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Brown Bear – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Many of our dreams are common to all the cultures of the world, and where those animals or plants or objects are not present, dreams contain elements that recall the same type of psychological reaction.

Many dreams give precise signs of our inner state.

The bear has two main features that can easily confuse anyone. She has a pretty face and a hairy body that is reminiscent of teddy bears, childhood companions of children of all times and on the other hand, their wild nature and their bold personality can surely scare them by meeting them.

In the following text, we will discuss the meaning of brown bear but also bears in dreams in general.

Meaning of the bear in dreams

The brown bear symbolizes intense rivalry, which can exist or appear in different areas of one’s life: in love, in business, at work.

At the same time dreaming it represents good luck in the game.

Opposite the brown bear is associated with the feeling of surviving on its own; can therefore refer to the need for independence of the dreamer.

The brown bear can also represent anger: in this case it could represent the relationship with someone who is touchy or grumpy, possessive or suffocating, like a parent or a lover.

It could also indicate a desire to retire to a quiet place or to take a break.

Some authors suggest that dreaming about bears is indicative of how one behaves in certain situations.

Usually, you are probably a quiet, protective, calm and patient person with loved ones; however in certain situations of conflict it is possible to avoid controlling anger or failing to channel it to something else; at worst it becomes almost a wild beast.

It is however important to know the details of the dreams.

Dream of hunting a bear – Therefore, dreaming of hunting a bear (which thus symbolizes triumph and personal progress or problem solving) does not have the same meaning rather than dreaming of bears that are perhaps feeding on honey (if, however, the honey belongs to those who dream, then it could indicate fear of losing tangible assets or economic losses in general).

Going on a hunt for bears in the dream also means that you are aware of the dangers that could be faced in the near future and that you are ready to overcome them.

Dream of a bear in distance – If you see a bear in the dream from a great distance, this means that soon you will have a rival in professional life.

Dream of a group of bears – Seeing a group of bears in a dream means professional life will become very difficult in terms of competition.

Dreaming of a friendly and non-aggressive bear – means you will find a powerful protector in real life.

Dreaming of a furious snorting bear predicts that you risk coming into conflict with highly authoritative people, which will have negative consequences for the dreamer.

Dreaming of a bear in a cage – implies that you will find supporters in some discussion or argument and you will have the upper hand. It means that you will be safe from the efforts of competition in professional life.

Dreaming of wounded or killed bear – this means defeating enemies and their supporters.

Dreaming of being in his clutches – this means that you will suffer losses in the near future.

Fighting against a bear in the dream – heralds the fight against strong injustices in the future.

Killing a bear in your dream – symbolizes overcoming obstacles on the path you are on performing to achieve a certain goal.

Dreaming of a polar bear (white bear) – in a dream means an inner awakening or trying to control one’s irrational instincts.

The color white is the symbol of peace and seeing a polar white bear in a dream means that perhaps you need a bit of peace in real life.

Dreaming of a brown bear – attacking the dreamer denotes restrained anger.

A black bear in a dream – indicates an imminent danger or need to calm down before a discussion or a conflict.

A gray bear in a dream – in a forest represents being protective of someone, a strong responsibility towards their family or a push forward in their daily work.

Dreaming of a teddy bear – this dream provides a window to childish instincts, if adults, still present in the dreamer.

In general this dream indicates that it is time to go out into the world and have fun, to experience joys and smiles similar to those experienced when we were with the bear.

Bear – Symbolism

Bears hibernate, this could explain their association with “dreaming of the Great Spirit” and introspection. The cave of the Bear symbolizes the return to the womb of Mother Earth.

The bear played an important role in the cults of prehistoric times as witnessed by cave paintings and archaeological finds. By its powerful aspect it would be identified with the wild forces of Nature.

It appears in mythical narrations as an intermediary between the physical world and that of the beyond, or as a civilizing god who gives his knowledge to the first humans.

Related to the moon by its cyclical and annual hibernation process (periodic disappearances).

She is the Master Initiator to know the feminine aspect of the Universe, of nutrition and protection, due to the maternal values ​​of the Bear. He is the protector of childhood (the Teddy Bear), loved by children, playful of puppy and greedy as an adult; in the totemic posts he was represented with a long tongue.

The Bear is always a good sign, of value and special powers. Bear symbolism has to do with inner strength (distinct from physical strength), wisdom, intuition and healing powers.

The Dorset culture, which flourished in the Arctic approximately between 500 A.C. and 1,000 AD, has bequeathed ivory carvings of “Flying” Polar Bears that probably represent the spiritual journeys of the shamans. Many North American traditions consider the Grizzly Bear the first shaman.

In many hunter societies this animal is considered the shaman of the animal world, capable of prophesying the future, his own death and of healing with medicinal herbs. It symbolizes the knowledge and exploitation of underground ground forces (roots and herbs).

For the Lakota, the competence and power of the most effective healers derive from the spirit of the Bear, with whom they came into contact through a vision. According to the Inuit, the “mother of the Bears” endows the shamans with the ability to see the spiritual world.


The bear is a symbol of power and ability to successfully face new situations. If the dream bear stays still, it means that you are a person based, calculating and patient, able to wait for the right moment to reach your goals.

If the presence of the bear in the dream transmits anxiety and anxiety, it could be the omen that we will be faced with a situation that generates stress at work or in the family environment.

When the presence of the bear, for whatever reason, causes feelings of shame, then the dream reflects feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem.

We hope you were able to find the meaning of your dream, and that this article was helpful.