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Black Dog – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of a dog is certainly one of the most common dreams. It is no coincidence that this animal is said to be man’s best friend.

However, in dreams it can have multiple meanings and for this reason it is necessary to evaluate well what is happening and one’s relationship with the dog.

The dog certainly embodies the stereotypes of loyalty, humility and loyalty. Usually, during a dream, these characteristics are predominant and may mean that they need it to continue living peacefully. This could happen precisely because, in a certain period of one’s life, these characteristics are lacking, especially by people who are emotionally closer.

Usually, when you dream of a dog, it can mean that in real life, you have someone who is trying to help you finish a job. If the dog, however, shows anger, it could indicate that the person next to you is actually aggressive.

Another reading that can be given to the dog in a dream is the desire to show one’s instinctive side, the most intimate one.

If, on the other hand, the dog is happy then it means that one is at peace with oneself. We are going to discuss this subject a bit deeper and help you find the perfect interpretation of your dream.

Black Dog Symbolism in Cultures

This dream is pretty specific, but we are going to talk about the meaning of dog in general as well. The black dog was always a symbol of something ominous and something we should be scared of.

Black dog is associated with witchcraft and also the devil. In many stories, devil takes the form of a black dog and infiltrates itself among humans. According to the ancients, the dog had both a positive and a negative value based on the type of dog and its condition.

A hunting dog, for example, was seen as the premonition of money income while a purebred dog could indicate that pleasant surprises were about to take place.

A watchdog symbolized the loyalty of his partner while a sick dog was an omen of loss or emotional or monetary. A wagging dog was a sign of envy while a black dog carried unpleasant actions from trusted people.

Finally, if you dreamed of being bitten by a dog you could foresee imminent misfortunes.

Obviously, like any other dream image, it is subject to take on different meanings, different interpretations, also considering the context in which the dog appears, its characteristics, related for example to the race or color, behavior and reactions of who dreams of it, of the particular moment that he is going through.

Without neglecting, then, another reading, which sees in the friend of man its diabolical aspect, transforming it into Anubis, assigned to the weighing of the soul, and into Cerberus, guardian of the Three-headed Underworld.

Dreams about Black Dog – Meaning

When dreaming you always have to pay attention to details. So, even if you are dreaming of a dog, there are some factors to take into consideration in order to be able to get the right meaning from the dream journey that has been made.

In children, the dream of a dog that barks ferociously or pursues them is so recurrent that it frightens them and leaves them immobile.

The meaning of this dream can be explained by the incarnation by the animal of a very strict and overbearing parent or educator with whom one feels the need to relate but of which one is afraid or even afraid.

If you dream of a dog closed or on a leash means that the instinctive part is held in check and there is a need to let it go. Even in the case of a wounded dog the meaning is similar, there is the need to free oneself and the wounds of the dog symbolize the wounds that torture the soul.

Another aspect to consider when dreaming of a dog is its color. Normally in dream the animal tends to have the characteristics of the person it represents (hedgehog-poodle, high-dwarf, thin-greyhound, mighty-mastiff) but if you dream of a black dog or a white dog you can have two different readings: the white dog is a symbol of novelty or protection while the black dog symbolizes fear.

Dreaming of a puppy indicates a lack of affection, friendship and the search for attention. On the contrary, dreaming of an old dog indicates that there is someone who needs help.

If in a dream your dog appears, it can indicate esteem for yourself or those close to you, while dreaming of a dog that eats can mean that there are unfinished things to fix before you can go ahead with your own projects.

Sometimes dreams are out of reality and it is therefore possible to dream of a talking dog. Paying attention to his words can solve difficulties or receive hidden advice.

A dog that fulfills its physiological needs represents liberation from anxieties and negative feelings, while a struggling dog indicates that there is a person who should not be trusted.

Dreaming of a stray dog is a symptom of isolation, especially family, it means feeling excluded, marginalized; finally dreaming of a dead dog is a sign of strong stress and of the vital and instinctive part that is dying.

Dreams about Black Dog – Symbolism

Dreams about dogs (black dog) – Dog is by definition the best friend of man, loyal and faithful, historical life and hunting companion, who defends his master without hesitation, even at the risk of his own life.

Dreaming of a dog, therefore, has a mostly positive, auspicious meaning: a symbol of obedience and dedication, it guarantees the protection of those around him and a solid bond of friendship.

Dream of a black dog with human face – This “humanization” of the dog – sometimes even in the form of very large dogs, who walk or talk – is a real signal sent by one’s own conscience, from one’s own most hidden self, a sort of “spy” to ensure that they are accepted situations most often denied even to themselves.

As mentioned at the beginning of the discussion, the dog in the dream is a very rich presence of meanings, meanings that depend on every kind of elements characterizing the dream itself: the particular context in which this animal appears, its size or breed, as well as its attitude shown to him. Below we analyze the most frequently occurring situations.

Dream of an aggressive black dog – An aggressive black dog, which barks, growls or bites, is a widespread nightmare not only among children but also among adults, and is characterized by a constant repetitiveness: the dreamer manifests the desire or need to come into contact with the person embodied by the black dog – a parent in the case of children, any other aggressive person in the case of adults – but at the same time the fear.

Dream of a rabid black dog – A rabid black dog can represent its repressed aggression, a black dog that pursues a situation that oppresses the dreamer.

Dream about a sad black dog – A sad black dog that cries or whines, sick, wounded or bleeding, symbolizes its own instinctual part, repressed too long; abused, tortured or mutilated, instead denotes the wounds received, which have torn the soul.

Dream of a dead or dying black dog – A dead or dying black dog indicates the need to recover its vital part, to regain lost wealth; lame probably represents a person in need of help.

Dream of a stray black dog – A stray, abandoned or dirty black dog ​​could be a symbol of an individual on the fringes of society or abandoned by their family members, and this individual could indeed be the dreamer.

Even the color of the black dog contributes to a better interpretation of the dream. Thus, if it is white, it indicates a protective figure, almost a guardian angel, but also novelties on the way; if it is black, it denotes false friendships, betrayal, but also fear.

Dream of hunting black dogs – Dreaming of hunting black dogs symbolizes good earnings, successful business, hopes; luxury, pleasant pastimes; a guard black dog represents the dreamer’s wife and ensures her loyalty.

Dream of puppies – Lastly, dreaming of puppies that make parties is a sign of a profound need for affection, consideration and appreciation, but it can also denote one’s instinctive part in a friendly and comforting guise.


Dreams of a black dog can represent its most instinctive part, the most authentic and sincere, which may not emerge in everyday life. Or it can symbolize a person who lends his help in a delicate, difficult moment, showing the best path to follow, and this because the dog embodies fidelity, friendship and protection.

Another reading is that relating to aggression, when it is indicative of a repressed anger, kept in too long; in other cases, however, a ferocious dog can denote quarrelsome or violent individuals with those who dream of it, conniving the dream itself with gloomy and dark colors.

Dreaming of a dog can also be a symbol of a loved one, a neighbor, to whom one cares a lot (one’s husband or son, for example): in this case a careful analysis of all the details of the dream is essential, to be able to better understand the feelings that the person has towards those who made him the protagonist of his dream activity.

Hopefully you were able to find the meaning of your dream, learn something new and solve the questions that have been bothering you.