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Biblical Meaning of Trees in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

The tree in dreams usually symbolizes material protection, economic well-being, physical health, and even the ancestral heritage (family tree) that links you to both your ancestors and your descendants.

The well planted tree on the ground offers support and shelter, it represents safety.

But the tree in dreams can also be an image that represents your existential structure, the development of your inner life.

Trees Symbolism in the Bible

Trees have always fascinated man for their centuries-old longevity that over time connects various successive human generations, for the power expressed by their powerful trunks, for the majestic size of their foliage so that, especially in ancient civilizations, it has them attributed characteristics of sacredness and in them he imagined the abode of divine beings.

In the mythology of the Greeks, Romans, Celts and other peoples, there were many species of sacred trees or however somehow connected to the cult of the gods (Altman, 1994): the oak to Zeus and Pan, the olive tree to Athena , myrtle to Aphrodite, the fig tree to Dionysus and Mars, the cypress, still symbol of death among various peoples, to the god of the underworld, Pluto, the vine to Dionysus, the willow to Osiris, the sycamore to Hator; the apple and the rose were the fruit and, respectively, the flower sacred to Aphrodite; the rose was in sacred Egypt to Isis; the golden apples were cultivated in the magical garden on the slopes of the Atlas Mountains.

Particular significance has been attributed to various religions, to the cosmic tree that at the top rises the roots and at the bottom turns the branches, a symbol that accompanies different religions.

In fact, as described by Guarlotti et al. (2005) the idea of ​​the inverted tree has a diffusion in time and space that goes from Plato to Dante and from Siberia to India, and in each country in which the tradition has been adopted, the Tree of the World is of a species that is proper to the place.

Dreams about Trees – Meaning

Dreaming of a tree means coming into contact with a deep-rooted and immovable natural force, it means enjoying safety, the sense of vitality and abundance associated with the tree.

The symbol of the tree is one of the oldest, rich in meaning and close to man.

But unlike other natural elements on which man has no power (wind, sea, storms and earthquakes) the tree can plant it, cure it, cut it, kill it.

Hence a strong bond and a profound identification with its forms and its life cycles.

The roots that sink into the ground and the branches that rise towards the sky create a relationship between the chthonic world and the upper one, the trunk in its solidity alludes to strength, power and centering, the fall of the leaves and the rebirth of the gems refers to the cyclist of natural rhythms, to a continuous evolution, to the archetype of death-rebirth.

Dreams about Trees – Symbolism

Dreaming of a tree, large, tall, and sturdy – the majesty of an enormous secular tree, on whose bark centuries have passed, can be a symbol of wisdom and ancestral wisdom that will sustain you on your journey, like a father.

Dreaming of a lush, green tree full of leaves and shoots – it is an excellent sign of physical, spiritual and mental health; your personality is harmonious, rich and well developed, as evidenced by the healthy and lush appearance of the tree.

Dreaming of a tree full of flowers and fruits – it refers to your fertility and descent, to the proliferation of your ideas and projects that will surely be very promising and abundant.

The flowering tree can represent the spring of life, youth and love; the fruits, the maturity and the sweetness of one’s achievements.

In dreams trees with white, red flowers and cherry blossoms often appear; then you can see many lemon, fig, apple and olive trees (also look for the meaning of individual flowers and fruits).

Sometimes in dreams the tree may have unusual “fruits”, such as strawberries, aborigines and peppers.

Dream of a dry, bare, leafless, sick tree – A dry, leafless, bare, sick, rotten tree in dreams can refer to physical tiredness, loss of energy.

The tree without leaves or branches, however, can also indicate that you cannot communicate well with the rest of the world, or that you feel too exposed.

If the tree is losing its leaves (perhaps because it is autumn), this may indicate that you are experiencing a transition, transitional phase.

A tree with only a few dry or broken branches may mean that in some directions you will not be able to develop due to lack of possibilities and energy; it can also represent traumas suffered.

Dreaming uprooted tree, cut, felled, falling, breaking – A fallen tree, uprooted or torn down in dreams indicates that you will be deprived somewhat abruptly of what gave you support and protection; you will suffer the loss of property or persons (family, relatives, etc.) who offered you their help.

From now on you will have to learn to make it on your own, to rely only on your strengths, especially your inner ones; at the beginning you will be a bit confused, but then your efforts will make you gain autonomy, independence, freedom.

Dreaming of climbing a tree – The dream indicates your desire to achieve goals, honors and professional, economic and social rewards. Climbing the tree may also mean that you try to examine your possibilities, to evaluate how far you can go.

Climb a tree dream of falling from a tree – This dream may indicate that a period of instability and uncertainty is approaching; you will have difficulties, but not serious. See also Dreaming of falling.

Dreaming of cutting a tree – If in the dream you cut the tree trunk or its branches, this may indicate a sense of guilt that drives you to self-punish yourself; or this dream may also have sexual implications (the trunk and branches may represent the penis). Or, again, cutting the tree may indicate that you need to completely change the order of ideas, start from scratch.

Dreaming of planting a tree – It is a positive dream: it indicates the desire to invest in your personal growth. The growth could concern various areas of your life: spiritual, social, material, family (maybe you are planning to have children), etc.

To dream of a tree with bird nests, or with birds – a good sign, because the ideas you are developing (represented by birds) will have the good fortune to rest on solid and safe bases, and therefore there are all the conditions for taking off the flight and they materialize giving good results.

Dreaming of a burning, tree that catches fire – it can be a symbol of purification.

Dreaming of a Christmas tree – dreaming of the Christmas tree is generally positive, because it recalls ideas of abundance, wealth, and family serenity; it may indicate the need for a deeper spiritual search.


The tree is a natural element linked both to the earth (where it sinks its roots) and to the sky (where it extends its branches): in itself it contains earthly and celestial forces, male and female.

The tree is an expression of continuous renewal through the seasons (in autumn it loses its leaves, which are reborn in spring, etc.).

In past civilizations, some trees were revered as sacred and the tree is the protagonist of many myths and legends about the creation and origin of the world.

The most dreamed trees are pine, magnolia, oak, and palm.