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Biblical Meaning of Vegetables in a Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

Since time immemorial, vegetables and plant life have not only been seen as symbols of vitality, nourishment, abundance, fertility, and resurrection, but also for a boring way of vegetating.

In the dream, vegetables can be used as symbols for elemental emotions.

Not completely by the hand one may the possibility of a sexual allusion, which often results from the form of the respective vegetable variety.

Some vegetables, like some fruits, point to female or male genitalia. The cultivation of vegetables, reminiscent of certain parts of the body, gives hope for intimate pleasures.

Vegetables Symbolism in the Bible

Hebrew names for vegetables are יָרָק jārāq / יֶרֶק jæræq “green stuff”, אוֹרָה ‘ōrāh “herbs / vegetables” (2 Kings 4:39), זְרֹעִים zəro’îm (Dan 1,12) and זְרֹענִים zəro’nîm (Dan 1,16) “Vegetable food”, the Greek λάχανον láchanon “garden plants / vegetables”.

The Old Testament knows different types of vegetables. These include legumes such as beans (2Sam 17:28, Ez 4,9), peas and lentils (Gen 25,29-34, Ez 4,9), watermelons and → melons (Num 11,5, compare Isa , Jer 10,5), pumpkins, leeks (Num 11,5), → onions (Num 11,5) and garlic (Num 11,5) as well as various other edible plants, Gen 3,18; Sach 10,1 with the term “herbs of the field” provides. The various vegetables were planted in vegetable gardens, which were a coveted good, as 1Kn 21,2 shows. Partly they were also gathered (2 Kings 4:39, Spr 27,25).

Unlike meat dishes, vegetables were considered a simple dish. Nevertheless, Judges 15:17 regards a portion of vegetables given with love as better than a feast in which fattening oxen are consumed, but which is characterized by hatred.

According to Mk 4,32 // Mt 13,32 the mustard seed towers above all other garden plants. Luke 11:42 reports that the Pharisees also made tithes of garden herbs, although no tax was required in the Torah (see Dtn 14: 22f). This shows an overachievement of the Torah. Paul speaks in Romans 14: 2 of a group of weaknesses characterized by the rejection of meat and limited to eating vegetables.

Dreams about Vegetables – Meaning

One must think over all possible references exactly, before one interprets beans, potatoes or cabbage in the dream for himself. Cabbage e.g. is a nod to childbirth in some European countries because it tells children there that babies are born in cabbages.

The way beans and peas rise to the sky, or the fact that root vegetables grow underground, can be significant, perhaps an allusion to aspiration and ambition or laborious thoroughness.

Cooked or prepared vegetables may mean something other than raw, that may represent new ideas that may evolve, or simply offer, grow and be cared for?

All vegetables that cause a foul-smelling breath, when eaten, bring to the fore hidden things and arouse hatred against the inhabitants of the house, – including, for example: the radish, the endive and the chives.

The vegetables that are peeled and eaten raw show damage due to the drop in shells, such as: the lettuce and other of this kind. Artichokes, because of their spines and sharpness, mean pain, as well as loss of earnings, because the plant has no nutritional value. Mangold, mallow, sorrel, sorrel and registration are good only for debtors, because they irritate the stomach and promote the bowel movement, because it is specifically the stomach and the intestines to a believer.

Tuberous plants, carrots and other nutritious vegetable diets bring material benefits, – they are unfavorable only to people who are processing land and soil, because these plants, together with their roots, are uprooted.

Cabbage is of no use, and is particularly harmful to bar owners, winemakers and all theater people, because the vine never wraps itself around the cabbage. (It was a common superstition that grapevines did not tolerate the proximity of cabbage.)

This antipathy explains why those should be immune to drunkenness and drunkenness that had previously eaten raw cabbage.) Of the so-called white vegetables, turnips, Fodder beet and pumpkin vain hopes, because they all complain to the stomach and have no nutritional value.

