Dream Meaning

Biblical Meaning of Shoes in Dreams – Meaning and Interpretation

The shoes are the diaphragm that separates our foot from the ground, which protects it from the roughness of the surface and from the weather, but which also allows us to walk, to run, to move forward, to leave footprints on the ground, to take possession of this.

The shoes are an important complement to both women’s and men’s clothing, real objects of desire for the beauty and fantasy of shapes, for the care and variety with which they are made and have entered the erotic imagination as a fetish capable of arouse or satisfy intimate wishes.

Shoes Symbolism in the Bible

In ancient times the shoe was an important symbol in the operations of purchase or exchange, it had the value of a contract concluded and owned.

To throw a shoe in a field was to signal its possession, to give it to a buyer was to reaffirm the rights to an asset, to take off one’s shoes by entering another’s home, meant to renounce any claim or power over that space and the objects in it.

The symbol of shoes in dreams includes other aspects that concern the nature of walking and proceeding in the world, and is therefore linked to the archetype of the journey, of the journey through life, to the journey of individuation.

A travel that in some cases can acquire the value of total detachment, departure, goodbye, death.

Dreams about Shoes – Meaning

They are our faithful companions in everyday life: shoes. A shoe protects our feet from injury, with a good sole we make frequent running more comfortable. And yet they are more because many women have fallen for them, not a few men feel the same way. Footwear often decides the first impression strangers get from us.

So our footwear reveals something about us, they are always a statement. They give information about the lifestyle of the wearer, about the fashionable point of view and also about whether someone is wealthy or not. So shoes have a symbolic character in everyday life. No wonder then that they are also a frequently appearing dream symbol.

If you see shoes in your sleep, it can have different meanings. It is always about the general situation of the wearer, his position in life and in the world, his attitudes and where to go. Especially with women, a sexual significance level is often assumed – in terms of their wishes and needs.

How exactly shoe dreams are to be interpreted depends on the exact circumstances of their appearance in the dream: What kind of shoes are they and which color do they have? Are they laced or closed with a zipper?

Do you just clean the shoes with shoe polish? In which state are you, is the shoe sole expired or new? What is our feeling about footwear and what is the connection between them in the dream?

Taking a pair of shoes is part of life for us: putting on shoes, removing shoes and walking the world with them is something you learn as a small child. Turning shoes on and off in a dream can be an indication of sexual needs and physical closeness. Do you perhaps miss affection and tenderness?

It can be chaotic in the dream, when different shoes appear in the dream. Have you seen or worn different shoes, shoes or even two left shoes in the dream world? Then there are problems at the moment regarding an important decision that you have to make. To wear two different shoes also symbolizes different parts of your personality.

In the dream world do not wear shoes and go out without shoes – what a relief feeling! To walk barefoot without socks and without shoes and to go in the dream without shoes is according to the general dream interpretation a positive symbol, which stands among other things for freedom and solid state in the life, if the dreaming in the dream situation feels well.

However, if the barefoot comes along with a negative feeling, it sometimes symbolizes a possible loss of financial things and one’s own point of view.

A rather annoying dream situation is when someone has lost a shoe. It can also happen that both shoes are lost. Missing shoes in the dream represent a deadlocked situation in the watch world, from which the dreaming can liberate itself in the near future.

If the shoes are gone, one wonders, if it was not possible that the shoes were stolen. You may even start to search for your shoes in your dream.

But what if you cannot find the shoes? In this case, hiding behind the dream is a warning of problems in the watch world and the hint that the dreaming will need patience in various ways.

If shoes were found in the dream, this is however to be interpreted positively. Shoes finding announces imminent happiness in life.

Occasionally there are also dreams in which the sleeper experiences a wedding without shoes.

For many, the bridal shoe is an important element in marriage. If it is missing in the dream, the dreaming person may have difficulty standing on their own view of things.

Dreams about Shoes – Symbolism

Dreaming of wearing inadequate shoes – for the occasion or activity indicates that progress and the path of life will be long, difficult and tiring. It can also indicate that you are moving in the wrong direction.

Perhaps we need to re-evaluate our goals. If you dream of shoes that do not fit or hurt, then it means that you are questioning your goals.

Dreaming of not wearing shoes (being barefoot) – indicates the presence of low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. You have problems with questions concerning your self-identity. This dream also indicates poverty, lack of mobility, or misunderstanding. We need to let go of our daily duties and responsibilities, or feel in touch with nature.

Alternatively, dreaming of not wearing shoes represents playful and relaxed, carefree mental attitudes.

Dreaming of wearing big shoes – they indicate the assumption of an attitude or a role that you are not able enough to cover or that is greater than your abilities. Dreaming of losing them indicates that you are searching for your identity. Odd dreaming of them puts in front of the dreamer two different ways not compatible with regard to a certain situation.

Perhaps you are making use of old ways of facing life that are not ‘adapted’ to current needs. Dreaming of wearing someone else’s indicates that you are looking for a different lifestyle, perhaps by copying someone else.

Seeing children’s shoes in dreams – indicates purity, innocence, vulnerability, tenderness and desire for love. Dreaming of a shoe sole indicates one’s inner feelings, or the way in which the rough parts of life experience meet.

Seeing a shoe box in a dream – suggests that you are headed for a new direction in life, moving towards new experiences. Conversely, an empty shoe box indicates that you feel lost. We are trying to understand the direction to take in life.

Types of shoes and meaning in the dream:

Boots – when it comes to men’s boots, they usually indicate the ability to solve difficult life situations, it is practical and perhaps not fashionable. He is down to earth. If they are women’s boots, they are attractive, sexy and admired.

The boots can also be used as a weapon to kick; sometimes the dream may indicate fear of violence or the desire to hurt.

Soccer shoes – they indicate the ability to be part of a team or to manage “the ball” – the challenges of life – well.

Clogs – something causes the dreamer to slow down or make him clumsy and clumsy. One feels perhaps physically or mentally blocked.

High heels – at this moment you feel less confident in life, you feel in an uncomfortable situation. Alternatively they indicate that you want to feel sexually attractive.

Flats – comfortable way of living or attitudes. Practical approach to a situation

Sneakers – indicate skills, security in what you are undertaking. One feels at ease with oneself. If they are worn in a formal situation it means that something is being taken too unconventionally.

Old skids – this is a sign that you are wearing yourself out on something.

Sandals – they indicate a lack of formality or a relaxed way of facing life.

Slippers – it depends on how they look – in the hospital, at home, etc. – It is important to consider the feelings experienced in the dream to understand their meaning.


The appearance of shoes in dreams is very important for the purposes of analysis: they can be beautiful or ugly, pleasure or not, be comfortable or tight, arouse emotions of desire and well-being or make sense of constriction, they can be slippers or shoes elegant, boots or sneakers, they can be dirty, have holes, have too high heels etc.

Every shape and every sensation felt in dreaming shoes will provide valuable information about the dreamer’s real situation and what he is facing in real life.