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Biblical Meaning of Eggs in a Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

Are you among those who happened to dream eggs? No problem, in this text you will find the guide to understand your dream.

The dreams that have eggs as symbols lend themselves to a wide variety of interpretations that are strongly connected to the experiences and sensations experienced by the one who dreams.

As in reality, they are to be considered as emblematic of simplicity and positivity. In particular, eggs very often symbolize novelty and good news.

When, in the dream, a freshly baked egg appears from the hen can be understood as an omen of novelty.

In fact, this type of dream often occurs when the dreamer receives job offers or undertakes a new love affair.

There are plenty of symbolism behind the egg dreams, so if you are interested to find out more, keep reading.

Eggs Symbolism in the Bible

The egg represents Easter in the whole world: painting, carved, of chocolate, terracotta and paper Mache decorated eggs. Those colored or gilded have a much older origin than those of chocolate

The eggs, in fact, perhaps due to their very particular shape and substance, have always played a unique role, that of the symbol of life in itself, but also of the mystery, almost of sacredness. In Christian iconography, the egg is the symbol of the Resurrection: the shell represents the tomb from which a living being comes out.

For pagans the egg is the symbol of fertility: the eternal return to life. The Greeks, the Chinese and the Persians exchanged them as a gift for the spring holidays. For the Egyptian philosophers the egg was the fulcrum of the four elements. For the Israelites, a gift to bring to friends or give it to those who celebrated a birthday.

The ancient Romans used to say: “Omne vivum ex ovo”. Painting and decorating eggs during the Easter period dates back to this last period: donating a colorful one was synonymous with good wishes and good wishes.

In the How to Color Easter Eggs it was traditional to give eggs to servants. In Germany eggs were donated to children along with other Easter gifts. In some countries, such as Great Britain, every year at Easter the children go to look in the garden, among the grass and the bushes, for the eggs that the spiteful Easter bunny has colored and then hidden.

In some regions of France the colored eggs are hidden in the gardens and it is told to the children that have been left by the bells that on the night of the Good Friday they have flown to Rome to take them and it is for this that nobody hears them to play during the night of the Passion .

In the Scandinavian countries it is also tradition to make games with hard-boiled eggs: make them roll the eggs from a bump without breaking their shell or hold a boiled egg in their hand and try to break the one held by the opponent.

This custom stems from the legend that after Mary Magdalene had found the tomb of empty Jesus, she ran to the disciples and announced the extraordinary news. Pietro, incredulous, said: “I will believe what you say only if the eggs contained in that basket will become red.” And immediately the eggs turned a deep red! Each culture has developed its own way of decorating eggs.

Sometimes hard-boiled eggs are used, colored with vegetable and food colors if you intend to eat them. Or they are emptied by making a small hole with a needle at each end of the egg, so only the shell is used. See How to color Easter eggs. In Greece it is customary to exchange red eggs in honor of the blood of Christ.

In Germany and Austria green eggs are given away on Holy Thursday. In Armenia it is customary to paint the eggs with images of Jesus, of the Madonna or with scenes of the Passion.

In Eastern European countries, two-tone geometric stylized motifs are used: blue and white, red and white. An ancient technique for decorating eggs consists in attaching small plants and leaves around the eggs and boiling them with vegetable colors.

Dreams about Eggs – Meaning

In dreams, eggs are a symbol of life, fertility, opportunities, and hopes for the future. Dreaming of an egg can have various meanings, depending on the context; in some dreams it could be perceived as a food to eat, or an ingredient to use in the kitchen; in others, on the other hand, it could hatch and let you see the birth of a chick.

The egg has had an important symbolism since ancient times; in many myths at the origin of the universe there would be a great Cosmic Egg, in which the white of the albumen, symbol of Heaven, makes the yolk, symbol of the Earth, fruitful, starting the cycle of life.

The egg is also connected to the spring awakening of nature (birds make nests and lay eggs in this period); Christianity then transformed it into an Easter symbol of resurrection: as the chick breaks the shell of the egg and is born into life, so Jesus comes out of the tomb, overcoming death.

