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Book – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

What does it mean to dream of a book? The book in dreams generally represents theoretical knowledge in opposition to practical skills; it can also represent a sort of register of one’s past experiences, and therefore be connected to one’s memories.

Dreaming of a specific book, with a title and a specific content, can be a way through which our subconscious communicates to us the need to deepen our knowledge on a given topic.

The interpretation of the dream will be facilitated by taking into account the title and content of the book, and possibly the relationship with our life.

Dreaming of a book in general can represent the generic need to know, to know, to learn something new.

Book – Dream Meaning

The book, as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, can refer to a profound knowledge, atavistic, rooted in the depths of our being. Or it can be a symbol of knowledge imposed from outside and experienced as overwhelming.

Dreaming of a library means knowledge, investigation, but it can also be linked to one’s past. When dream image “books” is crucial for the individual dream interpretation, what kind of books you saw in the dream. Did you recognize the titles? If they are philosophical books, honor and wisdom will be given to you in the future.

This will bring you great benefits if you were very much engrossed in reading the books. You may even remember text passages or individual sentences.

These can also be enlightening and help to analyze the dream symbol “books” individually.

If books are given to us in a dream, according to dream researchers, pleasant news awaits us. On the other hand, one will lose friends when the books are burned in the dream situation. You should try to remember who made the books go up in flames.

If you were yourself, then you may have drastic means to keep certain things secret from your environment. Burn the books because another person has lit them, you should be careful. This person plays a wrong game and keeps important information for yourself, with the aim of harming you.

If you dream of seeing children surrounded by books, this dream situation promises harmony and peaceful coexistence. If you have children of your own in reality, you can look forward to a successful education.

If the dreaming is in the dream to write a book himself, he wishes in real life to be able to rewrite his own book of life. This dream sequence wants to point out that one feels a dissatisfaction in the awake life. Take the dream image as an invitation to concretize it and change your life towards happiness and contentment.

The sight of books with a linen cover can be seen as a sign of wealth and pleasure. Poetry books promise as a dream image usually favorable developments in love affairs.

The Harry Potter novels can refer in the sleep on the capabilities of the dreaming to prevail against adversity. Books with boarding school stories can point to professional problems with others during sleep.

Book – Dream Symbolism

Dreaming of an ancient, old book –An old book, perhaps dusty or moldy, can represent knowledge you learned long ago and then forgot, or now remote chapters of your existence.

Dusty books, abandoned books: they can be a symbol of projects that you failed to achieve. But old books can also be symbols of a sapiential inheritance, or spiritual self-awareness.

Dreaming of a closed book – Dreaming of a closed book, kept indoors, hidden, inaccessible: it may indicate that in our lives there is a secret that we want to keep hidden, or a period of our life that we don’t like to talk about.

Dreaming of a broken book with missing, torn pages – may indicate gaps in your preparation, gaps in your memory. It can also represent a deprivation that you had to suffer, a renunciation, a loss.

Dreaming of an open, empty, white book – Dreaming of an open book probably invites you to be more open, to express yourself more. And a blank, wordless white book, perhaps wants to tell you that you’re looking for something important, but in the wrong place / way.

Dream about so many books – Dreaming of being in a place full of books, like a library, can be a very beautiful dream; dreaming of having to carry many heavy books, on the other hand, probably represents a heavy duty for you; dreaming of having to arrange many books, on the other hand, has to do with your ability to bring order to the memories and information acquired; in fact, in addition to being understood, knowledge must also be well organized to be easily retrieved when needed. If you often dream of arranging books you are probably a very methodical and orderly person.

Dreaming of books has as its main element the spirit of curiosity and the search for knowledge of the person, so if this is your case you are needing to discover new projects that will encourage you to continue and drain the restlessness of expansion that characterizes you at the moment.

It is very common to think that these dreams lend themselves to confusions of life, where the person is doing an internal analysis to look for their own dreams and know which path to choose for what they cannot interpret as negative since it is something necessary to grow.

Dreaming of old books – when this dream is presented, it makes you reflect on your inner self for the assessment of overcoming conflict situations, it is time to take the course of your life and it is time to end unbearable situations.

Dream of stored books – you must strive to achieve the best in everything you do, you have to be aware of your limits to know when to face failure because everything is in the search for learning in life and grow personally.

Dreaming of big books – these dreams mean growth and to achieve this you must strive to get the knowledge you are looking for so you will get all the new skills that will motivate you in your improvement.

Dream about broken books – within your social environment there is a person who is not sincere with you who is hiding some kind of information that is of benefit to you. It can also mean bad omens or that a close relative will die.

To dream that we lose a book – in these dreams the sensation of curiosity or restlessness is expressed in trying to obtain information on a specific subject that is hovering around our lives.

To dream that they give you a book – if you get the opportunity to receive a gift book in a dream this implies that good fortune is around you, it is time for opportunities to approach your life and you can take advantage of them in any moment.

To dream of books that are missing pages – if this happens to you in a dream, it means that some secret that you had kept for a long time may be revealed in what you least expect, so you must be careful with your friends or family.

Dreaming of books in another language – in case your dream seems illogical because you will be contemplating a book that is in a language that you do not understand because you should not worry because it is directly related to your abilities that are to be developed or discovered.

To dream of reading a book – when this happens the person is in a constant stage of growth, where he manifests it day after day for his effort to improve on some aspect that forms your intellectual and professional quality.

To dream of burned books – if, in the case, in your dream, you are seeing books burn because these flames you will not be able to stop since they only symbolize obstacles, that you will have to face difficulties until you overcome the barriers one by one.

Dreaming of your own book – being the protagonist of the story you can dream that you are publishing a book, which incurs the difficulty of knowing the opinion of the readers who in turn are the most important link in the chain because they focus in customer service or social media support.

Anyone who loves books knows how captivating and entertaining a visit to a library or large bookstore can be. Books provide us with knowledge and information on all sorts of impossible topics.

Their stories take us into strange galaxies, past or future times and often let us look directly into the author’s soul. Many a “bookworm” may have set up a reading room at home, which resembles a small library: with wingback chairs, shelves, grandma’s old lamp and side table, you can spend many cozy reading hours here.

In the digital age, some readers today prefer to use an e-reader instead of the paper version.

Nevertheless, there are many people who want to read a book while reading. The books want to feel, look and smell.

Even a dream can sometimes be about books, book pages or even a printing company where a book is made. Accurate details about this dream can be very helpful in dream interpretation.


Dealing with books in the dream world shows that you are eager to learn and willing to learn. The dream image “books” is often associated on the psychological level of dream interpretation with one’s own book of life.

This book of life represents memories and experiences that we have made in the course of our lives.

If one reads very concentrated in several books, one is also very busy in the awake life with the past. There may be topics that keep coming back to our consciousness.

This may mean that it is necessary to deal with them more closely. Take a look at what’s going on and pay enough attention to your experiences.

Also the feelings during the reading can be enlightening for the interpretation of the dream.

Likewise, the color of the book cover can be helpful in the dream analysis. For this, you should include the dream interpretation of the corresponding color symbols in your interpretation.

The letters and words, which one perceives in the dream consciously and very formative when looking at books, can possibly point out to the dreamer that there is a learning blockade. The development of the personality can also stall.