Bird Poop – Good Luck, Superstition

Stepping on an excrement or falling on top of a pigeon are associated with good luck. But do we really know why it is said that it brings “fortune”? To find out, you have to go back to the election of Pope Fabian in the year 236.

When Pope Antero died, the Christian community gathered for the election of his successor. As usual there were opposing positions and there was no clear candidate. Fabian, a farmer from the area, approached the place where citizens were deliberating the election of the new Pope.

At that moment, a dove appeared out of nowhere and released a dropping on top of that villager.

All present interpreted that fact as a divine intervention, a sign of the Holy Spirit, and decided that Fabian should be the substitute for Antero. The villager, who was not religious at all, was then converted into a priest, a bishop, and finally, a pope.

Bird Poop – Dream Meaning

A common picture in which one encounters bird droppings in everyday life, should probably be a stain on the car. Just put his clean car somewhere outdoors and until you come back you discover on the paint or the disc a bird dropping.

But what does it mean when we encounter such a situation not in reality, but in the dream? What can this indicate? Is it just a memory or, according to the dream interpretation, more behind the symbol “bird droppings”?

Generally speaking, the dream image “bird droppings” primarily contains an invitation to the dreaming. He should get rid of a problem that has not yet been completed or processed. Only then will he be able to free himself of his legacy in the awake life and be able to direct his gaze into the future.

In the interpretation of the symbol “bird droppings” but also the dream context plays an important role, as it provides further evidence for the interpretation.

Anyone who steps into a bird’s droppings in his dream will soon free himself from the constraints of his life and will be delighted with wealth and prosperity.

Discovered by the sleeping bird shit on his shoe, the watch world awaits him small amenities. If the dreamer of bird droppings hit the head, he should use his imagination and his creativity to cope with upcoming tasks.

In this dream situation, however, the bird species should be considered, which loses the feces in the dream. This can provide further important information for the dream interpretation.

Take a look at the bird species that you saw while sleeping in our big dream interpretation dictionary: you can find it via the search function at the top right corner of this page.

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets bird droppings in the dream as an indication of the unconscious of a thing that negatively affects the dreaming in awake life.

He feels strained or restricted by a particular problem in his life. He should finally free himself from that. Because the time is ripe to deal with it and complete it.

If the bird droppings change in the dream to something else, for example by a figure arising from it, this should be considered very closely. Because it can be more accurate indication of the difficulties in life derived.

If a bird loses its feces during the flight and the dreamer observes him, he is asked to leave behind certain incriminating contents of his life. He should deal with it, but then finally get rid of it. For only in this way will he achieve spiritual freedom.

From a spiritual point of view, the dream symbol “bird droppings” can point to a spiritual task with which the dreamer has to deal. For only when he has found a solution can he moves forward within his metaphysical development.

Superstitions about Luck

The human being is superstitious by nature. Since the beginning of time people have believed that certain things can provide bad or good luck. This belief causes many of us to perform certain rituals throughout the day with the hope of frightening the bad luck.

If we dedicate some of our time to searching the web, surely, we find many examples, but today we want to show you 13 of the most popular superstitions in the world.

Itchy hands

From an early age, I have heard that when the palm of your hand itches is a sign of money, although it may be for better or worse.

If the one that bites you is the right hand, it is a sign that you will lose money, but if it is the left, then it means that you will win it.

Bless you, at the time of sneezing

Have you ever wondered why we say bless you each time we sneeze? The origin of one of the most popular superstitions in the world comes from Pope Gregory the Great, from the time of the bubonic plague.

Whenever he met someone who sneezed, he would say “God bless you” (God bless you). Another tradition says that every time we sneeze, our soul leaves the body and only returns to it when someone who loves us says “bless you.”

Touch wood

Within the most popular superstitions in the world, this may be one of the most used. Its origin comes from the beliefs that kind spirits live in trees.

When you touch the wood, part of that spirit is protecting you.

New broom

In many countries, when someone buys a new house, they also buy a new broom. The used one is never taken. In this way it is believed that they avoid taking negative energy to the new home.

Rabbit’s foot

You have to travel to the time of the Celts to find the origin of this belief. For this town, the rabbit was an animal they revered.

