Spirit Animals

Blue Bird – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Every animal brings a different kind of symbolism behind it and we can learn a lot by finding out interesting information about the natural world that surrounds us.

In today’s text we will focus on the spiritual meaning, symbolism and meaning of Blue bird, as well as its power as a totem.

Blue Bird – Meaning

Blue bird is a small bird that comes from Americas. This bird belongs to the species of Sialia and is recognizable for its blue feathers on the back.

The male birds of this species have much stronger blue color on their feathers, while the females are less colorful.

These birds are very territorial birds and they love to mark their territories. They are considered to be very helpful birds, since they get rid of pests and insects from the plants.

Many people even like to attract them into their gardens, because they are so helpful.

Blue Bird – Spirit Animal

Just as at birth, we are ruled by certain stars, and certain influences, we are also governed by the influences of certain animals. These animals are called “Animals of Power”, or also, “Animal Totem”.

We all have animals of power that influence us or guide us, but we do not all know what they are. And some do not even know about this. The truth is that all of us, in different degrees, are attracted to us and we are admired by an animal.

Something important in this topic is that the animals of power are not chosen … they choose us. Therefore, I may like cats a lot but that does not mean that the cat is among my animals of power.

The animals of power are the animals that have chosen us to inspire and guide us in our lives. They do this thanks to the influence that only they are capable of producing in us, through the admiration they produce and their characteristics and abilities they possess.

Each animal has its own characteristics and abilities. This, in a large part of the cases, makes us acquire characteristics of them, such as, the intelligence of the Wolf, the perseverance and resistance of the Lion, the range of vision of the Eagle, etc.

Totem Blue Bird teaches the values ​​of responsibility, cooperation and exchange whether at home or at work. Are you helping or should you help others in some area of ​​your life? The totem Blue Bird helps to bring out our survival instincts by sharpening intuition to make appropriate decisions.

The small size of the Blue Bird and its strong trill reminds us that big things are not always the most noticeable. Because with its small size it is able to attract the attention of large areas of land. There are important big houses, big palaces, or the best car, the important thing is that everyone can hear you even if you are the most humble.

The Blue Bird is one of the most unique birds on the planet, has survived and evolved adapting to the environment, where other species have failed, which increases their self-esteem, because it has triumphed in a hostile environment for any bird. If a Blue Bird totem has entered your life, ask yourself if you have forgotten yourself, and you have sunk your own self-esteem

The Blue Bird shows him that even a small common bird can succeed. The trill of the Blue Bird reflects the awakening of energy in the heart and throat chakra. It reminds us to sing our own song of dignity and self-esteem.

Also the Blue Bird is a symbol of cunning in danger. He knows how to go unnoticed with his earthy colors that mask him almost in any terrain. The Blue Bird is a master of flight, and camouflage, and as such, the Blue Bird teaches us to use our creativity to move in life – to think outside the established canons and be creative in solving our problems

Blue birds are pure energy and the protection of their groups. Blue Birds always live in a group, move in groups, eat in groups, and are a part of the flock. This can seem very scary to some of the possible predators. Security in the group is a message that the Blue Bird has to send us.

The Blue Bird is constant and hardworking. The Blue Bird are always cheerful and lively looking for their food, fodder for their nests, and raising their young. Like a bird totem, the Blue Bird speaks of higher ideas and visions. The totem Blue Bird invites us to keep our weight as a sun beam as possible in order to get around bearing the burden of a life full of slavery.

Blue Bird – Symbolism

The Blue Bird is the totem of joy. The Greeks granted the Blue Bird being Aphrodite’s pet. During the middle Ages, the Blue Bird was the symbol of the peasants and the lower classes. In ancient Britain, the Blue Bird was the symbol of the spirits of the welcoming and hospitable home

There are several species of Blue Birds, but the most common are the common Blue Bird – metropolitan, which is part of the urban decoration – and the field sparrow, which needs to live surrounded by nature.

Although they have different habitats, both are of similar habits, except that the first nest under the windows and channels of houses or buildings, while the other prefers the holes in the trees, where male and female make a nest of straw and estate. Both one and another, have between 4 to 6 eggs and is a friend of man because he eats insects.

This small common bird, omnipresent in our cities and fields, already existed since the Romans, who associated it with protective and domestic divinities of its home and its cupboards, no doubt because it protected the food of insects. For our ancestors it represented a nice person, spontaneous, simple, without detours. That person who does not cause problems, is easy to understand how to live together.

Sometimes it can be an individual of small size who comes to us to request or ask us for something, or for a child. On the negative side, it reveals an insolent, undisciplined, disorderly or excessively sensual person, without brakes or manners.

As for the events, the Blue Bird announces a moment of freedom, perhaps a vacation, a period of life during which we will be able to live on our own, without it being necessary to render an account to anyone. Sometimes, only indicates this need, this desire, and this desire for independence of the person in question.

Other times, he warns against clutter, indiscipline or gluttony and its disastrous consequences. It also prevents against the spirit of rebellion and systematic contradiction, which is not constructive. The words associated with this little bird are: simplicity, humility, spontaneity, independence. Insolence, indiscipline, gluttony, excess, material and moral disorder.

The Blue Bird will show us humility and rectitude, likewise, you will find a child or young person with character and usually, you will be gluttonous, undisciplined or rebellious. But be very careful, as it also reveals that someone sowed the discord around you.

Blue Bird – Totem

The blue bird as an animal of power, is undoubtedly an important totem animal in American culture, among land peoples especially, from the South to North America, the figure of the blue bird is considered a good omen.

The blue bird is able to go around the planet flying several times in his life that entails a way of seeing things very wide.

The blue bird is therefore considered as the bird capable of rising also and see things in the right dimension, without being disturbed by almost anything, or fearing anything, and possibly one of the animals with more freedom of creation.

The blue bird delays in maturing sexually, about five years, and it will also take at least another five years to choose its mate. When the blue bird finds its ideal partner, it will establish an eternal bond with it. And is that blue birds are monogamous by nature. In addition, the blue bird teaches another lesson, solidarity.

The blue bird has been studied and it was found that when there is an imbalance between the number of males and females, the females establish close ties and associate to raise the chicks together, incubate and feed them and establish close relationships. There is no jealousy in this case, and everything is shared.

However, the normal thing is a family of male female blue birds, and with few offspring, preferring to have few chicks and raise them well, and also not every year they decide to incubate eggs and reproduce

The blue bird is a bird that has no predators, like the eagle, shares many of its positive attributes, it only differs in that it is a valid totem for both men and women, and that it gives a lot of independence and clarity of ideas to whom it takes it.

There is nothing better to overcome any adverse circumstance than to imagine being a Blue bird, to visualize yourself flying at a great height, seeing how small everything is seen from a distance.

The great castle that down there is like an impregnable fortress, suddenly, seen from above presents all its weak points, and becomes an irrelevant point in the greatness of the earth. Anything that we see from an elevated position makes us wiser because we see him in his true magnitude when relating it to what surrounds him, and that we do not embrace in the normal dimension.

Among American people, inflicting damage to a blue bird could have dire consequences, such as those suffered by the protagonist of the poem “The song of the old sailor”, by ST Coleridge, apparently inspired by the life of corsair George Shelvocke, who after killing a blue bird always had bad weather. The cause of this taboo was the belief that the dead sailors were reincarnated in Blue birds.

The blue bird as a totemic animal always gives the person who takes it a lot of independence and clear mind. It provides a lot of energy, freedom of vision, tolerance and common sense. It is a good amulet for the people of the sea, whom it protects especially.