something.

According to some interpretations it is a sign of good results at work or in the studio; of great projects that will be of benefit to the whole family; or it can simply indicate the need for a short vacation.

Another interpretation states that the bed heralds a long journey away from home.