In popular interpretations, according to some, dreaming of eggs would bring harm, while for others it would announce a birth, or gains. Let’s see instead what the psychological meanings of this widespread dream are, even if one would not say so.

Dreams about Eggs – Symbolism

Dream of a big, huge, giant egg – To dream of a very large, enormous, giant egg (such as the ostrich egg) means that a great fortune is about to happen to you, perhaps the occasion that will give a change to your life. It could also be a great idea that is coming to mind.

Dreaming of Easter eggs – Whether they are the traditional painted eggs, or the more modern Kinder eggs, or a large chocolate Easter egg, in dreams these Easter eggs are tied to the party, so they convey joy, optimism, in addition to all the meanings related to regeneration and rebirth. They can also portend that there will be a nice surprise or a gift for you.

Dreaming of an egg with a dead chick, or blood – ideas and potential that you could not develop; suffering and sacrifice.

Dreaming of broken eggs, disappointments and fears – Dreaming of broken or breaking eggs can be emblematic of disappointments or feelings of bitterness as well as of the dreamer’s fear of not seeing what he is aiming for.

Dreams about black eggs – Dreaming of a black color egg covers an almost negative meaning, not surprisingly, in the past it referred to the devil. Today, it indicates the need for the dreamer to analyze his unpleasant and obscure sides.

Dreaming of an egg in your hands – If, in the dream, we hatch an egg or we hold it in our hands it indicates all those capacities of the dreamer who are about to come to the surface as well as imminent favorable situations.

Dreaming of a large egg – Dreaming of large eggs is a sign that the time has come to become aware of the best that is happening in our lives. In the same way, dreaming of eggs of reduced dimensions are representative of satisfactions, also in this case, positive.

Dreams about rotten eggs – If we dream of eggs that appear rotten, old or black, we must refer to all those projects that, due to different circumstances, could not take flight, or that have a high difficulty of realization due to our personality.

Dream about a cracked egg – Again, dreaming of eggs that open or have cracks have a generally positive meaning and can represent the disclosure of ideas, projects and personalities. Sometimes the meaning is ambivalent, depending on how you see them.

Dream about buying eggs – Dreaming of finding or buying eggs is to be considered an omen of positive events in one’s life, in particular, of trust and optimism towards our very existence.

While eating eggs covers a positive meaning indicating wealth or gain.

Dreams about chicks hatching – The dream in which a chick comes out of the egg can be understood as emblematic of a strong desire to become a mother as also the need for attention and care or, again, can be emblematic of our strong shyness.

Dream about eating eggs – Dreaming hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs refers to one’s need for nourishment on substantial foods.

Dream about eggs in the nest – While if we dream the eggs in the nest they are the sign of favorable news in the family sphere such as, for example, a child on the way.

Dream of you being hatched from an egg – A very special dream, then, is one in which the dreamer appears in the act of hatching an egg or keeping it.

However, it is indicative of the existence in the quality dreamer of which we must become aware, of positive situations that must develop or, again, of possibilities that can evolve in a growth both from the economic and the working point of view.

Dream of many eggs – Again, if in the dream we see a large number of eggs being cooked, it predicts gossip that will generate profound disappointment in the dreamer or even clashes with people who harbor hostility towards him.

While, if the eggs are few it means that the wrongness suffered will not cause irreparable damage.

Dream about colorful eggs – As we have already said, dreaming of a black colored egg has a highly negative meaning as it indicates dangers. While, the dream with a white egg symbolizes the extreme exaggeration of the dreamer in considering events.

Still, if we dream of a golden egg is an omen of an imminent opportunity, even dreaming of a colored egg symbolizes our desire to enrich ourselves with opportunities and news.

Dreaming of snake eggs – this indicates that our actions could almost certainly have a negative reaction.


In dreams, eggs are a symbol of life, fertility, opportunities, and hopes for the future.

Dreaming of an egg can have various meanings, depending on the context; in some dreams it could be perceived as a food to eat, or an ingredient to use in the kitchen; in others, on the other hand, it could hatch and let you see the birth of a chick.

Hopefully this text helped you figure out the meaning behind the dreams you have been having.