For the sick and the travelers, they prophesy surgical procedures and wounds caused by iron, because they chop up these types of vegetables. Shelled cucumbers are good for ill people because they exude juices, – watermelons promote friendships and communities, – because peon is what poets call that which is especially sweet and expensive, – business ventures thwart it, – because pepon also means slackness.

Eating onion and garlic brings misfortune, but their possessions are lucky. Only for the sick is the dream of onions different. If someone who is ill dreams that he is eating many onions, he will recover, but will mourn the death of another. If he only eats a few, he will die.

Because the dying shed only a few tears, the mourners on the other hand many, because they cry for a long time. Pulses are velvet and but of terrible premonition, except peas for the name (pun: pison = pea and peitho (spoken piso) = persuasion), – because these are the symbol of persuasion, especially for taxmen and lawyers.

Some will become the helmsman, others will obey the judges. Crushed legumes and beans are harbingers of strife and strife, the former because they cause indecent winds – but not only because of this, but because they are banished from every cultic celebration and every sacred place. Lentils indicate grief (the lentils were food of the funeral meals), barley gray efforts because they are hard to grind.

Meadow millet, panicle and spelled mean poverty and neediness, but they only bring good luck to people who live on the large numbers. White pearls and spels, insofar as they are nutritious, indicate material gain in so far as they are grown with great difficulty, excessive hardships, but a poor disease.

Sesame, flaxseed and mustard are useful only to doctors, causing severe pain to all other people and bringing to the fore.

Dreams about Vegetables – Symbolism

Dreaming of vegetables out of season – according to the various currents of thought, this kind of dream indicates that those who do it are destined to heavy commitments in the future, which require to be dealt with very carefully.

Dreaming of eating vegetables – this dream is usually attributed to the presumption of a positive evolution of the personal economy or at least of unexpected money revenues.

Dreaming of large vegetables – for example dreaming of turnips, pumpkins or vegetables of equal or greater size, could be the sign of a negative evolution of a thing on which many hopes were nourished.

Dreaming of buying vegetabls – dreaming of buying vegetables means avoiding hasty judgments about people, because they could be wrong. For some schools of thought, this type of dream is a sign of emotional shortcomings on which it is good to ask questions.

Dream vegetables that are rotten – dreaming of rotten vegetables is attributed to the omen of future economic difficulties, but also to health problems or a serious emotional loss.

Dreaming of cultivating vegetables – one of the ways it can happen to dream of vegetables is by cultivating it.

When this happens, we are faced with something related to the family sphere. It is often associated with something like a promise, which is to be seen in a strictly emotional environment.

To give examples let’s say that it can be an excellent scholastic achievement, or something related to a family bond.

Whatever the specific motivation that leads to positive action, we always reach a single fixed point, consolidating the family nucleus and its serenity.

Dreaming of cooking vegetables – we are in a sphere in which two other distinctions must be made, which consist in the way the vegetables are cooked.

In general, it indicates that improvements in health are in view. If we dream of preparing a vegetable soup, we may be facing a positive omen as a future encounter.

Dreaming of preparing a vegetable side dish instead, could signal the arrival of a new love relationship.

Dreaming of washing vegetables – when we wash the vegetables in a dream, we may be facing an imminent problem to be solved, or new ones are about to arrive.

If in the dream we cut vegetables, we may be facing a bad omen, or a feeling or a relationship that is coming to an end.

Dreaming of fresh vegetables – this is a positive omen, which heralds a state of good health.

Alternatively it is also considered an omen of new interesting encounters, which also include the sentimental sphere.


Vegetables that puff up can rewrite a physical or mental upset. Even the cultivation of such vegetables points in this negative direction.

But there are also other possibilities of interpretation: e.g. an allusion to eating habits – maybe you do not eat enough fiber, cereal products and green leafy vegetables.

If you cook veggies too long in a dream, it could mean focusing too long and too much on a problem or overusing a relationship in the sense that it becomes too cramped.

The symbolic meaning of individual vegetables was never as pronounced as the associations with certain fruits.