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Blackbird – Meaning, Symbolism, Spirit Animal, Totem

Subject of today’s text will be the symbolical meaning of the blackbird. The blackbird sings especially at dawn. Mostly the vocals begin with a harmonic melody, reminiscent of low flute tones and ends with a longer, chirping stanza.

On humans, the song of the blackbird has a pleasant, cheerful and extremely harmonious effect. Hardly anything touches us as much as the song of the blackbird. Not too long ago, the blackbird was a shy forest bird – today it enchants people in gardens and parks worldwide with their song.

The black plumage and life in the seclusion of green forests has ensured that blackbirds in Christian symbolism have often been associated with hermits.

In the Celtic mythology, the mountain ash is the sacred tree of the Druids, and since the blackbird loves the fruits of the tree, its song made a connection to the Otherworld.

Because of her plumage she was also called “Druid Dhub”, which means something like “Black Druid”. In the middle Ages, the blackbird was attributed magical powers – so was a house with a blackbird nest as safe from hail, storm and lightning.

The blackbird also played in popular folk songs such as the “bird wedding” or “all birds are already” an important role.

Power animals often accompany us for life, they stand by us faithfully and give us strength when we need them.

But there are also power animals that accompany and protect us in certain life situations.

Blackbird – Meaning

The blackbird is a songbird and widespread throughout Europe and even partially occurs in North Africa and Asia, with North Africa being more of a wintering habitat when it is too cold for us.

Originally, the blackbird was a forest bird that has followed humans over time through rural fields into urban gardens and parks.

In our latitudes, the blackbird can be found almost everywhere, even in settlements, as long as they find there a small stock of trees for nesting and enough green space for hunting insects and earthworms.

The Blackbird, is part of the Turdidi family, it is possible to distinguish the male specimens from the female ones, thanks to the size and color of the plumage as the male can reach a length of 25 cm and is black on the whole body, while beak, eyes and paws are orange.

The female instead is dark brown with shades of lighter brown on the throat and is about 20 cm long. Male specimens affected by albinism have been sighted, thus presenting a completely white plumage with some shade of black on the wings.

The Blackbird is a specimen that lives only as a couple, as you choose your partner for life, but does not like to live in a group, it becomes more sociable only at the time of migration, as it agrees to move in flocks to reach the intended destination.

It is one of the most widespread bird species in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Canaries; during the winter months it prefers the areas with warmer climates, thus leaving the northern countries, in our country it resides throughout the year, thanks to the temperate climate present in our regions.

Its natural habitat is present in the woods, but it has an excellent spirit of adaptation, which is why it is possible to sight it even in the countryside, in orchards and in urban areas, therefore in close contact with man.

His singing is very famous as it is represented by a whistle with always cheerful melodies. The intonation can vary depending on the situation as in optimal conditions the verse is reminiscent of a tciuc tciuc or a tsii tsii with low and thin frequencies, while if it is angry for some reason, it emits a cie with a very hysterical tone, while if it is frightened (often when some other specimen or the man invades his habitat), he rises in flight emitting a mixture of verses that makes the curious get away for his very high and threatening intonation.

Being omnivorous, his diet includes fruits, berries and small invertebrates; it is very fond of fruit which is why it can sometimes be considered a danger to orchards.

During the nesting period, the female builds the bed that takes the form of a cup with the material found in nature, with grass, twigs, etc. once built, it will be laid on tree branches, in bushes or even in simple earth holes.

The female will lay about 6 eggs and cover them for about 15 days, after which the babies will be assisted for another 13 days by both parents. Blackbird never uses the same nest used previously and if conditions are optimal it can run about 3 broods per year.

Blackbird – Symbolism

According to popular belief, the blackbird magically attracts luck and ward off diseases and lightning strikes wherever it nests. Therefore, it was and still is a popular subtenant.

The blackbird has always been associated with sorcery and was in the middle Ages even as a companion and house spirit of witches. For the French, however, she is considered a good omen if she flies over you.

With eagle, owl, deer and salmon it belongs to the five animals living on the earth longest. Together with these she is said to have freed Mabon, the son of the patroness of Otherworld, from captivity. Their singing at dawn and dusk should attract listeners and put them in a deep trance.

This should make the listener will less and be seduced into the hereafter. Due to her coloring, she was also called “Druid Dub” (Black Druid). Since the blackbird likes to eat the berries of mountain ash and this tree is a sacred tree among the Druids, the blackbird is considered to be the gatekeeper. She guards the entrance to the personal Otherworld and the sacred tree itself.

When the blackbird flies into its life, it appeals to your self-consciousness. Life and joy are the themes that the blackbird wants to make you more and more understandable as a power animal. The name Black Thrush she got because of their pitch black color.

For the same reason they were also attributed to them, like the ravens, the underworld, and the realm of the dead. Therefore, the blackbird is also a Symbol for contact with the ancestors, magic and ancient customs.

If you have the blackbird as a companion, then sooner or later it will ask you to bring more light into your life and start the shadows. Their shadows and fears want to be redeemed and transformed.

Pay attention to the balance in your life, so that you do not lose ground under your feet or yourself in the worlds, because you have dealt too much with magic or spirituality and grounded too little. In the Celtic mythology, the blackbird, together with eagle, deer, and owl and salmon, is one of the first animals living on Earth.

Therefore, it also symbolizes a long life and the mediation between the worlds.

If a blackbird appears in a dream, it promises good news and the solution to a problem. Occasionally, the emergence of the blackbird in your dreams may also indicate dissatisfaction. You may not get what you want or you would just like to be a different person to please yourself or others more and have more success in life.

The blackbird will help you turn your weaknesses into strengths and not always feel like a black sheep or unlucky person. In this way, you can come to terms with yourself and become a magnet for happiness.

Blackbird – Spirit Animal

The blackbird was once a shy forest bird that was reluctant to get close to humans. But the more modern the times became, the more the blackbird had to break new ground.

The power animal Amsel shows us all the possibilities that lie ahead of us and gives us the courage to tackle new projects, new ideas or projects. Sometimes under this influence it is necessary to renounce certain habits or even people.

The blackbird is a true connoisseur, she loves fruits, sunbathing and cooling in small waters.

Therefore, the power animal calls us blackbird to indulge in even the pleasurable sides of life such as good food, meeting friends or a relaxing break.

The musicality of the blackbird is enormous, and the range of its expressiveness ranges from pure triadic motives to entire harmonies.

The power animal blackbird teaches us to develop a serene serenity and to look optimistically into the future with the certainty: even bad times will eventually pass again.

When the blackbird meets us as a power animal, we are optimistic about new projects or break away from old things that no longer fit our current life situation.

Blackbird – Totem

As a totem, blackbird is a symbol of beauty, harmony and life in two. This powerful bird totem can help you find luck and balance in life, so that you can forget all your troubles and focus on the future.

Words that best correspond to this bird totem are:

  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Beauty
  • Friendship
  • Love and