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Biblical Meaning of Dreams About Babbies – Interpretation and Meaning

The appearance of children in dreams can have multiple meanings. To enter into an interpretation it is necessary to evaluate various elements: the age of the child (newborn? Or older?), the appearance, the actions he does; is it a child you know or unknown? What are your feelings? For many people, children and babies are recurrent dreams; some always dream of the same child / girl.

So let’s see what it can mean.

In this dream the child is often beautiful, blond, with blue eyes, lively and innocent; he smiles, plays, talks to you, hugs you, kisses you, takes you by the hand and wants to take you away.

He probably represents a part of yourself, your ‘inner child’, or your instinctive desires that were more in your childhood strong and then, growing up, you had to partially suppress to meet social expectations.

Seeing this child in a dream is positive: it indicates that this component of your personality is still present in you, and that if you manage to integrate it well into your life you will achieve greater inner completeness.

Dreaming of a newborn, a nice little baby that stares at you, that shows you and smiles at you is a good sign, because it is the symbol of a good start: for example, if you are working on a new project, it will start under the best auspices; this child you see is a symbol of life and optimism with which you are treating your new works.

Babies Symbolism in the Bible

In the bible, children and babies are mentioned quite often. They are symbols of purity, innocence and unconditional love. Whenever we see a baby being mentioned in the Bible it is always in a positive context, so the dreams about them are also positive.

A very special comment deserves the very frequent dreams of dead, suffering or sick or dead children who then have a tendency to resurrect. The unconscious has a dramatic attitude and its purpose with certain images is to strike attention and leave an emotional trace in the dreamer so that the dream is remembered and reflected on.

Dreaming of dead children is so common because it is linked to the repression and the lack of connection with vulnerability, to the rigidity and the protections that crush the most vital aspects of the dreamer, but also to the fears that tend to frustrate every novelty and every movement towards the new.

But it is equally common to see the dead children being resurrected and this shows that every part of the human being preserves its vital energy ready to awaken, especially that of the child who represents the opening towards life par excellence.

Compared to dreaming of male children, seeing ONLY girls in dreams can bring more intimate and collected inner aspects to the surface, perhaps the need for greater delicacy, grace and fragility, but it also carries a certain passivity linked to the feminine archetype that can translate into a lesser push towards realization, less capacity or interest in achieving and completing.

Perhaps for this reason too, in the ancient interpretation dreaming little girls was a symbol of misfortune, of expenses, of troubles and worries besides the fact that it represented an economic “loss” and the obligation to create a dowry.

Dreams about Babies – Meaning

The meanings behind the vision in dream of one or more children can be manifold and for a correct interpretation it is necessary to take into consideration different elements, such as if children are newborns or a little older, their appearance, this that they do in the dream and even if they are children we know or we have never seen.

Generally speaking, however, dreaming about children can have some precise meanings and the first of these is a novelty in sight or the arrival of something new that can involve the affective or the working sphere.

However, children also represent immaturity, so if newborns appear in a dream, it means they are not yet ready to face the new situation that is about to arise.

Children are also the symbol of something to protect and that needs attention and care, and in the dream they can depict people to whom it is held in a particular way.

In other cases, the children present in a dream are nothing more than your childhood desires, your true self that has been removed during growth to be able to adapt to what are social expectations. This is why many times their appearance in a dream can also represent the carefree and innocent infantile period that has now been lost.

Much more simply, then, women who dream of children have the desire to become mothers and, in the course of the dream, it can happen to pick up one of those children. In these cases the interpretation leaves no room for doubt.

To try to understand the meaning of a dream, some details are also important, such as the color of children’s hair: if they are blond, it means that you are going through a positive moment from a creative point of view and that they are coming winning ideas.

Dreams about Babies – Symbolism

In dreams babies are often interpreted as a symbol that represents ourselves or our ideas. Dreaming of male or female babies, therefore, will reflect our personality. What does it mean to dream babies? The book of dreams suggests different interpretations for different contexts in which babies are protagonists.

If the interpretations that you find to follow about babies in dreams do not satisfy you, you can find other insights that concern babies and babies also about dreaming about babies, dreaming about a child, and dreaming about a daughter.

The meaning of babies in dreams – Dreaming of other people’s babies can be a suggestion due to the fact that you have recognized something that connects you to the child’s personality

Dreaming of twin babies – often means a desire for motherhood or fatherhood, but also the possibility of a particular event in the life that you are experiencing at this time.

This symbol can also be interpreted as a situation that currently appears to be double, uncertain or ambiguous.

Dreaming of small babies – in their arms who sleep; means that a new idea is born, a new project to be developed or that you most likely want to have one.

Dreaming of a dead-born baby – can be a representation of one’s fears in particular periods or even an idea that is dead even before giving it life.

Dreaming of singing babies – is a positive symbol that can bring you back to childhood. It can remind you that you have a part of yourself that needs to go outside or that sometimes you feel the need to neglect your responsibilities to give vent to the child in you.

Another interpretation that can explain this dream is the possibility that you are planning a young idea that is growing positively.

Dreaming of bad babies – it is a symbol that can represent a problem that relates to the dreamer’s childhood, but also the fear of something that is present in our lives.

Another hypothesis is that the dreamer’s personality still suffers from infantile and immature attitudes, and therefore, in this case, and often assuming that inner growth is necessary.

In the event that you expect a child the dream may arise from the normal fears that arise during a pregnancy.

Dreaming of being pregnant with babies – is one of the most natural and recurrent dreams one can find to do in these moments but to deepen their meaning it is necessary to remember more details of the dream.

Dreaming of abandoned babies – means that you probably suffer from a lack of affection right now.

Dreaming of babies in danger – it is a symbol that can be interpreted as a part of ourselves or of our personality. It is a moment in which we probably feel weak and vulnerable. It is up to us to react by healing wounds and getting back on our feet to save ourselves.

Dreaming of babies killed – it means that a part of yourself (certainly the childish part) is repressed or has been repressed by yourself or by someone who is part of your life. Becoming a mature person is important but also our “childish” part needs to breathe. There must always be balance!

Dreaming of ghost babies – could mean that your child’s side can’t get out, whether it’s faded or lost. Even an idea that you can’t make concrete could be the subject of this interpretation.

Dreaming of a child falling from the arms – can be interpreted as a symbol of the dreamer’s insecurity but it also means fear and uncertainty in particular for our weaker and childish side.

Dreaming of a talking baby – could be interpreted as the unconscious that speaks to you and needs to express its childish side.

Dreaming of a walking baby – could be an idea or a project that starts walking on its legs, standing up.

Dreaming of a baby throwing up, or, dreaming of a baby pooping – it means that the symbol can be interpreted as the release of a side that is a bit childish, obscure, or in any case negative and that belongs to your childhood.


Generally speaking, however, dreaming about babies can have some precise meanings and the first of these is a novelty in sight or the arrival of something new that can involve the affective or the working sphere.

However, babies also represent immaturity, so if newborns appear in a dream, it means they are not yet ready to face the new situation that is about to arise.