Black Moth – Meaning and Symbolism

You have probably heard of moths because they usually eat our clothes and make damages on our things.

However, there are also other types of moths that can be useful as well, so it is not good to kill them. In the past those insects were known as pests.

Before we start talking about the black moth, you need to know that it is an insect that is very similar to a butterfly.

Most of moths are nocturnal animals and one of them is the black moth. It is especially interesting to say that this insect has a lot of symbolic meanings and we will try to explain you some of them in this article.

Since ancient times people all around the world have believed that the black moth can symbolize deceased people and their souls. Because of that people have always been trying to discover what message those insects can bring to us.

If you read this article, you are going to find out soon what the black moth can symbolize, what the black moth spirit animal means and what traits are typical for the people who have the black moth as their animal totem.

What Does the Black Moth Symbolize?

The symbolism of the black moth can be both positive and negative. The black moth usually symbolizes sensuality, fragile nature, seduction, darkness and also death. Sometimes those creatures may be very mysterious and in many cultures they are even related to magic.

In the next chapter you will see the most important meanings of the black moth spirit animal.

The Meaning Of the Black Moth As a Spirit Animal

Sensuality. Both moths and butterflies have gentle nature and they are very fragile and vulnerable.

Having that in mind, we can say that the black moth is a symbol of divine beauty, sensuality and light as well.

Purity. Another important trait of the black moth spirit animal is purity. If this is your spirit animal, then you must be a good person with a pure heart.

Passion. The black moth spirit animal is also associated with passion and seduction. You probably didn’t know that moths are seduced by flame and light. If you have the black moth as your spiritual guide, then you are certainly very passionate and seductive. If this animal comes very often in your life, it could mean that there is big passion between you and your current partner.

However, you should never ignore what your black moth spirit animal is telling you with its appearance in your life.

Adaptability. Adaptability is another characteristic that is typical for the black moth. This insect can easily adapt to any surrounding, so if you have the black moth as your spirit animal, it probably means that you are a very adaptable person that can adapt to many different situations.

You don’t have fears of the unknown, because you are able to adapt to new things and changes without problems.

Darkness. We have already mentioned that the symbolism of those creatures can be negative as well. Seeing a black moth can mean that a bad period is in front of you. The black moth can represent the dark side of your own personality as well.

Sometimes this insect can be a very bad omen and it can even symbolize death.

Transformation. Another important meaning of the black moth is its transformation. Like a butterfly, a black moth is going through many stages during its growth and development.

If we have it on our mind, then the black moth could symbolize the phases that are we going through in our lives. It means that there are good and bad periods, up and downs in the lives of all humans.

Spirituality. Spirituality is the last meaning on this list, but maybe the most important of all meanings that we have mentioned. It is important to know that the black moth has a special connection with the spiritual world. That’s why it is believed that this insect is a very powerful spirit animal.

When it comes to spirituality, we have to say that there is a belief that the black moth means that the universe is sending to us prosperity, abundance and many other positive things.

The Black Moth Animal Totem

The black moth totem has almost the same traits as the butterfly totem. People who have the black moth totem are usually very sensitive and vulnerable. They are also mysterious and they have a positive attitude towards life. They are optimistic and they never think in a negative way.

Also, it is important to say that people with the black moth animal totem have strong intuition and the ability to predict what will happen in the future. Undoubtedly this totem is one of the most emotional of all totems.

Another trait of the black moth animal totem is transformation, which means that we need to go through different stages in our lives in order to grow as spiritual personalities. This totem is reminding us that we should always think positively, even though there may be difficult moments in our lives.

It is also important to say that people with the black moth animal totem are usually introverted. They don’t like to talk very much about their personal lives and they prefer keeping the secrets for themselves.

Also, they don’t like to attract the attention of other people with their look or behaviour.

As we have already said, optimism is important trait of the black moth animal totem. People with this totem are always trying to see something positive in the most difficult moments and situations. They know that there are good and bad moments in life and they are trying to overcome all difficulties without being upset, depressive or angry.

When it comes to the profession that the black moth totem will choose, we have to say that those people are usually good teachers and psychologists. Many of them have chosen social work as well. It is typical for people with this totem that they are always ready to listen to other people and to understand them.

It is also believed that people with the black moth totem are connected with the spiritual world, so they can sense many things that we are not able to see. The moth people are thinking of spirituality and faith is very important to them. Because of that it is believed that we can learn a lot from someone who has the black moth totem.

You should never forget that those people are very mysterious and secretive, so you may never find out what those people think.

If you have the black moth animal totem by your side, then you must be a very lucky person. Your black moth animal totem will help you think positively and accept the changes that you will have to go through during your own development.

It is interesting to know that the black moth spirit animal and totem may come to you in your dreams as well. If you have dreamed about this insect, then your dream may have a special meaning, so we will try to tell you something more about that.

Dreams About the Black Moth – Meaning and Symbolism

It is believed that our spirit animals can also appear in our dreams and tell us things that will be important for our future.

So, if a black moth appears in your dream, you should think of its meaning and you should try to see the message that this dream brings to you. If you have seen a black moth in your dream, this dream is a warning for you. It is telling you that you need to take more care of yourself in the future.

You should not believe in everything you hear because many people around you are not sincere.

However, the meaning of your moth dream will depend on the circumstances that have appeared in your dream.

Dream about a black moth flying towards the light. This dream represents your hidden desires and feelings. You keep your feelings for yourself because you are afraid of the reaction of other people if they find out what you really think and want.

Dream about hunting a black moth. This dream is a warning for you to choose the words that you will tell to someone, because you may regret later. You may offend someone and tell him something that you don’t really think.

This dream is a sign that you should not do things in a hurry and without thinking, but you should think well about the things that you will say or do at a certain moment.

Dream about killing a black moth. If you have dreamed about killing a black moth, it is not a very good sign. This dream actually means that your enemy will defeat you in the near future.

Dream about a couple of black moths. This type of a dream is telling you that you have a lot of stress in your waking life and you cannot relax. You are trying to help other people and to satisfy their needs and this way you may forget on your own needs and desires.