Dream Meaning

Biblical Meaning of Bathing in a Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

As a formless energy mass it is associated with the same unconscious. Its lack of form, which makes it take on that of the container in which it is collected and slides downwards, where it stagnates in humidity, is also considered a symbol of humility, resignation and submission, except to reveal its irrepressible and indomitable power in upsetting manifestations such as the flood or the flood.

Bathing Symbolism in the Bible

Almost no other Christian festival makes as much use of symbols as baptism, one uses them as a matter of course, and one rarely questions the actual underlying meaning.

Moreover, it is actually clear that baptism, like any other festival, could take place just as well without all these signs – but they serve one essential purpose: to make the invisible divine visible to people.

Jesus is also called “the light of the world”. To illustrate that Jesus will accompany the new Christian child throughout his life, the christening candle is solemnly lit at the Easter candle at baptism. Jesus, “the light of the world,” can certainly be explained from many sides, but I would like to mention one here, since it is closely related to baptism (and though perhaps it would not be used by others): all four evangelists Report that when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan, the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus and the heavens opened.

There is nothing here about a “light” in the Bible – but you can imagine a cloudy sky: the clouds are sliding apart and a sunbeam shines directly on Jesus.

This is the image that even very young children understand and love: God sends a radiant light that “lights up” his son brighter than anyone else. He is the light of the world!

Dreams about Bathing – Meaning

If the dreaming water is abundant but clear, clear and transparent, the omen is positive: confidence in oneself gives the ability to face and solve every difficulty and the future promises to be radiant.

However, if the dreamer feels with a certain discomfort that water is “too” pure and therefore unreal, the omen is negative: he faces life too intellectually and his morality is dogmatic; this continually leads him to clash with life also made up of murky situations and dark sides, which must be faced by listening also to instinct and feeling.

If the dreaming water is dirty, muddy and invaded by disquieting life forms, plants or animals, losses, damages or disappointments are usually announced, but it may also mean that the dreamer wants finally to become aware of his faults and his mistakes to accept them and seize the opportunity to change his conduct without denying his individuality.

Dreams about Bathing – Symbolism

Dreaming of washing oneself is generally a dream linked to the need to purify oneself, to clean oneself of everything that has hurt us, that has made us dirty, contaminated, and intoxicated. It is a need for both physical and mental cleansing, which restores a tired body and mind, which removes worries, negative thoughts, stress, and emotional waste.

A dream in which you wash puts you in touch with water, the element that gives life, that renews, and that is closely connected with emotions.

To better understand the dream, consider how water (clean, dirty, hot, cold) is, what part of the body you are washing (hands, feet, arms, face, hair, teeth, etc.), and also the place where you are (in the bathroom of your home, at work, at school, or outdoors, in the sea, river, lake or other natural environment); all these elements can make you understand what you need to “clean up”, what are your sources of stress, etc. these dreams can represent:

Internal cleansing, purification – the act of washing your body with water serves to detoxify you on a psychological and emotional level, you cleanse yourself from the “emotional waste”, from the negative experiences that you have dreamed of in the past; in this way you will find the strength to go on.

Need to relax – this dream can be used to dissipate stress, to dissolve the emotional tensions accumulated during the day, to recover more energy after a tiring day.

Guilt, shame, embarrassment –  cleanliness in the moral sense, when you feel you have done something wrong –  a mistake, a false step, a gaffe … something that could annoy you at the mere memory, and that you would like to distance yourself from you as much as possible , wash away.

You want to feel clean, clean with your conscience, and clean in the eyes of others.

Physical and spiritual regeneration – you are starting again, a new life, after an emotional injury or physical illness; this is the symbolic value of diving in water, as in baptism.

Bathing as a recurrent dream – if you often dream of washing, bathing or showering, this can happen in a period of emotional and psychological stress, in which you feel a sense of heaviness, oppression.

Maybe you live a critical situation that is exhausting you, or maybe you are suffering from guilt, something makes you feel “dirty”.

When negative thoughts accumulate, it is as if they poisoned you; therefore washing with water in the dream is beneficial and rebalancing.

Dreaming of taking a bath in your own bathtub, or at least in a calm and relaxed environment, is a sign that it is time to leave dark times and difficult situations behind you; tensions, conflicts, negative feelings are now part of the past; once cleared of all this, you will be ready to start a new phase of your life.

The bathroom is a symbol of regeneration at all levels – physical, mental and spiritual.

The bathtub represents renewal, as well as the need to relax and escape from the small and large everyday problems.

Dreaming of taking a hot bath – warm water induces relaxation and makes us think of the human warmth of important emotional relationships that make you feel loved.

Dreaming of a bath in cold water – you feel like you are not loved enough.

Dreaming of taking a bath in the sea – it is an image of inner regeneration, of contact with your deep emotional sphere.

Dreaming of bathing in a river – the flowing water represents new emotional blood from which you will draw nourishment; you will be able to draw new strength from the changes.

This is also a dream of physical and psychic renewal. You are melting tensions and anxieties – everything that is negative and unpleasant comes away from you, it flows away with the running water that comes out of the shower.

You feel at peace with yourself and with others, you open yourself to forgiveness and a new life.

Dreaming of washing in front of everyone, in public –  taking a shower outdoors, in the street, in front of strangers is an ambivalent dream; on the one hand it can indicate that you feel vulnerable, invaded in your privacy; on the other it may indicate the need to show oneself to others, to expose oneself.

Dreaming of washing in front of someone – taking a shower while someone is looking at you, can indicate that you need to say something to this person, revealing more to yourself.

If you get scared when you realize you are being seen while taking a shower, this may indicate guilt, fear of being judged.

Dreaming of washing with other people, of being in public showers, with strangers –  even if you feel ashamed, the dream pushes you to open up more to others, to share your thoughts.

Dreaming of bathing with someone, with a man / woman – there is a deep sharing, a strong bond between you; the dream may also indicate that the time has come to be honest and sincere with this person; you don’t have to hide anything from them.

Dreaming of washing in dirty water, showering / bathing in mud, washing in a pool or dirty shower – a situation of great stress, an inner block that prevents you from freeing yourself from the tensions you have accumulated.


Life is also derived from water, and this makes it feel like the symbol of the mother who creates and nourishes or as the means for a process of rebirth and purification.

Immersing oneself in water means the desire to make a vital contact with one’s own unconscious or the repression of a sexual desire and greed for affective compensations; being immersed and feeling with anxiety and anxiety that the level grows and tends to submerge means instead the risk of uncontrollable emotions or sorrows in the sphere of feelings and affections.