Being close to one was a sign of good luck. Since they couldn’t always have one, they started using their legs as charms.

To cross fingers

This superstition comes from the time when Christians were persecuted. At present, it is thought that one can lie with fingers crossed. This is because the symbol of the cross forgives them the lie.

Soul Capture Mirror

There are many people who think that by looking in a mirror, one can lose their soul. This belief comes from the story of Narcissus, who lost his mind before his reflection.

This also splashes vampires, who cannot look at mirrors because they have no soul.

Bird poop

There are countries where it is thought that if a bird falls on you, it is a sign of good luck.

We can also find another version that consists of stepping on a poop on the ground. Surely many of you will have heard that this is a sign of good luck.

Something new, old, borrowed and blue on wedding day

When a couple marries, the bride always has to wear something new, something borrowed, something old and something blue.

The old represents continuity with the above. The new hope for a better future, while something borrowed is a sign of a happy marriage. Finally, blue represents faithfulness and true love.

Black cat

Without a doubt, one of the most popular superstitions in the world. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages, a time where they were still believed in witches.

At that time, these animals used to live with old, single women who were believed to be witches. According to the comments of the time, they had the ability to transform into a cat to move freely through the town.

Bang of the bells during the events

Have you noticed that every time there is an important event the bells ring? This is because it was believed that in this way the evil spirits that were waiting at the church door were driven away.

Broken mirror

This other superstition is related to the case of the soul grabber. It has always been said that whoever breaks a mirror will have 7 years of bad luck, since it will free all the enraged souls that were inside.

The number 13

The 13 is a number that has always been associated with evil and misfortune. Famous are the days Tuesday 13 and Friday 13, very bad days for superstitious people.

Superstitions about Birds

Our friends, the summer birds, are now back in their entirety. One by one, they adjusted themselves, as one by one the flowers bloomed.

The swallow builds its nest under the archway and the window-walls, and on the ridge of the roof a serious pair of stork’s clatters. In the treetops and hedges of the gardens, chirping and chirping amused little feather folk in brightly colored dresses.

Goldfinch and siskins, linnets and titmice, robins and redstart, thrushes and foliage singers can be heard. The blackbird is flirting; the quail beats her “Picker wick” in the cornfield; out of a thousand throats the sex of the lark’s swirls over the green seed the price of spring into the blue sky. The muffled roar of the bitterns sounds in the reeds by the lake.

The lonely Haide is alive with voices. The orchestra of the forest is now completely occupied. The colors of his plumage flit through all branches.

Love and longing, joy in the morning sun, a hundred other sensations form the concert of awakened nature, trilling, shattering, long-toning from all shadowy places.

At the hems and clearings of the forest, Goldfinch, warbler, and nightingale, the master singers of the animal world, let us listen to their verses. Farther in, the wild dove, with its gyrations and jerks, fills the dawning thicket.

The woodpecker awakens the reverberation between the tall trunks with resounding hammering, and for distant, mysterious reasons and latitudes our ears are met with the deep call of the kuku and the bright voice of the oriole.

The music begins with the dreadful day, only at lunchtime it becomes quiet, so that the lower folk of the insects come to words, who now in the sultriness hear their mournful hum like the murmur of a distant sea, until the sinking sun sets Birds anew to the song stimulates.

That this is all very kind and graceful, that it exerts a profound magic on the mind to which not all doors are closed to the enjoyment of nature, we see also in the so-called little man, and in him perhaps the most, especially where and place of work Leave him a lot in the woods and fields.

The swallows, because of their red breasts, probably once sacred to the red-bearded thunderstorm god Donor, have all kinds of miraculous properties according to popular belief. In Swabia they are called “praying bird”, in Tyrol, where one says in the Oberinnthal, they had helped God the father to build the sky, and also in some lines of Silesia “mother gods birds”.

At Merano their appearance and disappearance are determined by the feasts of the Blessed Virgin: they come to the Annunciation and go to Mary’s birth.

Everywhere the opinion prevails that the house in which they nest is blessed and protected from evil. Where swallows grow, there is no strife; The presence of swallows makes a village rich, and with them blessings leave the house.